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Pen Dips - A Daily Writing Schedule for the Month of October (A.K.A. An Alternative to Inktober Because You Don’t Want to Draw Every Day)

Write at least a 300-word response to the designated suggestion every day. Post your responses on Tumblr! Share with the community; encourage productivity for this lovely month! Choose different characters, or make your own in the process of it. Enjoy, fellow authors!

1) Choose a character. What do they smell like? (If you do not fulfill the 300-word count, add another character in!)

2) Choose a location, be it fictional or real, from your own imagination or from another’s. Wait until you are hungry. Then, describe the most stereotypical yet high-quality meal that place could possibly provide.

3) Prompt: your character is now a vengeful wraith. 

4) Change the genre of your current story, or a story that you are currently reading/watching. Make it as humorous as possible.

5) How does your character walk? What do their footsteps sound like?

6) You are forced to clasp onto your character’s hands. The reason why is a scenario for you to figure out. What do their hands feel like?

7) The most important location in your world has just been destroyed. What happens?

8) Begin your story with this sentence: “It wasn’t my fault.” 

9) Your character is humorously upset over something entirely unimportant. What is it, and how do others react? How out-of-hand does the situation become?

10) Begin your story with this sentence: “Spit that out.”

11) Capture a moment of utter peace in the autumn afternoon.

12) Your character has been handed a child that looks nothing like them, but everyone insists that it is their child. 

13) A child wanders into a pumpkin field and meets a peculiar fellow. What happens?

14) Your character has become bound to an enchanted forest by a witch. They cannot leave. What happens?

15) Your character’s soul has been bound to a cat via a curse. What happens? 

16) Your character has just obtained the one thing that they’ve always wanted. What changes?

17) Your character has just become a tyrannical dictator of your story. What happens?

18) Create an original vampiric character. They can be any race, gender, religion, fantasy creature, vegetational entity, etc. Introduce them as you would in a beginning of a story. 

19) A werewolf is running rabid in a lone town. What happens?

20) Begin your story with this sentence: “I can’t feel my legs.”

21) Prompt: There are stairs. An endless, winding well of stairs, going up and up and up. And I can’t get out.

22) A witch has granted your character a single potion of their choosing. What will they choose?

23) Prompt: a baking disaster involving autumn foods.

24) Prompt: There is something hidden below that massive pile of leaves.

25) Prompt: It is not water falling out of those clouds.

26) Choose a character. What feature of theirs do they express the most emotion through? The eyes? The hands? The lips?

27) Your character’s form begins to flake away, like dead leaves off of a tree. What is happening?

28) A small black cat is now under the ownership of your main character. Write this encounter through the cat’s point of view.

29) Hot, pumpkin-flavored tea can make others feel a bit hotter than they’re wont to be. Write a romance scene involving pumpkin-flavored beverages.

30) The entire landscape of your main town has been transformed. In what way? How do the characters react?

31) Your main villain is given a single candy. They do not know who it is from. What happens?

#DrawDaily #503: Dip pen octopus. Ink on watercolor paper, 8 x 8".

I found the pictured nib in my grandparent’s old house when we were cleaning it out a few years back. It was in a Meggezones tin with several other similar nibs. My Dad couldn’t quite remember, they were either his or my grandfather’s. I’d never really used dip pens before and I was amazed that the nibs fit my cheap Speedball holder and worked perfectly. These are the oldest art tools I own and I’m trying to be careful with them; I’d love to pass them on to the next generation.

Fine Art Sites,Database and Blogs (updating)


Each and every website/blog had a hyperlink before, but all of them disappeared since 7/15 owing to tumblr’s bug. Please search on tumblr to find the bloggers, and copy keywords to search for other websites. 

This is an ever-updating list, since tumblr doesn’t update reblogged post, please open the original link of this post to get the latest list

I would appreciate any related supplement to this list ლ ( ◕ ᗜ ◕ ) ლ. 

