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Quote 324:

“Oh, No, this is much worse.”

                                                                      - Bruce Banner, in The Avengers


The quote of the day, I hope you all have an excitingly spectacular day!

Looking for artists and graphic makers!

If you’re an artist or a graphic maker and would like to contribute with the making of the daily prompt banners for the CaPri Week, send in a submission with a link to examples of what you’ve previously made and you’ll be contacted shortly!

Olicity Prompt: Shifting Headlines

@lalawo1 as promised it’s finally done! 

Originally posted by lyricalarrow

Prompt: Susan W goes after Felicity, and Oliver reacts. Maybe not in the way expected…..Thanks!!

I really hope you like it! 

Read it here or on AO3

Shifting Headlines

The harsh sound of the cell phone alarm made his head pound angrily. He opened his weary eyes only to stare sadly at the open beams of her amber ceiling. He groaned, “How could I let things get this complicated,” as he shifted his gaze. He smiled slowly when he noticed how she’d curled into herself during the night. He let his cheeks relax when he sat up; while he did he couldn’t help but be both annoyed and bemused by the scent of perfume beside him. He risked trailing his fingers through her soft strands as he moved to push them behind the shell of her ear. Another slow smile appeared on his face when she nuzzled her nose further into the ruffled pillow when he slowly trailed his fingers down the line of her cheekbone. 

Oliver sighed a somber, “Thanks for listening…” before gingerly moving toward the flashing light of his cell phone. He thankfully reached the dresser and managed to silence the device before another alarm went off. The screen now flashed silently while the daily news alert banners scrolled across the small screen. The headlines thus far were mundane so he ignored them when he heard her sheets shuffling across the soft skin of what he knew were her bare legs. Oliver glanced over his shoulder to her soundly sleeping form. Her pale lips were slightly parted and, her small fingers were curled around the pillow cases edge. 

She breathed with fluttering eyes, “Stay…stay with me,” as her dream continued its hold on her often troubled mind. 

Oliver wanted to ease the worry lines from her wrinkled brow but stayed his hand when he saw yet another news alert flash across his screen. The one before meant nothing but this one meant betrayal; his blood ran cold when he saw the name below the treacherous headline….

“Mayor’s Ex Felicity Smoak Exposed…. More details to follow. Original story reported by Susan Williams.” 

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