Good tourists in Boston Pt. V

Before we head back to Brooklyn, we try to perfect the Bostonian accent.
Dailo: Bark!
Boston American Eskimo: No, try again. It’s “BAHK!“ Got it?
Lola: hunh?

Dailola on eating before returning to Brooklyn:
Can’t believe we still have to “wait” to eat until Mama says “ok"


Good Tourists in Cape Cod Pt. II

We made it to two beaches last Thursday. Technically, the season started on Saturday so we were sorta allowed on the beach. At Sandy Neck beach dogs aren’t allowed. But if you park there in the lot and walk a trail for about a mile, it’ll lead you to the beach where we were allowed! Leashes are required but we took a chance for a few minutes (until we spotted a ranger in the distance).

All that walking got Mama and Papa real hungry. Then we drove to Beachcomber Bar in Wellfleet so they could get what else but Wellfleet oysters and a lobster roll! We had to stay on the other side of the fence. We tried desperately to see them on the other side. We waited nicely and got many pets and pats.

The beach there by the bar was amazing. We walked where hardly anyone was and took a nap.

It was a great day in the Cape!