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I was tagged by the lovely nerdycumberbatch for the “six selfies that make you feel cute” thing :3

I’ll tag daily-delirium, steamycumberbuns, hufflepuff-who-stole-the-tardis, the-super-scout, fries-at-the-dam-snack-bar, and raxacoricofallapotato :3 have fun guys!

500+ Followers Follow Forever

We’re bringing Crappy Microsoft Paint Banner back…

I honestly wasn’t sure I’d ever hit 500 followers, so I’m really excited that this day has finally come. Thank you all so much, you have ALL been so wonderful. Unfortunately I’m probably going to leave some people out because I have WAY too many people that I adore on Tumblr, so if I accidentally left you out, please forgive me. If you’re not on here, and we don’t talk, *hint hint nudge nudge* I’d LOVE to get to know you! :D But yes, thank you all SOOOOO much and before I rant too much further, let’s get into it. This took me a while since it’s been a few months since the last follow forever, and I had to update a TON of URLs.

BOLDED are the people who have special places in my heart either because they’re now great friends of mine or they have PHENOMENAL blogs and I’ve at least talked to them a few times.

abbygailiglo0 / alisienna / antiva-is-for-lovers / apostitutes / asketchbookthing / at-first-glance274azogthenailfiler / baewall / becausedragonage / belovedandprecious / bioware-fanatic / black-rose4 / brekkr / byolaeka / cadashingthruthedaisies / cassandras-cheekbones / cole-the-spirit / comeseewhatididthere / dalish-defender / dalishdelight / dragonagewhorigins / elegantnanners / elisder / empress-of-ferelden / end-in-fire / felicidusaria / fenfangirl / fenris-harel / filthyknifeear / fus-ro-dragonage / gradiebby / guidethisonekalahira / hellamancer / hydrogencellophane / inquisitor-irisadaar / inquisitorkira / iron-bae / jake-wanstall-riley / kittens-and-anders / liveinink / maggie-the-red-vane-trevelyan / mavhenanrevas / my-hart-will-go-on / noctuaalba / nurphy / officialinquisitorofthedas / officialvarrictethras / picnicprincess / sapphireangelbunny / shadowpiranha / silentstephi / thatbritishlass / theansweris-42 / the-great-deadpooli0 / thencametherain / thepaganjew / thepenguinsaurus / the-pirate-queen-isabela / therussetsparrow / theswordandthequill / thorinoakenbutt / tinysera / toyponiez / walkingbomb / weareinfiniteinthismoment / withaheavyhart / wondycupcake

ITALICIZED are the people whose blogs I adore but maybe haven’t really talked to yet, or I follow them and they don’t follow me back. That’s maybe not the case with all the names on this second list, and I apologize if you deserve to be on the first list, but regardless of whether you’re on the first, the second, or no list, I love ALL of my followers. I just can’t take the time to hit EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU.

2castthefirststone / acequisitor / actuallyfenris / ageofdragon / aleeravermillion / andrastbae / andrastesflamingteet / anidragon / arkvenor / aszlan / bakahisui / beesvevo / bioticdivision / capraaquae / captain-tabris / court-the-qunari / daily-delirium / danariellavellan / disdainfulavenger / disgustednoise / dizzaray / dorianpavus / dragonaging / dreadwolfed / dreadwolftakeyourheart / dwarrvenale / everythingdragonage / fadefister / falondamn / falondiin / fenmech / freyleif / friendswithscarheads / gwynbleidd-of-rivia / hanktalkin / hey-lavellan / hipsterbrigadier / inframundane / inquisition-chronicles / inquisitor-julia / iwettia / jedi-mabari / kelgrid / kgmarie / knight-enchanter / knightcommanderbecca / korrawr / krazykitsune / kurgy / ladyinsanity / ladyithildin / ladyseekercassandrapentaghast / landofheartsandroyalty / lesbianingwarden / lilvikingpug / lonaargh / lyriumfreesinceancient3 / marthas-adventures-in-the-fade / maurasugar / merwild / misspiggy385 / miss-shaley / mydadisindianajones / n7biotic / namys-art / ninestepsofthor / obvious-apostate / paragon-brosca / queenofallchaos / rightnostrilofthedivine / rivaintalisman / shmeshicaann / solastheegg / spicyshimmy / tevintter / thatantivanelf / the-antivan-crows / thequeenofthehobbits / tiptoehappiness / tmanosaur / vir-adahlenn / voidgates / yukisamui

So that’s my Follow Forever for 500+ Followers! Thank you all again for being so wonderful, and I hope for all of you who follow me you enjoy following me!

BE ON THE LOOKOUT LATER TODAY FOR MY GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT! (And I’m sorry, but don’t expect quite as awesome a giveaway this time… :( lol)

So as the space pic implies, this is my end of the year ‘Followforever’ post.

