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The Hobbit Diet

I would love to see how you’d handle the Hobbit mealtime schedule for a few days or even a week.  If you’re unfamiliar here’s what the day would look like:  7 AM Breakfast, 9 AM Second Breakfast, 11 AM Elevensies, 1 PM Luncheon, 4 PM Afternoon Tea, 6 PM Dinner, 8 PM Supper.  Each meal would be a full meal.  If by the end of the day you can still suck in your belly, then we increase the portion sizes for the next day.  We repeat this daily until your belly sticks out in front of you, unmoving, unwilling to jiggle as there’s a never ending parade of food passing through you, until that innie pops out and becomes an outie. I’d ask for a minimum of 3 days from you, but even after the 3rd day I would just be pushing you further and continue for the week.  New stretch marks would adorn your massive middle.  You would have to cradle your belly just to walk anywhere, but even then the sheer weight that now is in front of you would throw off your balance.  Sitting down would probably not be an option as your abdominal muscles would be unable to contract to let you sit  Laying down would be your only option, but we’d have to relocate the TV as you would definitely not be able to see over your swollen gut.  Assessing the damage afterwards would be a party in and of itself, as well as marvelling at your newfound increase in stomach capacity.


Taylor opens her eyes and smiles. A ray of sunlight is tickling her face and she feels lighthearted kisses being pressed onto her tummy. Her hand immediately lands on his hair and she mumbles a sleepy “morning”. Joe, who seems to be done with the daily belly- kissing ritual now slowly comes up to her.
“Good morning, beautiful. How’d you sleep?” he smiles in between his soft kisses on her lips. She yawns one more time and smiles at him with puffy eyes.
“Good. Really needed these eight hours after yesterday.” she says, and Joe nods because she is right. Ever since they found out that Taylor is pregnant, he’s eager to make sure that she’s taking care of herself and doesn’t overstrain herself as much as she usually does. After landing in Rhode Island yesterday night with him and his parents, he knew that Jetlag had her gotten to her and she stumbled into bed immediately as soon as they got home. Joe kisses her cheek again and Taylor escapes a low “mhmm” right before placing her hand on his lower back.
“Let’s get up and make some breakfast before everyone wakes up.” he smiles and kisses her again.
“Wait..” she then mumbles and he looks at her confused while leaning over her. She’s wearing that cheeky smile on her face, that he knows too well since she’s pregnant. Being in her twelfth week of pregnancy means that she’s only showing a little bit, wearing a cute and small little curve where her lower abdomen is. But it also means that her uterus and everything in her lower area has never been better supplied with blood than in the last weeks of growing an embryo. She’s having an unsaturated need for sex, since a couple of weeks. She’s aching, every hour of the day, which is slowly driving him insane. He feels like they don’t have time for anything anymore when they’re both at home - anything but sex. Three to four times a day. Taylor knows that she’s the reason for the dramatic increase of the quantity of sex they’re having, but she can’t do anything about it. Her body is changing and her sexual needs as well. After all, she’s growing a human- being inside her. A little miracle that’s going to change their life’s forever.
“Baby, I know that look..” he smirks before kissing her softly. Taylor laughs and blushes a bit before placing her hand on his ass during the kiss.
“I’m so sorry, it’s just… I was exhausted when we got home last night, but actually I’ve been craving you since.. days.” she says dramatically and Joe responds with a little giggle in her neck while leaning over her. The last couple of days when he went off filming must’ve been a torture for her.
“Baby, I miss making love to you too but… both of our parents are in this house, probably already woken up and expect to have a nice family weekend with us. I just.. I don’t want them to hear anything they’re not supposed to hear. So.. why don’t we just wait ‘til Monday. Then they’ll all be gone and we have the entire day to.. do whatever you want.” he ended his last words with a hot breath in her ear before kissing her temple. Taylor protests immediately, looks at him as if he’s out of his mind.
