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Topi’s Daily Card #1090:  Char-Rumbler

This card is really unique for more than a few reasons.  Yes, it has a power less than zero, and it’s one of two creatures to do so, the other being Spinal Parasite.  Now, this means for the most part that it deals no damage, but with that built in firebreathing Char-Rumbler can become a real monster.  Sure, you have to pay at least RR to even deal a single point or two of damage, but Char-Rumbler can be good with equipment as well, boosting it up without sinking in mana every turn and a boost in a pinch when you need to.  Sure it takes some investment of mana, but that’s the downside for a creature with not only double strike, but the means to be able to deal huge amounts of damage all by itself.


Imagine Coulson and Fitz watching you and Melinda do Tai Chi every morning

Requested by Anon | Gifs not mine

The first time it had been an accident on Leo’s behalf. He had woken up much earlier than usual and he had been wandering around on the bus in search for some coffee, when he walked in on you and May, sunken into a silent Tai Chi session. He had stopped in his track, wanting to apologize, but all he could do was stare.

It had been hypnotizing.

So hypnotizing, that he forgot everything around him until a shuffling sound next to him startled him out of his stupor. It was Coulson who stepped out of the shadows, leaning against the wall next to Leo.

“It has a calming effect, doesn’t it?” Coulson had whispered with a knowing smile. “The constant flow of their motions, the calmness behind the ritual-like movements…it’s like a slow beautiful dance.“

Leo had nodded silently, hoping not to disturb May and you. He watched raptly, along with Coulson, how you two went through the exercises. When you had finished, neither May nor you had acknowledged the presence of Coulson. It had appeared that you were used to it. The only hint that you had noticed him and Fitz at all had been the quick glance you had sent Leo.

For a moment he had felt guilty for watching you and May. But the small smile on your lips had comforted his nerves.

The second night, he had set his alarm clock on time, eager to watch the Tai Chi session again. Again, Coulson joined him not much later.

Now it is a daily routine.


Oh, whoops, looks like they’ve accidentally mixed up their souls again.
No implications here; move along.