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hello!!!  I’ve been neglecting this blog again, but I’m finally making lots of art and comics!  I am spending the summer with my boyfriend (this is new and exciting because we’ve been long distance for years) and have a little studio space at his work and one of my goals is making a daily diary comic!  here’s three that fit neatly into a post.

I don’t usually post my comic diaries out of sequence like this, but this felt too important to wait around on so here we are!

So yes! I’ll be stopping the strip as of May 22nd. It’s scary and it’s emotional but DARN IT! I’m doing it!

This is something I’ve been considering for a month or two now based on a number of factors: 

-whether or not the project has run it’s course or is the best it can be

- it’ll give myself more hours for rest due to a very stressful freelance lifestyle and will give my (often) wavering mental health some relief

-most importantly, it’ll give me the time and energy to do something more ambitious

I want to take the accumulative hours spent on these strips and channel them into something new and more well-made. I really want more time to work on ambitious comics exclusive to my Patreon audience that I can feel proud of in a whole new way. 

I’m hungry! I wanna do something big and new and I just can’t do that if these strips remain ongoing. It’s sad but true. 

5 years seems like a good place to stop. It would scare me to only ever be associated with this one project, however important it has been to me all these years. The fact is, I’m still young enough to create so much more and I still want to get better in terms of craft. I don’t want to get too comfortable at this stage in my career.

Muggy Ebes began in 2012 as a way for me to actually take part regularly in the medium that I love so much. I didn’t have any online presence and nobody aside from me saw my drawings. Now it’s 2017 and I’ve met so many wonderful people, artists and readers alike. If past me could see that people actually look forward to my strip, she’d be floored! Plus, it got my foot in the door and my name is out there in the comic sphere! At least, on small underground comix scale haha. But even then, I never actually thought that would happen to me! It’s bananas!

I’m proud that I can say that at the age of 24, I already have a 5-year daily project under my belt. Me ending the strip is absolutely and by no means me “quitting comics”. It’s me wanting to move on to the next stage and new things, and I can’t wait to show folks what else I can do. As I stated earlier, I’m looking to work with Patreon in mind. I really like the idea of creating comics with a genuine patron feedback system. It’s exciting and feels like the next step in maintaining this ambitious momentum.

I guess I want to say thank you so much for following me or reading this strip over the years. I know some folks here have been following me since day 1 pretty much, and trust me, I know who you are and appreciate it a ton! I’ll keep posting strips (obviously) until the 22nd May. The schedule will be spread out because of work but they’re coming dw.

I’m not super eloquent, but I try!



I bought a new Moleskine notebook last week hoping to use it for a new, recurring project and decided on daily diary comics. I mean, why not? So this is what I have so far.

Side note: It’s really difficult to 1) pretend my life is interesting, and 2) pretend like making these aren’t, in themselves, taking up a bunch of time each day. Heh.


A Life With Seizures #2

Panel 1: (The Blogger is talking to the viewer in a casual way) “I’m often asked what happens when I have an absence seizure. 

Panel 2: (The Blogger is in the same position as before but there is a buffering symbol inside her speech bubble)

Panel 3: (The Blogger points her finger in the air as she continues) “It’s a little bit like I am”

Panel 4: (The Blogger is in the same position as before but there is a buffering symbol inside her speech bubble) 

Panel 5: (The Blogger is silent and looks surprised)

Panel 6: (The Blogger is confused and uncertain) “What were we talking about?” 

So yes, this is how it all goes down. Sometimes you blank out mid-sentence and can continue on without realising what has happened, and sometimes it gets a little bit more confusing. And it’s as annoying as waiting for your video to load, although please be a bit more patient with your local person with absence seizures than you are with your internet connection ;) 

(I know that maybe using a gif on a blog for people with epilepsy might not be the best of things, but I feel like this was the easiest way to communicate to people without epilepsy what happens.)