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Um I don't even know how to ask this really, but "the axe-throwing joint" ??

Their website’s currently unresponsive but here’s their facebook: it’s an axe-throwing club, for real. The idea was that they’d also be a beer brewery but their liquor license hasn’t come through so they have, weirdly enough, kombucha on tap instead. Which, like, okay.

It’s like batting cages, only there are wooden targets, and you stand there and get a hatchet and throw it. I was astonishingly good at it, for being the unathletic totally uncoordinated lump that I am. (The instructor said, before we started, “Women are often better at this because they don’t feel compelled to hurl the thing as hard as they can, and then it’s much more likely to rotate appropriately and stick in the target. If you really whale it downrange you’re probably going to overrotate and it’s going to come whanging back at you, so. Finesse is key here, folks.” I expected, as the only woman in the group [why do none of dude’s coworkers ever bring their fiancees/wives/etc am i a weirdo loser for wanting to tag along or what he’s worked with this one dude for five years and the guy’s had the same chick the whole time and I’ve never met her one time, I’m starting to feel weird about it] that I’d actually be the exception proving that rule but I actually fared better than most of the others.

I’m just grateful that nobody got any photos of me.

It was kind of fun, kind of weird, I get what they’re going for, I kept having intrusive thoughts about someone getting whacked with a hatchet though so if you’re prone to that kind of thing maybe this isn’t the sport for you. So I probably won’t do it again, but I’d recommend it to anyone. I know everybody gets intrusive thoughts but it was a lot, so. Also I have bad shoulders and they were really hurting by the end, so. Next time I’ll just watch. They had good food but I didn’t get around to eating any. I quite liked the kombucha!