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Happy early Valentines, y'all.
Haven’t done any 707 x MC lately, so here ya go.

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677: The Ood

Used to love the David Tennant run, and these sweethearts were the best. 

Requested by: red-and-gold-gears

The Doctor And Donna Are Attacked By The Ood

662: Space Oddity (David Bowie)

Sentient alien satellite orbiting Earth for thousands of years, turning from what was hostile intent to admiration of humanity.

Requested by Anonymous

I Miss You Bowie

okay! so, it seems like these daily blogs are becoming pretty popular as of late! they’ve piqued my interest and things have been kind of a bore recently… ( ̿–ᆺ ̿–)

i hope this turns out to be fun! open to asks, but try and at least make them worth my time, guys! 

feelin small, feelin sad

Daily Draw No. 4 Sorry for uploading something really different from my norm. Usually on days like these I wouldn’t opt to draw something since it feels like nothing I draw is acceptable while in this mood.

I want to keep trying and push through this, even if the end result I’m left with isn’t satisfactory. Someday it will be.