Thank you guys so much for this year, I know a lot of you helped me out whether it be emotionally, physically or financially and I can’t tell you how much your support has made me want to continue on with a brighter outlook for 2016.

I appreciate every last one of my followers (all 715 of you!!) and I wish you the best in the New Year, cause you guys deserve it<3 Thank you guys from the bottom of my gay heart. You are all irreplacable, and important to me.

If you see your url down there, you have deffinility made my life better in some way.

(I tried my best to go through the list, and please don’t feel bad if you don’t see your url. You are all still dear to me)

So without further ado, my followerforever will be starting out with some very amazing people.

@therussetsparrow, @byolaeka, @alisienna, @wonderlandcrows, @keirametz, @cornbeefroast, @synthpathizer, @50shadesofthanekrios and @iron-bae

And in no particular order!

@kurgy, @witches-memories, @mrpunkmaestro, @azogthenailfiler, @iron-bullogna, @hawkesenpai, @mistergauche, @nennesis, @matriarchalpowderweapon, @biowareloveinterest, @azuremosquito, @thatbritishlass @morrriigan, @banoffeerin @thejbusition, @fenharelmaghilana, @prydwensentinel, @athenajaneysprings, @veinsofopal, @bpdfenrir, @letspoptartking, @walkingbomb, @vir-adahlenn, @whalebonerunes, @baewall, @daily-delirium, @vertigomez, @serault-and-pepper, @bpdmikaelahyakuya, @garbage-child, @deliciouspineapple, @limpstella, @fallenfromfirmament, @fuckyeahvarric, @mydadisindianajones, @yakfrost, @villainfetish, @verynonyideas, @noctuaalba, @cuddlingcassandra, @cocotingo, @qunaributts, @a-very-powerful-creampuff, @itshannahbeaniesblog, @villainislemony, @chax-az, @big-teeth, @raisincock, @theevanuris, @brokenlyrium and @bloodrock-lobster

Happy New Year’s to everyone out there who reads this, and remember, I am always here if you need me<3

Rules: Just insert your answers to the question below. Tag at least 10 followers.

  • Name: Kerri
  • Nickname: Kez/Kez Bez by my family, Kezza by my friends
  • Birthday: December 2nd
  • Gender: Female
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Height: 5”2
  • Time Zone: I think, don’t quote me on this, that it is UTC/GMT + 1 hour, I think that’s London’s time zone D:
  • What time and date is it there:  27th August, 5:14 PM
  • Average hours of sleep: 2-4 on a bad night, 5-6 on a good night
  • OTPs: Sansa x Margaery, Sansa x Jon, Sansa x Tyrion (I have a problem), f!Trevelyan x Josephine, Blair x Chuck, Santana x Rachel, Lydia x Scott
  • The last thing I Googled was: RP prompt generator
  • First word that comes to mind: Food. I’m hungry, it’s nearly tea time.
  • What I last said to a family member: What’s he doing? (In reference to my one year old brother)
  • One place that makes me happy: My bedroom, which contains my xbox, all my books and most importantly, my bed.
  • How many blankets I sleep under: One, or none if it’s warm.
  • Favourite beverage: Typical English person answer; tea
  • The last movie I watched in the cinemas was: The Fault in Our Stars
  • Three things I can’t live without: My phone, xbox and a book
  • Something I plan on learning:  Italian
  • A piece of advice for my followers:  Don’t let people treat you like shit, you don’t deserve it and the person treating you like shit is a dickbag
  • My blogs: actual-queen-josephine, that’s the only one
  • You have to listen to this song: King by Lauren Aquilina
  • I tag: chocolate-giraffes daily-delirium filthyknifeear helloellienicole houseofgriffons jessfp rkarcheologist szhismine rivaintalisman angels-teen-top
  • I was tagged by: oatmealartistry

Finally got this done after a busy, busy day!

2014 was a pretty great year and I met a lot of cool people on tumblr, and it has honestly been a super great experience. I’ve nearly overcome the depression I’ve had since 2011, and as silly as it might sound, I think tumblr has played a significant part in helping me heal. I’ve grown so much and I have had endless support during all the hard times I’ve been through, and I wish I could thank you all individually, but this will have to do.

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actualalistair adhdalistair agenderlavellan andrastes-tits andrastesflamingunderpants anidragon antivanho aravellan arosebeyondtheveil bertiecr0chue beyond-the-fade biowaresucks bloodfused calm-your-cloaca chasindfolklore dalishdelight dalishstoryteller deciduousness demiksmith dextronoms doriansflavorsaver dorkquisitor dragonagehypetrain dragoneffect denied-par-vollen daily-delirium dragonofkirkwall dreadwolfvhenan dwarvenqueen


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late to add: pizzopaps dextroamino


And it’s done! I feel like i’m missing so many people, and I undoubtedly am. I am super sorry if you aren’t on here. I follow SO many blogs and have way too many awesome mutuals to count.

~good luck & happy 2015~