daily crystal horoscope

 Horoscope and Tarot Overview for May 20, 2017-                                                Sun moves into Gemini

The Moon is in intuitive Pisces all day, with a lunar alignment to Neptune overnight keeping our dreams and brain waves creative, and instinctive. This is a great time to write your ideas and remembrances down. Trust gut responses, but make sure what you are seeing and feeling is real.   

Venus in Aries semi-squares the Sun while still in Taurus setting up a search for what will scratch our current itches. We are a bit restless maybe even antagonistic especially when we find it difficult to express our desires. Become connected to what is needed now and be grateful for what you have.  

Later, the Moon sextiles Rx Pluto, semi-squares Mercury plus squares Mars and Rx Saturn, bringing us into the past so we can discuss the future. Our energy may drag a bit today and we may get lost in pondering of days gone by but while we are buried in thought we will find answers.  

The Sun moves into bouncy Gemini at 4:31 PM EST, lightening our mood and providing an excuse to be socially outgoing, chatty, and curious about the world around us. This next month we seek knowledge, fun and intellectual discussions. Use the shining thoughts and sharp mind well.   

Tarot Cards of the Day- The Fool, the 7 of Cups and The Star- leap into a new lighthearted solar month with a fresh attitude and a questioning mind. We will need to be on the lookout for illusionary thinking, lies or false hopes while we are in such a positive mode. Be inspired, healing and ready for changes. We will be quite busy today.   

Chakras: throat, root 

Crystals-blue sapphire, garnet 

Aromatherapy: peppermint and pine 

Yoga-sun salutations  

Horoscope and Tarot Overview for May 8, 2017

The Moon is in loving Libra all day, asking us to make favorable connections with those we love and those we may love. Overnight a quincunx to the Sun and a square to Pluto (they trine tomorrow) tries to dive beneath the surface and find our inner resources by irritating our dreams, write down your impressions. Otherwise Libra is aspect free until late this afternoon freeing up our mind, giving us space to think and speak freely and communicate our deepest emotions and fears eloquently.  

This afternoon Mercury and Uranus return with side by side oppositions to the Moon stirring angst, hurt feelings and surprising reactions or consequences. Stay mindfully engaged in breath work, call on the power of air to sweep away anger or look at problems with fresh eyes, calm words and right action.   

Tonight, the Moon sextiles Rx Saturn helping us regain momentum and finish tasks we have left undone. Remember to take some time to unwind and recharge alone. For the best results   We are moving towards a Full Moon in Scorpio on the 10th, so emotions will be building, many of life’s aspects as we know them will be changing, increase meditation and self-care exercises. Breathe.    

Tarot Cards of the Day- Strength, The World and the 5 of Wands- stand strong in your inherent knowing today, you are wiser than you think and more resilient than you know. Avoid large arguments, turn them into lively discussions that encourage growth and learning   

Chakras: crown, third eye and heart 

Crystals: clear quartz, amethyst and pink tourmaline 

Aromatherapy: frankincense, rose geranium and lavender 

Yoga-a vinyasa practice with backbends and inversions    

Horoscope and Tarot Overview for May 19, 2017

The Moon is in emotionally attuned Pisces all day, providing us with compassion, understanding and empathy for this aspect heavy day as well as these trying times. Today we can feel like crying out of frustration when injustices arise, take the day slowly, meditate, breathe and be gentle on yourself.  

Overnight Rx Saturn trined Uranus infecting our dreams with tasks left undone and providing ways to remedy current problems. We may receive brilliant insights into pathways that have haunted us. We have the chance to let go of old restrictions and instead find work we love, that nourishes us.  

Also this morning, the Moon semi-squares and Mars quincunx Rx Pluto Keeping us centered in our power while being able to voice our strengths with confidence. There is a fine line between letting people know you are strong and capable vs. arrogant and obnoxious. In order to achieve good results, walk the self-possessed line.   

