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What two bad reviews did to my book sales this month.

I had just been starting to climb out of the hole I’d been in from not writing due to depression and various other problems… finally at a daily income that covers my basic needs to live and boom - hit with two reviews on my two latest books that tanked my income over night right down into $30 a day territory which might seem like a lot for book sales but when you consider that’s my only income… ouch.

I respect reviewers. I totally do. And I’m not gonna tell you not to leave your 1* review because that would be wrong of me.

Also not every bad review I’ve ever gotten has tanked my sales so badly. It does hurt but not normally this much. I’m just frustrated because the commens I got were “wasn’t long enough for what I paid” when my books are the price of a cup of coffee AND it clearly states how many pages a book is in the details on the Amazon sale page.

So it’s a little frustrating. And disappointing when you get a bad review that hurts your income drastically and was over something the reviewer knew about before they bought the book and chose to buy it anyway.

Oh well! At least i got my fic comments. 🤣🤣🤣

11-year-old Warwick Davis and Carrie Fisher

“George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, gave me the part of Wicket, the Ewok who has a five-minute scene with Carrie Fisher. Wicket finds Carrie, as Princess Leia, unconscious after she crashes her speeder bike.

When she appeared on set, Carrie showed her concern for my wellbeing in the sweltering Ewok costume. ‘Are you OK in there, Warwick?’ she said. 'It must be so hot.’

She reached down behind a log and pulled out a carton of chocolate milk with a long straw and fed me cookies in between takes. She was everything an 11-year-old Ewok could possibly wish for…” [Daily Mail interview covering Davis’ career]

Shark week pros & cons:

Con: Dysphoria-induced insomnia

Pro: Less sleep = more time to get work done

Con: Less sleep = my brain is not working, I can barely splell

Sexist ‘Daily Mail’ cover wonders which female UK leader “won Legs-it”

  • As the British people stare down the uncertain future an impending Brexit will bring, the Daily Mail would like to talk about legs, please.
  • The British tabloid’s Tuesday cover featured a photo of Prime Minister Theresa May and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in skirt suits alongside the words: “Never mind Brexit, who won Legs-it!” Read more. (3/28/17, 9:17 AM)

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Poppies grew all along the banks of the Lethe, which is why poppy juice has the power to put people to sleep and dull their pain. (We call that opium, children. And don’t do drugs, because DRUGS ARE BAD.)
—  Percy Jackson