daikaku kokujyoji

anonymous asked:

Why did you seem so protective of Adolf Weismann's body?

The old king frowned and reached out to place a wrinkled hand on the glass case housing the preserved body of his friend, much as it had when the Blue King had paid him an unexpected visit. 

“Of course I’m protective of it,” he grumbled in reply, casting his eyes down on the still youthful and flawless face of the Silver King. “I knew, even after the incident with his ship, that Adolf could not be dead. At the time, I was unaware of the circumstances regarding his body and the most recent Colorless King, but the Silver King cannot die. So I resolved to watch over and guard his body at least until I knew what had happened.”

A moment of silence passed as the king continued to stare into the glass case, although his expression would suggest he was not just seeing Adolf’s body there. He was likely thinking back on something, a moment shared between the two of them, or perhaps he had something else on his mind.

When he finally looked up to meet the asker’s eyes, he added, “And I intend to continue to watch over it in the case he comes back to reclaim it.”