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I got these in from @aitaikuji - thank you!! Sara and I went half and half on these since she and I really loved this game! 

We were planning on going back to our apartment in Osaka during December, but due to an unexpected job opportunity we never made it back to Japan and therefore missed our opportunity to go to the Square Enix Cafe…but at least we got the FFXV Place Mats! These are the place mats for character specific meals you could get from the SE Cafe!

Schillerplatz in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Southwestern Germany. It’s a square in the old city center of Stuttgart, named in honor of the German poet, philosopher, historian, and dramatist Friedrich Schiller.


Despite ASTRO not going on music shows to promote Winter Dream, we can still support them!

1. Sign up for the fan cafe! (tutorial)

2. Give support to ASTRO’s fan cafe daily! (tutorial)

3. Stream ASTRO’s music videos (all of them!) on YouTube and Tudou!

Youtube tips

Tudou tutorial

4.  Stream on Naver, Genie, or Melon!*

Naver tutorial

Genie tutorial

Melon tutorial

*Streaming internationally from Naver, Genie or Melon may not actually count towards the Korean music charts.

Sweatshirt & Coffee // Hoseok

Drabble game request: J-Hope + “Is that mine?” + Coffee Shop AU | for @the95liner

Word count: 1,569 words

Character: Hoseok x reader

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I went to San Francisco this morning with my family and approachingfarewell!! We had crepes, cronuts, amazing coffee, and seafood of course ;_; allll so amazing. We even stumbled across the mechanical museum today which had an incredible collection of antique coin machines and arcade games!! I will not be spoiling that right now as I am hoping to get a separate post up for that one soon. Now we are home participating in Splatfest and playing Dynamite Cop!! Great day today!!

college-sized headcanons

Karasuno Edition | Nekoma Edition | Seijoh Edition | Fukurodani Edition | Shiratorizawa Edition 

  • suga wears glasses when his classes are in big lecture halls, and in his dorm when he’s doing his readings for the next class
  • don’t talk to daichi before he’s had his morning coffee
  • tanaka and noya are the type to skateboard to class
  • people learn to jump out of the way when they see them coming, because they will race each other and probably race the bicycles, too
  • everyone wants to dorm with asahi because he can cook
  • hinata gets lost on campus for the first two months 
  • he still does sometimes, but some kind soul helped him download a map onto his phone
  • kageyama visits the same cafe every day to get his daily dairy
  • said cafe probably has a special booth just for him (in the back because he tends to scare the freshmen away with his scowl of concentration)
  • ennoshita is constantly dragging his friends into his next film projects
  • or he’ll drag them with him to film festivals
  • kinoshita often falls asleep in the library
  • as a result, narita ends up going the long way to check the libraries until he finds kinoshita and prods him awake
  • guys still try to hit on kiyoko, but her friend circle makes sure to always be on guard for each other
  • she shows up and becomes assistant to every self-defense class
  • yachi can often be seen lugging around canvases too big for her
  • hinata and kageyama still race each other to class
  • tsukishima is the type that always manages to get the best study spots, and refuses to move once he sits down with his laptop and headphones on
  • yamaguchi finds himself swarmed by his classmates for extra help
  • suga is very popular for goukons, but he refuses to go more often than not
  • daichi is voted best RA every year 
  • asahi is known to offer to walk girls and freshmen home after dark (after layers of rumours about his scary appearance)
  • tanaka and noya are Responsible Frat Boys that make sure nobody is peer-pressuring at parties and that everyone gets home safely
  • they are also known to show up at events for the free food
  • kinoshita will show up to class in his pajamas
  • hinata sets off the fire alarm with his microwave more than once
  • yamaguchi signs up for ALL the puppy therapy sessions
  • after exams, tsukishima goes to his favourite cafe to treat himself to cake
  • no one sees suga during exam season