Thanks to every blogger I mentioned in this post 

Search Engines/Database:

Art cyclopedia: The Fine Art Search Engine http://www.artcyclopedia.com/

The Athenaeum http://www.the-athenaeum.org/

Web Gallery of Art, searchable fine arts image database

Paintings Art Gallery - Gallerix (support reverse search of painting) Advanced Search

Wikimedia Commons 

Artble: The Home of Passionate Art Lovers

Art Project - Google Arts & Culture

WikiArt.org - Visual Art Encyclopedia

Allart.biz - Artist - Web gallery of art


Art/Gallery Websites: 

Artstack-art online  (collect artworks online)

Arcadia Art | The finest artworks throughout the world and the centuries. All images are in high definition.

Russian Fine Art   (FB)

Landscape Paintings | Landscape Oil Painting | Landscapes Art at Toperfect

Artchive | Gallery artists, artists social network online gallery of contemporary paintings   ( Twitter )

my daily art display | A daily dip into the world of art  

Inspirational Artworks: LINKS

Pixelle.co -

Ambleside Gallery

Heritage Gallery West  

Art Gallery | SR Brennen Galleries 

Let’s Paint Nature! | Hiking & Painting in Nature – Chicago

Realist Art Resource  (FB: Realist Art Resource)

The Artist’s Road

Kai Fine Art   (Twitter: @Kaifineart )

Tatha Gallery  ( Facebook )

Mountain Galleries at the Fairmont  (Twitter:  @MntGalleries )

Insight Gallery Fredericksburg  ( Facebook )

Portraits Inc.–representing the world’s best portrait artists  ( Facebook )

Art TV–Youtube

Astoria Fine Art Gallery in Jackson Hole,USA

Dick Idol Gallery - Located in downtown Whitefish, Montana,USA

Painting Tutorials: 

Watercolor Painting Made Easy: Lessons, Techniques & More



Fine Art Tips Facebook  

Zimou Tan

Art Pro

Jay Lee Watercolor Painting

Wei Taillandier

Websites of Artists:

-Old Masters:

Claude Monet biography and paintings in high definition art-Monet.com

Vincent Willem van Gogh biography and paintings in high definition - art-vanGogh.com

tumblr blogs:

Isaac Ilyich Levitan @artist-levitan

Konstantin Yegorovich Makovsky @artist-kmakovsky

Camille Corot @artist-corot

Alexei Kondratyevich Savrasov @artist-savrasov

Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky @artist-belsky

Jean-François Millet @artist-millet

Theodore Rousseau @art-rousseau

Henry Ossawa Tanner @artist-tanner

James Tissot @artist-tissot

Iwan Nikolajewitsch Kramskoy  @artistkramskoy

Claude Monet @claudemonet-art

Ilya Yefimovich Repin @artist-repin

Honoré-Victorin Daumier @artist-daumier

Anders Zorn @artist-zorn

William-Adolphe Bouguereau @artist-bouguereau

John Singer Sargent @fuckyeahjohnsingersargent

John Singer Sargent @john-singer-sargent

John Singer Sargent @artist-sargent

-Contemporary Masters: 

Alfredo Rodriguez Paintings

Rovina Cai Illustration  Tumblr:@rovinacai

Yaphleen Illustration  Tumblr: @yaphleen

Claire Basler Floral Painting  (FB: Claire Basler)

Sergey Zhiboedov Watercolor

Anne StahlContemporary, abstract paintings by artist Anne Stahl

Polina Yakovleva Illustration

Becky Joy Fine Art - Impressionist Oil Landscape Paintings  http://www.paintingworkshopsonline.com/  (Twitter: @beckyjoyartist )

Nick Andrew Oil Paintings  (Twitter: @NickAndrewArt )

Kieron Williamson Oil Paintings  (Twitter:  @krwartist )

@serge-marshennikov  Oil Paintings

Anatoly Korobkin and Diana Korobkina Oil Paintings

@qinni  Watercolor ( Youtube channel )

