daily banners

@caveofdenial spruced the place up a bit!

Don’t worry, Memphis is gonna stay nice and tight in his wee little corner. He’s a good boy. Perfectly disciplined..!

he’s got snacks, soft things to cuddle, and soft night lights. What a sweet bab~

He won’t bother anyone at all! A precious child~!

Mark here! 

I have drawn the past few Daily DCU banners and this past week I picked up a few sketch covers to draw on. I found a “Flash” one and I am going to offer it up to the Daily DCU crowd! $20 covers the cost of the comic and shipping (US only) and throws me a couple bucks for the effort.

If you like my style of art and are interested in it, it will be first come first serve! Message me at my other tumblr markct