“Monday?? It’s.. Thursday. Joe. I can’t.. are you even aware of the enormous amount of hormones that I have to deal with? I.. I need you so bad, baby.” she says with the sweetest smile on her face before kissing him slowly. Joe can’t help but laugh into the kiss. It does turn him on how desperate she is. He loves the weight she has gained and he loves the fact that the love of his life needs his proximity more than ever since she’s carrying his child. He loves her for all her mood swings, all her physical changes and also for her current sexual desires. Joe kisses her softly.
“On a scale from 1- 10, how bad is it this morning, huh?” he smiles, slowly placing his lips behind her ear. She hates him for teasing her. But she can’t help but feel the dampness in her panties.
“15.” she answers and Joe slowly looks at her again.
“Baby, I.. I can’t and I won’t fuck you with your Dad being asleep next door.” he says cautiously before kissing her forehead one time. She was just about to protest again when she suddenly feels his hand in her pants.
“But you’re my wife and you’re carrying my baby and so of course I’ll help you out a bit..” he mumbles into her ear, while watching her smirk a bit. Taylor giggles and closes her eyes.
“And how are you gonna do that?” she whispers while smiling. Joe slowly works on her neck and kisses her softly. She’s still lazily laying on her back, carefully spreads her legs a little bit. She feels him rubbing her clit slowly. She’s already wet. Soaking wet.
“An orgasm will make you feel better.” he mumbles and keeps on rubbing her moist clit in her pink Victoria’s Secret panties.
Taylor feels his other hand wrapping around her. Her head is now placed over his arm and she turns to his side, breathes in his scent while having her nose in his neck. He smells so good. His hand feels so good. She could burst into an orgasm right here, right now.
“But I.. I need you.” she whispers, a little moan escaping her at the end. Joe looks at her while working his magic. Her eyes are closed and her beautiful lips are parted. She’s clearly enjoying his actions.
“And I’ll be giving it to you just like you need it.” he whispers. He knows that words are Taylor’s thing and that nothing can turn her on more than his mouth. He can feel her breathing getting faster. It’s unbelievable how fast she can get to the point of no return, how fast she becomes aroused enough to orgasm since she’s pregnant.
“Yes..” she breathes, tries not to moan so that her or his parents could hear her.
“Feels so good, baby.” she hisses and Joe smiles while increasing his speed.
“I want you to cum. I want you to cum as hard as you can. And I want you to look into my eyes. Can you do that for me, baby?” he moans into her ear with a hot whisper. He knows how much she loves this. He knows how this always drives her over the hill. He feels her body clench a bit, her head that is turning to his side. She moans quietly, enjoys his fast hand in her panties more than ever. She looks at him and opens her mouth a bit more. Her blue eyes look into his and he increases his speed again. She desperately holds onto his arm, moans quietly.
“You’re so wet.” he mumbles, feels his pants becoming tight as well. She’s the sexiest woman on this planet.
“I’m.. I’m gonna…” Joe feels her muscles clench together and she closes her eyes in satisfaction, parts her lips once more because of all the sensations in her body before pressing her face into his neck once more. She wants to scream, she wants to moan, but she can’t because her entire family is just at the other side of these walls.
Joe watches her slowly come down from her high and feels her wetness even clearer now than before. Taylor breathes heavily, then smiles and presses her forehead against his.
“Got it out of your system, love?” he whispers and she nods. His hand escapes her wet panties and she slowly kisses his lips.
“I think so.” she breathes and was just about to pull him closer when he suddenly leaves the bed. She looks at him confused, almost in shock. But Joe slowly puts on his shirt and gets up to throw on some jeans.
“What.. what are you..?” she apparently wasn’t aware that his way of ’helping her out’ would end at this point.
“I’ll go and grab some stuff at Whole Foods and start making breakfast before everyone wakes up. You take your time and take a shower, whatever you want. I’ll be back soon.” he smiles as if nothing ever happened and leans down to kiss her. He mumbles a casual “love you” before leaving the bedroom. Taylor who’s still sitting in bed just looks at the door. Is this seriously his way of teasing her? Leaving her in bed with her soaked panties and her head that is desperate to feel him inside her?
