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Town & Country Motel and Restaurant - Reform, Alabama 
Side by Side on U.S. 821 Reform, Ala.

TOWN & COUNTRY MOTEL 17 Unit Brick, Erected 1959. Phones and TV in All Rooms - Electric Heat and Air Conditioning - Wall to Wall Carpeting.

TOWN & COUNTRY RESTAURANT Featuring Charcoal Steaks - Private Dining Rooms Catering to Private Parties. Open 4:30 A.M. to 10 P.M. Daily. Modern Recreation Center - Bowling and Skating. AAA Approved.


Mosques across the US have received death threats, including some from “Muslim slayer”

  • Four mosques in the Atlanta area were targeted with bomb and death threats, according to the Council of American Islamic Relations, the New York Daily News reported.
  • Greenview Madani Center, a Muslim community center in Lawrenceville, Georgia, received a handwritten letter from the “Muslim slayer” stating that “death is waiting for you and your kind.” A childlike drawing of a person being decapitated accompanied the letter.
  • Three other mosques in the Atlanta area received near identical emails that read: “MUZLIMS MEXICANS BLACKS WE WILL HUNTED NATION WIDE UNTIL ARE ARE DEAD OR GONE…”
  • In Lexington, Kentucky, another mosque, Masjid Bilal, received a handwritten letter that read, “An explosive device will be placed at your mosque very soon!” Read more (3/7/17 11:30 AM)

THIS IS A WORK OF GENIUS!!!!!!  @redbloodedamerica

Intro to Episode 278 of the Andrew Klavan Show at The Daily Wire.

Those of you who still follow world events through the mainstream media may find you’re beginning to have some serious questions like: why is that big head on my television screen lying to me all the time?why is everything I know about the news completely untrue?,  and how come I can’t get a date?

But perhaps the most important question that is troubling followers of mainstream news is are the Russians good or bad?  If they’re bad what’s bad about them?  And if they’re good why don’t they speak English like normal people?

The history of Russia as told by the mainstream media is very complex.  In the old days Russia was good because they helped us defeat the Nazis who were bad which was good but then bad because then the Russians murdered millions of people and enslaved everybody which can’t be good.

During the Sixties the Russians were good because America was bad because America was fighting Communism which was good which was bad…the fighting I mean was bad…because when America was fighting Communism you could get sent to war and killed and that was bad because you were good.

Then Ronald Reagan was elected and he was very bad because he was Republican, so when he said the Russians were bad they must have been good.  Reagan said the Russians were so bad that their country would collapse and all the smart people at the mainstream media said HAHAHA you stupid Reagan because they were good and he was bad and then the Russians country collapsed but not because of Reagan because he was bad.

Now, all the people who said Russia was good became college professors so they could teach young people that they were good and America was bad.  Then the young people grew up and got jobs as journalists which was very bad.  George W. Bush and Mitt Romney said the Russians were bad but they were Republicans so they were bad and the Russians were good.  Then America was good because we elected Barack Obama who was good and he said the Russians were good so the Russians were good and we sent them a great big red RESET button which wasn’t bad until they pressed the button and Crimea disappeared which probably wasn’t so good.

Barack Obama, who was good, said we should do business with Russia because they were good so Donald Trump’s friends did business with them which was bad because Trump was bad and when he said Russia was good Russia was bad but not like Reagan said it was bad because Reagan was bad so he couldn’t be good but Russia was bad because Trump said it was good and he was bad.

The important thing to remember is Republicans are bad.  So if they say Russia is good it’s bad and Democrats are good so if they say Russia is bad it’s bad.  That’s how the mainstream media tell it anyway….because they suck.

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Erfurt Fussgängerzone. Erfurt is the capital of the state of Thüringen in Eastern Germany. It was an important trading town during the Middle Ages, and has many beautiful old buildings and parks. The city center is quite compact so walking is the best way to explore. As in most German towns, regular tram services run all around the city, with service intervals of at least every 10 mins for most of the day. Trams are less frequent in the evenings. Night buses are available throughout the night to bring you home after midnight. They run once or twice every hour and meet at the heart of the city center (Anger) or depart from the train station.


There’s nothing about markets that necessitate private ownership (autocratic ownership) over the means of production. Nothing. Right-libertarians love to praise the (free) market in all its glory, and then in the next breath they’ll praise owners of property and capital as the life blood of markets. 

