daily crystal horoscope

September 27, 2015-A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse calls us to work on ourselves, better our spirits and our outlooks and move to an altruistic point of view.

The Moon stay in intuitive Pisces until mid afternoon keeping us sensitive to the super charged energy of the pre Full Moon Lunar Eclipse later tonight. You may have had strange dreams last night so hopefully you wrote them down for further analyzation later. We have no major aspects during this time so use it to the full extent to connect with your creative best. Take some self care time and enjoy the lovely fall weather, the atmosphere will start to heat up this afternoon and we will feel it strongly.

The Moon enters head strong Aries, at 3:30 pm shifting our energy from inner self contemplation to outer action and movement. We are ready to move with the Moon in Aries, we want new beginnings and feel the need to break free. The Moon trines Saturn this afternoon bringing two fiery signs together, we will be anxious to fulfill our responsibilities and move on to something else. Life will look extremely realistic and doable today, so set your sights on something wonderful and aim for the stars.

There is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse tonight at 10:50 PM when the Libra Sun opposes the Moon in Aries, this takes the usual amped up emotions of a normal Full Moon and turns up the volume. This Full Moon and Eclipse begs us to realize that we all need balance in our lives, we are set to look at ourselves and what we need to survive, be happy and get along well with others in our path. Sudden realizations, changes, and positive energy will take us from one level to another if we are ready. If we fight the coming shifts we will learn the hard way not to resist. Look to find a place where service to others and yourself lives side by side. Healing, forgiveness and harmony are important in this eclipse/full moon tonight and it sets the stage for the coming weeks of action and fulfillment of these goals.

We need the full chakra support system today, make a lavender-lemongrass-myrrh and frankincense blend, carry a rainbow of stones from ruby to carnelian to yellow citrine to jade to blue agate to sapphire to amethyst and a clear quartz. You may feel the need to sage the house, conjure a protective spell and meditate mindfully.