She falls back into her pillow and sighs. He is right, though. The last thing wants is her or his parents to hear moans of pleasure from their bedroom. They should really not do anything as long as they’re not alone. But the tiny baby inside her makes her want these things so much that rational thinking almost seems impossible. Taylor places a hand on her lower abdomen, feels the tiny curve that will soon be a baby belly.
“Why do you make me need your Daddy so much, mhm? It’s not fun. Not at all.” she mumbles to herself and her baby before slowly getting up.

“You look gorgeous, my love. Did you sleep well?” Elizabeth asks Taylor while sipping on her coffee. Taylor is wearing her favorite black skirt with a big black hoodie over it. She just started to poor coffee into everyone’s cups while chatting with her family who already sit at the dining table with her favorite view over the ocean.
“Thank you so much, yeah I finally slept last night.” she smiles at the brunette woman. Only yesterday on the plane she discussed with Elizabeth how she has problems to fall asleep since a couple of days. One more thing that pregnancy hormones usually cause.
“That great.” she answers.
“Where’s Joe by the way?” Andrea asks, who was just deepened into a conversation with Richard, who told her all about his new film project he is currently working on.
“Uh, he just wanted to grab some things from the grocery store.. but I think he’ll be here any second. Do you guys want some juice or..”
“No worries, honey. We’re good.” Andrea assures her daughter and smiles because she always tries to be the perfect host. No matter what.
In just that moment a tall man walks up behind Taylor, a big paper bag in his hand.
“Good morning, guys. Sorry, there was so much traffic.” he sighs, standing right behind Taylor and placing his free hand on her side. She immediately leans back at him and turns her head to kiss him hello.
“Guys, we don’t want you to have extra stress just because we’re visiting. Everything’s fine, no hurries.” Andrea reassures them. The last thing Andrea, Scott, Richard and Elizabeth want is to produce any form of stress for Taylor. Her pregnancy is the most important thing and they all can’t wait to finally meet their first grandchild in a couple of months.
“You heard her.” Joe smiles at her in front of his family and kisses her cheek slowly. Taylor smiles and walks into the kitchen with Joe. Just when they’re out of everyone’s eyes, Taylor leans against the counter and looks at Joe unpacking the paper bag.
“What?” he smirks at her and notices her crossed arms.
“Nice skirt, by the way.” he mumbles and Taylor opens her mouth.
“Don’t you even dare trying to turn me…”
“Don’t have to, you already look like you’re about to…”
“Kids, do you need any help?” Elizabeth interrupts them and looks around with a questioning look. Taylor feels herself blushing at the interrupted situation and Joe just casually smirks at her.
“No, no. Everything’s fine. Taylor was just about to get back to you guys. I’m responsible for the eggs today.” he says and Taylor bits her lips. He’s unbelievable.
“Yeah, I’m.. I’m just glad to have a husband that feels responsible for eggs of any kind.” she smirks back at him and pulls out her tongue at him while walking back into the dining room with Elizabeth, who thankfully didn’t get any of these references.
After ten minutes, Joe returns to the table with the food and everyone starts to eat. Taylor can’t help but notice how Joe always places his hand on her back while talking to her parents, always touches her hand whenever he can. She looks at him talking about his current film project and she can’t help but carefully watch every feature of him. His full pink lips. His beautiful eyes and the little stubble on his chin. She bites her tongue. There are so many thoughts in her head. Thoughts about doing things with him. She slowly breathes in and out and focuses on her food again. This hunger can’t be satisfied with scrambled eggs and tomato.
“She’s still tired.” Joe smiles and places his left hand on her neck, right under the messy bun of hair and kisses her temple slowly. Taylor seems to pay attention to the conversations on the table just now and looks confused at everyone who laughs at her.
“Nothing, baby. You good?” he asks gently and smirks at her. He knows. He can see in her eyes where her thoughts wandered off to. And he loves it. He loves to tease her.