Now, I have mixed opinions on markets (necessities should be democratized to serve communities, but I suppose there are sound arguments in favor of putting non-essentials into a marketplace), but I also recognize that markets and capitalism are two separate things – the former is a means of allocation and the latter is a socio-political-economic organizational mode; the former can be found in a variety of systems and the latter is a particular system that subordinates labor to capital and involves that autocratic management style at the helm. 

Mutualism is a leftist setup that utilizes markets for allocation, but it ditches the private/autocratic control of capitalism by structuring institutions cooperatively. By extension, it does away with absentee ownership and rent, exploitative functions of class society that thrive under capitalism. Think about it – what do landlords, CEOs, rent, and hierarchical surplus appropriation have to do with markets? Again, nothing – neoliberals/right-libertarians already have their reactionary focus set upon the inherent class stratifications of capitalism and the market rhetoric is merely the “freedom-oriented" superstructural justification for it all.

Capitalism itself can even be non-market-oriented. State capitalism (basically what everyone and their grandmother, including cappies themselves, think socialism is) is a variant that replaces private owners with state officials and the system as a whole can function with a market or with government-planning, but both systems are still capitalism because there is still an owner of capital sitting at the top of a pyramid milking workers of surplus and autocratically deciding what to do with that surplus (unless the state puts the surplus towards things that the people democratically decide need attention, but that doesn’t ultimately change the organizational class structure); labor is still subordinated to capital.

All of this is a really important distinction too, because it highlights the farcical fetishization of markets as a cover for something deeper. A market economy within the capitalist mode of production exacerbates inequality because it requires that workers sell their labor like any other commodity to a capitalist buyer, and I think that many reactionaries know and understand this well. Class inequality, a societal “obligation of deference and command”, is, as I argued in a post a couple days ago about Hans-Hermann Hoppe, the foundation of rightist ideology; there are a variety of ways in which this desire for a vertical social order is expressed, and I fundamentally believe that cultural focus on “markets” and “freedom” is our epoch’s way of dodging the inequality question. Because, ultimately, it is in poor taste these days to come right out and say that there is a “natural order” of elite and tenant, so shifting the attention onto “liberty” and installing a “private property is not government and not government is freedom” mindset into people becomes a powerful mechanism for the ruling class to maintain dominance.

If you are a right-libertarian who genuinely believes that markets uphold freedom, but have no personal attachments towards the superfluous hierarchy of class stratification we have in our present market economy (and maybe even wish to see it remedied), then I would strongly recommend checking out mutualism and even Center for a Stateless Society’s “market anarchism”. Both acknowledge that private property – the autocratic management of socially-operated production and activities – is a deviation from legitimate individualism, and they advocate societies where workers run self-managed enterprises in a market economy.

Furthermore, because a setup like this breeds a flatter society, you’re less likely to wind up with cronyism or “corporatism”; you may argue that corporatism and state intervention are deviations from genuine principles of capitalism, but you must understand that the inherent class nature of capitalism inevitably leads to a ruling class that owns the means of production and has the ability to mold government policy to its own benefit because of that societal power – “pure capitalism” generates the conditions for “corporate capitalism” to always take root, in other words. Cooperative structures, ones that don’t have a naturally self-interested owner at the top looking to bend market laws for their benefit and pay off politicians, are much less likely to generate chasms of wealth and power inequality, and in effect you wind up with a freer and more fulfilled population of people.



Recovery is not some pill that you take & magically things get better.

Your traumas, understandably, have over-activated your body’s survival system, and theONLY ANSWER IS FOR YOU to re-calibrate them: all those hormones involved in depression & anxiety.

You just need to accept, the Absolutely Truth, in what I am going to tell you.

This is called “classic conditioning”; Psy 101. Pavlov’s Dog: but the bell you will program will be the smell of lavender (candles, incense, bath salts, oils, etc.) and the result/saliva will be “body relaxing back to CENTERED.”

  1. BELL = lavender smell (your daily individualized centering rituals)
  2. SALIVA = trained body to re-calibrate hormones to CENTERED

There is no better recovery gift I can give you.

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5) Hunt For The Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople is pure fun soaked with genuine heart contained in a hilarious adventure. It’s written with razor sharp wit and director Taika Waititi captures the delightful journey of two unlikely partners thrusted into surviving the wilderness while remaining playfully offbeat. Sam Neill is the best he’s ever been since Jurassic Park. Newbie Julian Dennison lovingly plays a 13 year old hypebeast with a heart of gold without ever feeling insincere or annoying. Waititi has a couple of hits now and hopefully his next picture will continue this trend. It’s a little film that’s my most anticipated Marvel entry of this year ;)

If you haven’t already, go see this it. It’s on Hulu. See? Simple and easy.

