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The Hobbit Diet

I would love to see how you’d handle the Hobbit mealtime schedule for a few days or even a week.  If you’re unfamiliar here’s what the day would look like:  7 AM Breakfast, 9 AM Second Breakfast, 11 AM Elevensies, 1 PM Luncheon, 4 PM Afternoon Tea, 6 PM Dinner, 8 PM Supper.  Each meal would be a full meal.  If by the end of the day you can still suck in your belly, then we increase the portion sizes for the next day.  We repeat this daily until your belly sticks out in front of you, unmoving, unwilling to jiggle as there’s a never ending parade of food passing through you, until that innie pops out and becomes an outie. I’d ask for a minimum of 3 days from you, but even after the 3rd day I would just be pushing you further and continue for the week.  New stretch marks would adorn your massive middle.  You would have to cradle your belly just to walk anywhere, but even then the sheer weight that now is in front of you would throw off your balance.  Sitting down would probably not be an option as your abdominal muscles would be unable to contract to let you sit  Laying down would be your only option, but we’d have to relocate the TV as you would definitely not be able to see over your swollen gut.  Assessing the damage afterwards would be a party in and of itself, as well as marvelling at your newfound increase in stomach capacity.

Day 45 June 2,2017: officially done with my first month on this program 💪🏼 -16 pounds and my body is starting to shrink! I’m excited to start on next months!! Anyways It was leg day! I started off with 30 minutes of treadmill. Then 3 sets/ 10-15 reps of:
Calf extension
Seated leg curl
Leg extension
Seated leg press
Hip abductor
Hip adductor
Glute (both sides)
•my everyday workouts:
Torso rotation (both sides)
Abdominal 2

Side note:I went hard on this workout even though I was so sore from yesterday!! It felt amazing.

His Wife Didn’t Want Maternity Photos, So He Snapped Some Of His Beer Belly Instead

A pregnant woman is a vulnerable woman. Hormones are raging, skin is stretching, and a living, breathing, toe-nail growing person is rapidly developing inside an even more rapidly growing stomach.

Pregnancy is simultaneously one of the most beautiful and frightening things known to the human race. How does an actual person emerge from a woman’s vagina? How? It’s a true miracle.

What better way to celebrate miracles than with a series of beautiful maternity photos, right? Well, this man’s wife didn’t agree. So, her husband took some of himself instead.

And let me tell you: I bet these pictures are way, way better than ones his wife could have produced.

Welcome to my Weight Gain Blog!

Hey guys! I’m getting serious about weight gain. Its hard for me to gain and keep it on because of my fast metabolism so I am going to have to up my food intake considerably to meet my goal of 12 stone by the end of the year (I am 11 stone right now; hovering around 11 stone 2 or 3 pounds sometimes. I CAN get much higher, temporarily - I can eat double meals for a couple of days and get up to 11 stone 8 or 9 but then it drops as soon as I drop my food intake (and believe me, my regular food intake is well over the recommended daily intake)

So I need to find a way to fund my larger appetite and increased intake of food, which is where you guys come in. Your support has always been invaluable to me but right now I need as much of it as possible. There will be several ways to sponsor my gain available to you soon. On top of that, any reblogs and likes help me to spread the word! I wish I could give you all this weight gain content for free but the amount of food I need is way too much to actually keep going without help and my weight will start to drop.

As I continue on my journey there will be daily photos of my belly and weight gain progress on here, with more on my private weight gain blog, and lots of food updates, weigh-ins, videos and descriptions of what is happening to my body as I - hopefully - start to pile on the pounds.

This blog will open on August 1st along with information about how to sponsor a stuffing or become a full weight gain sponsor with all the perks that come with it. If you want to see me grow then this will be the blog to follow! 

Any contributions to my weight gain are so very gratefully received and all reblogs to spread the word about my new blog help so much! <3