Ann Oram Oil Painting  (Twitter:  @Ann_Oram )

Anna Armona Watercolor

Sandra L. Strohschein Watercolor  ( Facebook )

Sung Ho Lee Watercolor ( Facebook )

@wratshit Illustration

Kanta Harusaki Watercolor  ( Facebook )

Linda Wilder Oil Painting ( Facebook , Artstack )

Iris Grace Watercolor  ( Facebook )

Robert Hagan Oil Painting ( FB )

@artbylouiseterrier Illustration Website

Donna Young Oil Painting ( FB )

Oleg Kozak Watercolor 

Daniel Gerhartz - Oil Paintings and Portraits  ( FB ) 

Vitaly Stroinov Oil Painting ( FB )

D. Eleinne Basa Oil Painting  ( FB )

Katy Lipscomb Illustration ( FB )

Richard Musgrave-Evans Oil Painting  ( FB )

Yoann Lossel Gold Leaf Painting   @yoannlossel ( Youtube )

Simon Leonidovitch Kozhin Oil Painting  (FB)

Phatcharaphan Chanthep Watercolor and Oil Painting

Jane Hunt Oil Painting  ( FB )

Robert W. Cook Watercolor  ( FB )

Pol Ledent (French artist) Oil Painting

Ahad Vatani (Iranian artist) Watercolor

Malgorzata Szczecinska Watercolor  ( FB )

David Joaquin native American Art  ( FB )

Pam Herrick prophetic art  ( FB )

Zheng Liang Feng(冯正梁) Watercolor (FB)

Painting&Other Inspirational Blogs:

♦ Painting, Sculpture

Fine Art Blogger  

ARTECULTURA | Revista Virtual de Artes, com ênfase na pintura do século XIX

Tutt'Art@ | Pittura * Scultura * Poesia * Musica   ; Masterpiece of Art  (Twitter: @MariaLaterza )

ART BLOG MarkovArt | The Art blog about the Old Masters and Contemporary Artists

Konstatin Sterkhov: Art Of Watercolor

@rainlullaby99 (scroll down and find more blogger)



@topofartcom website 


@ ladydior13 


@art-of-eons (the-esoteric-arts)


@kaiganoshoujo (Twitter:甘美な少女の絵画bot)































































































































The nature photography and crystals blogs are now in a new list

rookie managers after johnny escapes the sm building

pd 1: hey where that one guy whos been down here for like 20 years??

pd 2: jimmy? idk i thought he went to the bathroom

pd 1: yeah, him. he owes us $287373728382 in trainee fees. find this jeremy immediately

pd 2: ok…but i couldve sworn i saw him in the basement a couple months ago

pd 1: he was with that harold kid right? and the other one yoda

pd 2: yeah i thinks o

pd 1: ask them where he went. actually that twelve guy might kno somethinf too. anyways taeyong, jaehyun, doyoung, twelve, and martin have some v important activities to attend to

Pen Dips - Daily Writing Challenge for October

Day 3 - Prompt: your character is now a vengeful wraith.

Originally posted by japonya

“Where did you come from?”

They were both sitting on a moss-sodden log, the little girl and the glowing man, both sitting with their legs folded over their chest and their chins against their knees. It was a strange sight indeed, the man taller than most, auburn hair greying into a ghostly pale sheen and skin whiter than snow. But the little girl smiled away as though she had seen this every day, plucking at the moss beneath her foot. The glowing man, transparent against the forest beyond them, said nothing, for he could not speak, and if anyone were to ask why, he would scowl and glare them down, because he could not speak. 

The girl watched him and, when she heard no answer, popped her fingernail in between her teeth, sucking thoughtfully. She pointed at the forest.

“From there?”

The wraith turned around to stare at it, then shook his head. She sucked some more.

“How ‘bout there?” She pointed. The wraith turned to stare at the rising smoke against the horizon. T’was the smoke of a city, all buzzing with cars and horns and annoying things of such. He shook his head once more.

