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Violet inspects the Togekiss. She looks high then low, side to side, back to ffont, rubs her chin and thinks then finally comes to a conclusion and nods. "I wouldn't say you're 10/10. That's too low a rating. I give it a 12/10."

Oh my gosh you’re making me cry, you’re so sweet !!! 

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You’ve no doubt heard the writing axiom that counsels sitting down at the typewriter and opening a vein. But I say bleeding is not enough. You’ve got to crack open your chest. You’ve got to create the feeling that you’re letting everything in and not holding anything back when you write.

                                                                           –James Scott Bell

Days In The Vast Space - Chapter 1

Pairings: Belle/Adam, Gaston/LeFou, minor Lumière/Plumette

Summary: Four astronauts are assigned to a mission to Mars. They are each required to keep a recorded log on their daily activities. Belle is an astrophysicist, Gaston is an engineer, LeFou is a psychologist, and Adam is the pilot of the spacecraft. Being stuck together for the next 18 months, will they suffer from cabin fever, or will they become closer to each other than they could have ever imagined?

Author’s Note: To be honest, this started out as a joke. But then, as I developed the story more inside of my head, I thought, ’Hey, this is actually kind of neat!’ So I got to typing and this is what I came up with. Hope you enjoy my really weird Space AU fanfic!

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“Lumière,” Flight director Plumette said, “Any response from the Villeneuve crew?”

“We just got sent their daily logs,” Space communicator Lumière responded, “Here are some of the recorded transcripts.”

Adam, Captain:

Captain’s log, day one on Space Shuttle Villeneuve. The other crew members and I seem to be getting along. Belle, the ship’s astrophysicist, and I have each been exchanging book recommendations. She enjoys reading ‘Romeo & Juliet.’ I am hoping that the revelation of this fact does not destroy our professional relationship. 

- Adam

Belle, Astrophysist:

Captain Adam seems to be a very reserved person. He is very quiet, and is well-read. He seems a bit pulled-back, but I can sense a lot of depth through that cold, hard exterior. He seems pleasant. My encounter with Gaston, however, was anything but pleasant. He said, and I quote, 'I’d love to see your ass-trophysics in zero gravity.' I am debating whether or not I should file a complaint to LeFou.

Much love to Lumière and Plumette. Tell my father I said hello.

Sincerely, Belle

Gaston, Engineer:

Dear Diary, It was the perfect pick-up line! Dear God, women are so complicated. And that captain, Adam, has an incredibly underwhelming personality. I think he and Belle were talking about books for two entire hours. He is definitely not a real man. Real men talk about manly things, tough and burly things, like interior decorating. How can Belle stand him? Does she not realize that I am the handsomest man on this spacecraft? Has she not seen me expectorate, before? Such a peculiar woman. Thank God for LeFou. He seems to be the only sane man on this ship, besides me of course.

You know who I am ;), G

LeFou, On-Board Psychologist:

I am the only sane man on this ship, I swear to God. My psychology professor didn’t prepare me for any of this. Belle won’t stop complaining about Gaston, Gaston won’t stop complaining about Belle, and Adam won’t stop crying over his parental abandonment issues. I knew I should have become a school counselor. Middle schoolers have more impressive maturity levels than this crew.

Help me.


“This is going to be a long eighteen months,” Lumière and Plumette sighed.

Author’s Note: Again, none of this is supposed to be taken seriously. Just a little humorous fic I’ve decided to make in my spare time.

Please tell me what you guys think!

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