“Yeah, I’m absolutely fine.” she responds, continues to eat her food. She tries to not think about the dampness in between her legs, tries not to think about his smell in her nose that makes her crave so many things. Taylor slowly crosses her legs, tries to create some sort of friction for herself. The worst part about this is Joe being absolutely aware of her condition. She slowly feels his right hand land on her naked leg. She feels as if her tummy is just about to explode because of his touch. Taylor tries to follow his mum who was just talking about Patrick’s new school. But she feels heat rising up. She clears her throats one time and changes her sitting position.
Everyone looks at her a bit confused.
“Are you fine, Taylor?” Scott asks and Taylor just nods.
“Yeah, it’s a bit warm in here. Don’t you think?” she mumbles but everybody keeps focusing on Elizabeth’s conversation. Fortunately.
Taylor feels Joe’s fingertips wandering more and more to the inside of her legs. She realizes that there’s nothing more she can do. She slowly wraps her hands around his arm to signal him to stop. He turns his head to her, mischievously smiles at her as if nothing was wrong and then continues to listen to his mum. Taylor hates the fact that she’s sitting at the table with her family, his fingers are making his way into her soaked pants and she can’t help but let it happen. Because she needs him. She doesn’t feel able to stop him because she… she absolutely needs him. Taylor cautiously leans back into the chair and slowly relaxes. Her legs fall open just a bit more and his fingertips are almost touching her panties. She feels the need to breath faster, but suppresses it while watching his mum talk. She desperately holds onto his arm, tries to seem like as if she just casually holds onto her husband. She’s glad that no one seems to notice that his hand is not quiet on her leg anymore. It’s when his fingertips slowly touch her center, right over her panties. She can’t take this anymore. Taylor suddenly pushes him away and slowly gets up.
“Excuse me for a second..” she clears her throats and gets up from the table. She slowly walks into the kitchen and into the hallway before entering the guest bathroom. She locks the door and looks into the mirror.
Being in the first trimester of pregnancy is a torture. She slowly washes her hands and tries to calm down. If she wants to return to that table, she has to calm down and stop blushing like a teenager who just had her first time.
Just when she was about to leave the bathroom again, she hears someone knock on the door. She slowly opens and finds Joe standing there, smiling at her.
“Just wanted to check on you..” he mumbles and enters the room before locking the door. Taylor immediately crosses her arms and he notices that something’s wrong.
“Everything alright?”
“No, Joe. It’s not.” she hisses at him. Joe sighs. She really looks angry. He carefully places his hands on her sides.
“Don’t even touch me, seriously.” she mumbles. Joe is a bit confused and looks at her, straight into her eyes.
“What?” he asks.
“You think this is funny, huh. Knowing that I crave you and teasing me in front of both of our families. And you know what? I’d love that and I’d think that this is a great way to keep things exciting in the bedroom but I’m pregnant, Joe.” she says seriously. Joe is shocked. She really seems upset and hurt.
“I’m pregnant and I didn’t choose to feel this way. My boobs hurt and the skin on my belly hurts and I feel my vagina ache everyday and I get that you don’t want our parents to interrupt us but.. making me feel even worse by touching me in front of them.. this is just.. really mean.” she finishes. Joe swallows. He never thought of it this way. He never thought that this little game would actually hurt her. He never thought that her needing him so much was not just a sexy new thing in their relationship but an actual problem for her while being pregnant. He looks at her and feels himself become emotional. He never wanted to make her feel this way. After all, he loves her to death and just wants her pregnancy to feel good and go smooth.
“Baby, I’m.. I don’t even..” he stutters, doesn’t even know where to start. Taylor just keeps her arms crossed and looks down at the floor.
“It’s fine, just stop your stupid game. I’m going back now..” she mumbles before trying to leave the bathroom but he stops her.
“Wait.” he says eagerly and grabs her by her arms. She looks at him and he takes a deep breath.
“Baby, I never.. never ever wanted to make you feel bad. I’m sorry that I was so cocky and childish. I.. I love you and I love that we have so much sex right now. And I love your body and there’s nothing I ever wanna do than make you feel good. I’m sorry, I was a complete asshole before.” he says and looks into her eyes. He really feels awful, she can see that. Taylor sighs and nods.
