Teresa, Brooklyn Museum

1) Where are you from?

I grew up in Philadelphia but I live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn 

2) What are you wearing?

 I am wearing Anna Sui, the knitwear is James Coviello for Anna Sui and the pants are Anna Sui. the shoes are camper and the bag is baggu.

3)Where’s your favorite place in all of New York City?

my favorite  place in NYC….hard to say but most anywhere I can go with my dogs 

4) What’s the most delicious meal you can think of?

since I enjoy food so much, this is another hard question and depends on my mood but I can tell you a few dishes I look forward to:

-oxtail fried rice at Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill

-flyhead at main street imperial taiwanese gourmet

-uni pasta as well as oxtail tortellini at il posto accanto

-soup dumplings and pig ear at Shanghai Cafe 

-tapas at tertulia


i could go on ;)


Teresa has a wonderful blog of her own, all about her beautiful dogs named Dailo and Lola. Check it out here: http://dailola.tumblr.com



Cap’n Cook #1778 New Spirit Australian Shepherd Rescue 

Historical Fact: in 1778 Captain James Cook was the first European to travel to Hawaii! He was a British navy captain, explorer, cartographer and navigator.

Well, in Williamsburg, we had our very own 10 week old Cap'n Cook Aussie pup explorer: adventurous, outgoing, friendly and fearless.

Here are some of his adventures during his short time with us.
Today he sets sail (rather hitches a ride) for Maryland by way of Pennsylvania to meet his adopters and go to his furever home!

He is one lucky pup and we were very lucky to have had him in our pack.
He brought smiles to many and had many visitors including some neighbors who requested visits in the hood after seeing Mama’s Instagram.

We wish him well and big congratulations on finding his furever home. He can hang with us anytime!


previous Dailola posts with Cap'n Cook:

http://dailola.tumblr.com/post/50178314324  http://dailola.tumblr.com/post/50086680287


Lola: It’s Dailo’s 13th birthday!

Mama is so happy. She went to Pino’s Prime Meats and got a marrow bone cake! Then she went to Blue Ribbon after work where she asked Fernando to make a burger just the way we like it!

She made us wear silly hats she made from the New Yorker. We stayed really still so she could take these pictures. Afterwards, we gnawed them bones for a good hour and then devoured the cheesburger.

I can’t wait til my birthday!

Dailo: Thank you for the best birthday ever!




Peony #1786 New Spirit Australian Shepherd Rescue 

The Five Day Foster, Fastest Yet!

This lovely little miss red merle came on Saturday, April 27 and departed on Wednesday, May 1!

We went to Hotel Delmano (Mama’s favorite place in the hood) on the day she arrived and again with the furever family before the drive back home.

Her new furever family drove down with Boru, King of Rhode Ireland!  Remember him, originally Tarzan, our last foster? 



We sipped rosé and nibbled oysters, meats and cheese, and ceviche together with all four at our heels.

Boru seemed to remember Williamsburg and was so excited he proclaimed his joy for all to hear! Or perhaps he was announcing the welcoming of his new sister, Peony now Maluka?




Dailola: Frocks, footwear and fun!

We partied with our friends at Lavai Maria to celebrate the new Spring 2013 collection! Come here to get your fill on vintage, some original and lots reworked and reconstructed. Mama got a cute cropped button down plaid shirt. Auntie Michelle got a handmade mini quilt for Coby!



The Mast Brothers  produce the most amazing delightful chocolate. Subtle nuances in flavors akin to wine: smoke, berry, bark, earth just to name a few! When we first moved to Williamsburg, they were a small production on N. 3rd street. Still producing in small batches, they have grown into a larger facility with a retail shop in the front and the factory in view in back. Tours are available as well as private events.

The pretty paper packaged bars can be found more and more in specialty shops across the country. They turned our Mama into a chocolate lover. She says she can taste the love and attention they put in every bar.

We love visiting here. The DOH rule states no dogs allowed so we hang outside and “wait”. Most always we catch the eye of a Mast Brothers worker who will come outside to say “Hi!’ to us.


The brothers hoist a mast to collect cacao around the globe. Eco friendly, they sail in search of beans. 


On a side note, we’ve heard from a very reliable source that Mast brother Mike and his wife foster dogs, too! Dailola give The Mast Brothers extra hi five paws!