Later, Venus opposes and the Sun sesquiquadrate  Rx Jupiter pulling us to the extreme other side of the fence, Venus in Aries is bold and aggressive, Rx Jupiter in Libra has us rethinking words and action that may have been troublesome in the past, yet the two opposing each other is a recipe for disaster, if we are not mindfully engaged in the lessons that can be learned. Be extroverted and fun loving but avoid over indulgence, dramatic scenes or displays of affection. Avoid over spending, making quick commitment decisions, or spilling secrets      

Tarot Cards of the Day- Knight of Swords, The World and the 2 of Cups- you may feel like rushing in and conquering demons but it’s a look first, breathe then speak kind of day. Use wisdom, discernment and positivity to choose the next steps wisely. Many may make commitments to love or work partnerships today, do so mindfully.   

Chakras: crown, third eye, heart and sacral 
Crystals-Herkimer diamond, moonstone, rose quartz and coral 
Aromatherapy: Frankincense, rose geranium, rose and patchouli 
Yoga-restorative poses with supported backbends and a walking meditation  

Horoscope and Tarot Overview for May 17, 2017

  Overnight, the Sun, Saturn, Rx Jupiter and Neptune formed quincunxes that disturbed our sleep and made us wonder what path we need to take. Past decisions or indecisions may haunt us today, but creativity and intuition can help us sort out problems and stay on track with current needs and possibilities.   

The Moon stays in thoughtful Aquarius all day, asking us to be as mindfully expressive as possible. A lunar sextile to Venus increases the need to speak clearly albeit slightly detached from our emotions and financial problems. A trine to Rx Jupiter later tonight makes us chatty, fair minded and interested in how to make the most of what comes next for us. Use wisdom gained from experiences and conversations, dig into what has already been learned to plot a new course for prosperity.   

Lunar semi-squares to Rx Saturn and Chiron reminds us of inner work that still needs to be addressed. Don’t skip the tough stuff just because there is a bit of discomfort, use that irritation to examine where a boost in self-esteem is needed.     

Tarot Cards of the Day- The Page of Swords, the Queen of Cups and the 8 of Pentacles- be precise, willing to right wrongs and make swift shifts to benefit the outcome. Be intuitive, sensitive and a calming presence despite the amount of work that needs to be done. Stay productive and involved in your life.   

Chakras: crown, solar plexus and sacral 

Crystals-white topaz, yellow jasper, and coral 

Aromatherapy: frankincense, basil and bergamot 

Yoga-yin yoga poses  

September 27, 2015-A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse calls us to work on ourselves, better our spirits and our outlooks and move to an altruistic point of view.

The Moon stay in intuitive Pisces until mid afternoon keeping us sensitive to the super charged energy of the pre Full Moon Lunar Eclipse later tonight. You may have had strange dreams last night so hopefully you wrote them down for further analyzation later. We have no major aspects during this time so use it to the full extent to connect with your creative best. Take some self care time and enjoy the lovely fall weather, the atmosphere will start to heat up this afternoon and we will feel it strongly.

The Moon enters head strong Aries, at 3:30 pm shifting our energy from inner self contemplation to outer action and movement. We are ready to move with the Moon in Aries, we want new beginnings and feel the need to break free. The Moon trines Saturn this afternoon bringing two fiery signs together, we will be anxious to fulfill our responsibilities and move on to something else. Life will look extremely realistic and doable today, so set your sights on something wonderful and aim for the stars.

There is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse tonight at 10:50 PM when the Libra Sun opposes the Moon in Aries, this takes the usual amped up emotions of a normal Full Moon and turns up the volume. This Full Moon and Eclipse begs us to realize that we all need balance in our lives, we are set to look at ourselves and what we need to survive, be happy and get along well with others in our path. Sudden realizations, changes, and positive energy will take us from one level to another if we are ready. If we fight the coming shifts we will learn the hard way not to resist. Look to find a place where service to others and yourself lives side by side. Healing, forgiveness and harmony are important in this eclipse/full moon tonight and it sets the stage for the coming weeks of action and fulfillment of these goals.

We need the full chakra support system today, make a lavender-lemongrass-myrrh and frankincense blend, carry a rainbow of stones from ruby to carnelian to yellow citrine to jade to blue agate to sapphire to amethyst and a clear quartz. You may feel the need to sage the house, conjure a protective spell and meditate mindfully.