“I love you, too.” she answers and Joe pulls her into a long hug. She closes her eyes and let’s herself fall against him. He holds her. He holds her so tight and she feels so incredibly safe in his arms.
“Let’s get back to..”
“Wait.” he interrupts, this time him being the one who asks her to wait. She looks at him confused and Joe slowly strokes a strand of hair behind her ear.
“What?” she asks confused. Joe smiles at her.
“I’m a pretty desperate Daddy-to-be as well, so…” Taylor looks at him and laughs a bit. She knows where this is going.
“You’re cute.” she laughs and places a hand on his cheek. “But our parents are in the living room and I don’t want you to sleep with me just because I want it. That’s not fair.” she says. Joe suddenly looks at her differently. More serious. He shakes his head and then places both of his hands on her cheeks.
“Don’t you ever say that again.” he mumbles. She looks at him confused.
“I sleep with you because I love you. And I love your body. And I want you to feel good. Every hour of the day, baby.” he whispers before kissing her. She slowly pulls back smiling at him.
“Really.” he answers and slowly helps her turn around. She looks at their reflection in the mirror and feels his hands on her tummy.
She places her hands over his and smiles at him. He slowly kisses her neck. She takes a deep breath.
“You sure you want this. Our parents..”
“Shut up. Your stomach was being funny, that’s why we’re in here for so long.” he mumbles in between his kisses and Taylor closes her eyes. She feels his hand in her panties once more. His feet in between hers forcing her to widen her legs once more. Taylor swallows as she feels him behind her. He’s hard. Incredibly hard.
“We can be quick, right.” she mumbles, just to reassure herself that this is a good idea. Taylor suddenly feels him on her clit. His length in his hand that is slowly stroking her center. She moans slowly, feels his lips on her neck.
“Of course we can.” he mumbles and kisses her neck one last time before pulling her panties down. She moves her leg a bit until the fabric hits the floor and she then slowly leans forward.
“Be careful, babe. Is this comfortable?” he asks her and she nods. She doesn’t care about comfortable anymore. She’s soaking wet and all she can think about is the upcoming sensation of him being inside of her.
Joe slowly rubs his tip along her folds. She’s in fact ready. Absolutely wet. Joe notices how she has places her head on her arms while desperately waiting for him to do something. He places his hand under her sweater, slowly draws circles with his hands on the warm skin of her back.
It takes only a few seconds and he’s inside of her. First slow and then a bit faster. She uppers herself a bit after a few minutes and Joe’s arms find their way around her stomach. One hand under her bra, right at her boob and the other one gently holding her little tummy. She feels a low moan escaping her lips. He feels so good. He brings her back to Paradise. Back to that magical place in her head that only he can bring her to.
“Does that feel good?” he whispers. She takes a deep breath.
“So.. so good. I’m..” she moans quietly and leans forward again. He feels her hiss all of the sudden. Joe immediately stops. She must have hurt herself on the applications of the sink.
“Are you okay?” he immediately asks her and helps her upright herself.
“Yeah, I just… ouch.” she mumbles. Joe helps her turn around and quickly lifts up her sweatshirt to find a little bruise on her upper stomach.
“I’m so sorry, baby. Oh my..”
“It’s fine.” she says and Joe kisses the bruise softly.
“My poor baby..” he mumbles before pampering her tummy a couple seconds longer. She laughs at him. He’s so cute.
“I’m fine. It’s just a bruise. Everything’s good. Maybe we should.. like.. sit?” she asks him hesitatingly and Joe nods. He immediately sits down on the toilet lit and Taylor places herself over him. She carefully leads his length into her and starts to ride him slowly. Joe escapes a soft moan. She feels so good. Too good. One look into Taylor’s face is enough and he knows that she enjoys this. So much. She desperately holds onto his shoulders while riding him. At this point, she’s not able to kiss him anymore, the sensation in between her legs driving her insane. Joe holds her on him, both hands pressed into the flash of her butt cheeks.
