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૮⍝◜•˕̮•◝⍝ა - Carrot!Jack 

Thanks again @bnh-youtuber-art​   (╯✧∇✧)╯ I didn’t know this thing  !


WOAH . THS IS DAH TRU POWER  OF A SUBS’ & PUNCH ANIMATOR . WOW just look at  ALL the frames ! Almost 4 ! W-WOAH. #SUCH AMAZE #VERY HYPE. #MUCH WOW !!? very ironical.i love that. Fortunately we have gr8t animators for the game and they correct and redraw all mah rough animations. 8A8


ANYWAY. enjoy dah kyote Carrot!jack running . Who also…looks like Kenny from south park.Ho oh. OAO !!

5 things your trainer probably didn’t tell you

1. Daily carrot stretches will bulk up a skinny neck quickly.
2. The quick release snap side of the crossties should attach to the post, not the halter.
3. Dark horse coat supplements that contain paprika will drug test positive.
4. 3-ring elevator bits should be used with 2 reins.
5. Horses shed their frogs.

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Daily reminder: Don't forget to rest and take a breather every once in a while! -Carrot

daily reminders omg BLESS okay these are so cute and such a destresser thank you carrot anon!!^^

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Let’s be honest: at one point, we’ve all lain awake in the dead of night and asked the very same question…