“Hm,” the girl answered sagely, still nibbling and sucking at her fingernail. She asked no more questions.

They sat there for some time, the girl and the glowing man, both sitting with their legs folded and their chins heavy, not quite knowing what to do with each other. The birds fluttered about them, and the wind passed through him to brush against the little girl. He tugged briefly at his clothes and shifted his feet awkwardly. Suddenly, the girl stood up.

“I’m hungry,” she announced to the world, not just him, as though the earth and clouds and birds needed to hear her declaration and offer her tribute. She shoved her fist into her jacket, the ring of coins shuffling inside her pockets, and strut away, towards the city.

The wraith watched her go, saying nothing (for he could not), and continued to sit on the trunk.

This lasted for perhaps seven seconds until the little girl spun her head around, black hair swinging dramatically in the breeze behind her, and said, “I said I’m hungry.” When the wraith made no inclination to react, she pursed her lips into a tiny little frown and folded her brow to stare at him as if she were a seventy-year-old woman and he was the five-year-old child, about to impart some wisdom to him, if not in an exasperated manner.

“It means you come with me.”

Before he could respond, she stomped over and seized the hem of his cloak. Her fingers passed right through, of course, but she kept her hand suspended there as if it was truly fastened about, and she offered him the most impatient glower he had ever seen in his three hundred years of un-living. And so, he did the most natural thing an undead ghost could do when a tiny child with no strength in her bones demanded that he walk with her to a place he has never dared to go, where his being would be seen by all who wished.

He stood up and followed.


So my veiltail has come down with what looks like really awful fin rot over the last three days; it also seems to have made it to his body. The fins are not in tatters yet, they’ve only turned transparent, but he did fin but before this which is probably what opened him up to infection. Tank parameters are 0/0/0, the temp was around 78 but I’ve lowered it to 74 because I was told that helps slow down infection, and I am doing aquarium salt dips daily and medicating with API Tetracycline, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. The full tetracycline treatment will be finished on Thursday, after which ill be starting with Kanaplex if there isn’t any improvement, but does anyone else have ideas on how to treat this? I’ve never seen fin rot this aggressive before.

anonymous asked:

Different anon. Clearly, “lesbian echo chamber” or Toe-kissing, “I respect you why don’t you love me” dudes are like... eye roll worthy. And personally, I just scroll past the fuck men posts bc I’ve got eyes and ears. I’m also gay and lowkey wish I could save myself the stress. But when I see popular users dip in daily/weekly activity (not you specifically) and spit out filler “fuck men” posts to maintain their regular presence. It’s just makes me think, 🙄🙄 we get it


Daily Pen Dip #14-15

From this prompt list

14) Your character has become bound to an enchanted forest by a witch. They cannot leave. What happens?

15) Your character’s soul has been bound to a cat via a curse. What happens?

I know I’m skipping ahead a bit but I really wanted to combine these prompts, they’re perfect for two of my characters.

Spoilers for Like Falling Stars!

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Pen Dips - Daily Writing Challenge for October

Day 2 -  Choose a location, be it fictional or real, from your own imagination or from another’s. Wait until you are hungry. Then, describe the most stereotypical yet high-quality meal that place could possibly provide.

The West welcomed few. The Pale Forest at its northern-most border barred uninvited Northern Cousins, trees upon trees knotted about each other as a wall of its own. The Houses in the south scowled even at their own, a ripple of mistrust shivering along each and every longhouse. They treated outsiders no better, suspicion in their eyes and a twitch in their grips.

Yet, the food welcomed kings, knights, peasants, and beggars alike at their doorsteps. Where the East rivaled in flavor and the North in ale, the West rivaled with none in their stews and their feasts.