She then places her hands in his neck and opens her eyes.
“I’m gonna cum..” she moans and opens her mouth. He feels her hot breath on his lips. Joe looks deep into her eyes. He also struggles to contain himself.
“Me, too. You feel so good. You..” In just that second, he feels Taylor’s muscles clench around him. She desperately holds onto him while trying not to moan. She just breaths faster than before and holds on to him as much as she can. She moves on him as fast as she can which also causes Joe to explode in her. He presses his face into her neck and holds onto her closely. It’s incredibly hard to be quiet. But they both manage it, remain in each other’s arms for another couple of seconds. Then slowly, she pulls back, still connected to him. She smiles and Joe can’t help but smile back. It’s these moments when he still can’t believe that he gets to be with the woman of his dreams. The most beautiful person on this planet - inside and out.
“I love you so much.” she whispers into the silence. She leans her forehead against his and Joe smiles.
“I love you more than.. than you’ll ever know, baby.” he replies. She smiles and takes another deep breath, not moving at all.
“My legs feel like jelly but.. I feel a lot better now.” she laughs and he joins before kissing her sweaty forehead.
“That’s good. And I’m proud of us, we were so quiet.” he smiles. She nods. “I think we found a solution for your little problem.” he smiles and Taylor looks confused.
“Bathrooms. Far away from the living room.”
Taylor laughs and nods thankfully.
“We should get back now.” she says before slowly getting up. Joe grabs some toilet paper to clean himself up and then helps her clean up as well. Just when she was fixing her outfit he notices the little bruise on her small belly.
“Oh god, show me the bruise again.” he says worried. She just laughs, thinks that it is pretty cute how much he worries about this.
“It’s just a bruise, babe. It’s nothing.” she smiles and looks at Joe, who sits on the toilet lit again. This time, fully clothed and with both of his hands exploring her stomach.
“I’m so sorry, my love. Mummy and Daddy just really needed some Mummy and Daddy- time.” he says to the tiny baby in her belly and Taylor laughs. She then watches him kiss her tummy again and again. She smiles at him and can’t help but feel this enormous amount of happiness radiating through her vains. This is her home. This is her safe place. This is her everything.

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Hi!! Congrats on 1k!!!! Could I get some headcanons about bofur with his pregnant s/o? Thanks!

Originally posted by tlotrgifs

  • His eyes become watery when you tell him you’re pregnant. He can’t believe that the two of you are blessed with a dwarfling. 
  • Bofur talks to your belly daily since he found out. 
  • “Ye grow big and strong there, little one. I’ll take care of yer mama.”
  • He convinces Bombur to help with your cravings. You get the best meals and baked goods ever. 
  • He makes a crib and countless toys. You love them all. 
  • The rest of the Company joining the ‘let’s spoil Y/N’ festive. Thorin and Dwalin are so protective that you have to yell at them to leave you alone. 
  • Fili and Kili bringing you flowers to make you smile. 
  • You waiting for Bofur when he gets back from work to snuggle with him. 
  • “Your stories are the one thing that calms the babe down. I feel the kicking for the whole day.” 
  • Bofur rubbing your tummy when the babe kicks too much. He also rubs your feet and back when they hurt. 
  • Hundreds of ‘I love you’ every day. 
  • Him helping you choose materials for new dresses when you grow bigger. 
  • “I’m fat, Bofur.” 
  • “Not fat, but rounded with our child. Ye look lovely, my sweetheart.” 
  • Of course, you believe him. He makes you feel beautiful every day. And night, when you’re up for that.
  • Him going crazy and almost falling on his face when you tell him you’re going to give birth. He storms out to get Oin and a midwife and waits impatiently behind the door. 
  • First thing he does is thanking you for gifting him with a baby. Second - asking you to make another baby, or maybe ten. You tell him that he’s crazy. 
  • “I’m crazy, but only for ye, my darlin’.” 
  • Him being the best father ever. 
Welcome to my Weight Gain Blog!

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