Rose City Comic Con is NIGH!

Stop by Booth 1052 and say hi to @dailycatdrawings and me. We would love to meet you! We’ll have a huge variety of art prints for sale, buttons, post cards, and commission opportunities. See you there! <3

SHOUT OUT to our friends @razzen-art and @allysonwillsey for helping us run our booth this year!! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING.


Went out for ice cream and stumbled upon a concert from a window. #justPoznanstuff

Magical Maintenace

Hello everyone! In your everyday life, there are little things that need to be done to keep your home and life clean and orderly. Magic is the same way! I think that there are little actions that should be performed daily, weekly, or at certain times throughout the year in order to keep your magical practice in tip top shape and make sure that you are magically protected, cleansed, and happy :) Keep in mind that I am not the grand poobah of witchcraft, and your “magical maintenance” routines may be very different from mine. This is just a little “outline” of sorts to help get you started in a magical maintenance routine. Enjoy!


-Ground and center. Control yo energy. Meditate if you’re super hardcore.

-Shield, preferably both in the morning when you wake up and at night before you go to bed


-Do some witchy research. Keep your witchy knowledge up to date. Quickly skim the web or a new book and try to enhance your magical knowledge a bit.

-Write a spell or at least brainstorm some ideas for magical spells or workings. Don’t let your magical abilities go out of practice.


-Strip down and re-make any personal wards or protections that you have up. Recharge them so that they are still effective protectors 

-Magically cleanse your home. Make sure no negative energy is hanging around.


-At the beginning of the new year, write down any magical goals that you have for the new year. What do you want to learn? What do you want to try? How can you enhance your existing magical practice? Look over the goals throughout the year.

-Spring cleaning! At some point during the year (I like to do it in Spring as another branch of my regular Spring cleaning), completely strip down any magic that is in effect at your house. Strip it down, do a hardcore magical home cleansing, and re-build your wards and protections. 

There you go! Following this outline, you should be able to keep your magical life in tip-top shape. Feel free to tweak this to fit your own personal needs, and remember that my way is by no means the only way to do things! Experiment and form your own methods :) Thanks for reading,


There are so many ways to ground and center, but I don’t see many how-to’s for them beyond “grow roots” and “pack yourself into a ball” neither of which work well for me. So here’s some of the ways I ground and center (or visualize it):

Grounding: For me, grabbing bits of the earth works better than using bits of myself to ground

  • (my favorite method) grab a (2-ply) piece of ‘yarn’ from the earth. One of the plys draws energy up, the other returns it to the earth. I splice it with my spine, but you could visualize connecting it to yourself some other way.
  • roots sprout from the earth and engulf me, drawing me into the circulating energy of the earth (think like that movie with the blue aliens)
  • draw up strands of wire from the earth and attach them to the soles of my feet. Every breath I take energy gushes upwards through me and then ebbs back into the earth.

Centering: I personally center near my navel, but you can do it wherever is easiest/most comfortable for you.

  • (my favorite method) I’m a swirling cloud of gas in space, and I collapse/spiral into a star.
  • Order those unruly energy-bits back where they belong. Then feel yourself, whole and fully present, everything where it is meant to be.
  • Your core is a magnet, all your wayward energy bits are iron filings. Draw them in. 

I think Harry looks exceptionally good in a blanket

The Mate Center, a daily ritual performed in Bonfire Island.
Often, the Bonfire natives will gather to the call of the Mate-Centerite, a brightly colored and often winged loud canine-bird creature– They will attempt to form a circle around it, which nearly always ends up like a sloppy oval, a weird line, even a rhombus. It is in the middle of this sloppy shape, “The Arena of Mating”, that the Mate-Centerite will screech and call forth all the single ladies (and males) one at a time. It is very often unsuccessful; when success occurs, it lasts about five minutes before they get bored of each other/die/cheat on each other/etc.
Still, the ritual goes on, as if stopping it would anger the Gods of the island themselves.


So happy to have recieved the bulk of my systems! Unfortunately due to a processing error my Pokémon Red 2DS and extra Hori protective stuff won’t arrive til tomorrow x.x - but I’ve been busy taking pictures of these systems all day! Look forward to posts on everything soon!

Forgot to mention how psyched I am to have the pre-order bonus for ordering the Blue 2DS from the Pokémon Center! It has some select art and Pokémon sound bytes on a CD as well!

***Edit: I got the rest of my Pokemon stuff in! A complete collection of Pokemon 2DS’s feels and looks great! I’m really enjoying the system and glad to finally have Japanese hardware to start playing some of the exclusives that never made it over stateside. Also I was able to find some pokemon pressers that are available here to celebrate and advertise the 20th anniversary releases and those are too cool!

