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First, thank you for always being so nice and helpful in your WCIF's and questions! You're one of my favorite simblrs and your builds are BEAUTIFUL. You mention in some of your posts that you reference house plans and photos when you design the homes. Do you have any favorite sites you go to that are outside of the norm? For ex., you linked to The Daily Bungalow and Antique Home Style in previous posts. I'm always looking for more places for inspiration aside from Houzz, eplans, etc. Thanks! :)

Anon, you’re too sweet! Thank you. :) I don’t think I have many other sites I could add to that list, though! 

There’s Mid Century Home Style, which seems to be a sister-site to Antique Home Style. I follow the thedailybungalow Tumblr so I see awesome houses on there all the time (I’m always saying to myself, “Oooh, I wanna build THAT!” - of course I need several lifetimes to build all of the stuff I’d like to :-p), and there’s the Sears Archive for more old-house goodness. I’ve nabbed plans from Coastal Living for beach house/tidewater style homes (they fit well with that Willow Creek/Louisiana style). 

And I have all of the house plan books I’ve collected over the years - I do grab house ideas from those occasionally. But for the most part I just Google stuff. I wish there were more resources out there, actually - let me know if find any cool ones. :)

Edited to add: I thought of more blogs that I like to visit:

Oh! And Antique Home (not to be confused with Antique Homestyle - I get them mixed up all the time).

I’ll add to this post if I think of any more! :)


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