Mutton cooked in their own fat, flavored with ripened cheese from the goats and cows of the land. With it came boiled milk with potatoes and onions, seasoned with the local dried herbs of the land, crushed and thrown onto the top with grated cheese stretched across its surface. There came warm bread that sat heavily in the belly, flavored with butter and honey, all to be washed down with the North’s sweet imported mead. Muffins too were their specialty, mixed with cheeses and cooked within them, all to reach a soft, moist consistency that melted against the tongue and scalded the lips. Their stews were legendary, and when meat was scarce, even their soups held a warmth and flavor unmatched, with water boiled with carrots and onions and mushrooms, all to be absorbed by crusted bread that seeped down to its core and pooled along the mouth. If the North was bountiful in its berries, they traded some with the West, and there they cooked and mixed them with honey to make a sweet wildberry jam to stretch across their bread.

Indeed, the West was unrivaled in its feasts, where these stews were all served to children and elders alike, all laughing and dancing as the nights grew cold and their bellies kept them warm. Many would not trade such instances for all the iron in the North.

Pen Dip - Day 3

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Day 3 - prompt: your character is now a vengeful wraith

Word Count - 637
Fandom - Dream Daddy
Character - Dadsona, Robert Small, Joseph Christiansen

Robert Small had once again returned from the graveyard. He still couldn’t believe that they were gone, it almost didn’t seem real, yet he knew that it happened. He was there, he watched them be stabbed. Robert felt useless as he was tied to the chair and was forced to watch. It still haunts him to this day, and having to tell Amanda… He was so grateful that Val was there for support. Jose had disappeared, after Mary came to the rescue and stabbed the psycho minister before Robert was next. Mary had to come up with some bullshit to the children as to why their father was gone. Apparently, he’s in Africa helping sick children for a bit since he wishes to explore. Now, months later, Robert has been connecting more with his own daughter, and also becoming a father to Amanda- why was his back door open? Robert’s mind had shut down those thoughts down, and knife in hand… Something was off, very off. Now that he thought about it, Betsy was too quiet. Stalking as silently as he could, Robert began to search the house, heading towards his room first.

Normally, his house never made him nervous, yet here he was, panic setting in as he entered his room, trying to turn on the light, only to find that it wouldn’t-And the hairs standing on the back of his neck didn’t help the setting panic. Robert spun around, only to be greeted by baseball bat, knocking his cryptid ass down. He managed to see who his assaulter was, only to realize that it was Joseph. Bastard coming to finish the job. Great, he was just getting over the freif that this devil had left him with, only for it to all come back, with no hearing and fear setting in. This wasn’t how Robert wanted this to be the way he goes out. He wanted Joseph to be in jail or dead before he kicked the bucket. And there was no way that Mary would come a second time to save his sorry ass.

Was there things he regretted? Fuck yes. He wanted his relationship with Val to be much better. He wanted to at least put some money into her wedding. Robert wanted to be there for Amanda’s graduation… He wished he fucked Kai the first night they met at the bar… Asked them out. Robert even wished that they got married in the future. But nope,now this was the end of him. Probably the only good thing about this will be getting to be with Kai again.

Robert thought it was over before the room felt cold, even Joseph got puzzled with the bat held above his head. Yet, Robert swears, seeing that hand wrap around Joseph’s throat, was life changing. Until the figure comes into view, then Robert feels like he’s ready to shit himself. There was Kai. Their appearance was anger. Deadly anger… They looked as they did when Robert saw them last alive. Bloody, bruised and tear streaks on their face… But so pale, showing how dead they were. Kai easily lifted Joseph with a single hand, lifting him high, cutting off all of Joseph’s air. And Robert found the supernatural to be cool and all, but this… this was more than he expected, especially when they stabbed Joseph with their nails over and over again. Exactly how they died. Robert’s head just getting fuzzy at this point, even if it was spinning during all of this until now.

The last thing that Robert remembers is Kai dropping Joseph upon the ground, turning around to face him… They smiled at him, putting a bloody finger to her lips, and making shushing motion, and that was it for Robert, letting the ringing in his ears to knock him out.