I got the extra systems in the mail as well and I’m just waiting on the extra sets of the LE digital editions to come in before I start sending stuff out! I’ll be throwing in the pressers seen in the pics for everyone who ordered through me! Thanks again!

Daily Magickal Exercises

These are a set of energy exercises and meditations that I do daily to keep my magickal skills strong. They exercise such skills as visualization, energy manipulation, chakras, energy channeling, centering and grounding, meditation, etc. Once you practice the set a few times it should only take you about 10-15min each time to complete it.

Centering and Grounding:

- A lot of people say “Ground and Center” when the actual process is in reverse. Why would you reach out to another power source before you have gathered your own? To Center yourself find a quiet place and a comfortable sitting position. Close your eyes, make sure your back is straight and breathe deeply and slowly. Focus on your breath and quiet your mind. Now focus on your place of power or energy center. Different people have different energy centers, most feel it is their Solar Chakra (located near the naval or diaphragm) which is where I normally focus. See a ball of bright yellow light shine within you where the naval/diaphragm is located. Visualize this yellow ball of light becoming a small Sun that pulls in all your loose unfocused energy. Breathe softly but deep. Now it is time to Ground. The simplest way is to visualize roots extending from your lower body into the Earth below, then visualize the “black” negative energy (tension, anxiety, stress, doubt) drain from you and be released into the Earth from your roots. The Earth is a strong energy source and will purify any negative energy it receives and recycle it in a positive way. Another way to ground is with what I call the Waterfall of Light, basically you visualize white cosmic light showering down on you washing away all “black” negativity from you, once cleared be sure to drain any remaining light that is within you.

Going Deeper:

- After you have Centered and Ground yourself you will now be able to enter a deeper meditative state. Visualize there is a screen within your mind. On the screen is the number 12, take a deep breathe in, exhale slowly and see the number count down to 11, continue this way until you reach 0. Then affirm silently in your mind “I am now in a deep meditative state.” (*note* when finished with your meditation be sure to count up from 1-12 and back to your normal consciousness.)

Energizing the Chakras:

-Visualize a white cord of light extend from the tip of your spine and root into the earth below, see this cord connect with the Heart of the Earth (the Earths core). Once connected pull the pure Earth energy (seen as either white, green or red in color), pull it up to your Root Chakra (seen at either the tip of the spine or at the anus), breathe in deep and see the Root Chakra shine into a brilliant circling ball of bright red light. Take another deep breathe and pull the Earth energy up to your Sacral/Stomach Chakra, I usually see it at the lower stomach area, see a bright ball of circling orange light. Take a deep breath and pull the Earth energy to your diaphragm which is your Solar Chakra, see a bright ball of circling yellow light blazing like a mini sun. Take a deep breath and pull the Earth energy up to the center of your chest, this is the Heart Chakra, see a bright ball of green light. Take a deep breath and pull the Earth energy up to your throat, this of course is the Throat Chakra, see a bright ball of blue light. Take a deep breath and pull the Earth energy up to the center of your forehead, between the eyes, this is the 3rd Eye Chakra, see a bright ball of purple light. Take a deep breath and pull up the Earth energy to the top of your head, this is the Crown Chakra, see a ball of bright white light. Take a deep breath and hold all seven balls of light as long as you can. When your concentration begins to wane, let the balls of light fade knowing they are charged.


This is great to do right after energizing your chakras. Feel the aura around you and visualize it as a sphere surrounding your body like a force field. I like to visualize my shield as a diamond that takes in good energy but reflects harmful energy. Hold this visualization and say either out loud or silently this statement of intent or something similar, “I am protected from all harm on every level”, say that three times while visualizing your shield. Hold the visualization until your concentration begins to wane then let the image fade knowing that the shield is up and empowered.

Earth Walking

Simply go to a spot with natural surroundings like a backyard or park. At first it’s best to do this barefoot but once you get more comfortable you can do this with your shoes on. First feel your energy and aura within and around you then step onto the grass or earth area. Feel the energy of the Earth below you and try to “breathe through your feet”, basically you are pulling up Earth energy into your body from feet to head. This exercise will help you sense energy better and is a great way to learn how to channel energy as well.

These are simple yet effective magical exercises that will enhance your skills and abilities. Practice them daily or at least 3 times a week. Be sure to record each session you have into a journal or magical diary. Have fun and happy training!

Bright Blessing, T.LH