Daiguren by ~SincerelyLove

Rich and opulent, the crimson suiren (water lily) flower displays a vivid red center that bleeds into a pink and white gradient, finished with a glittering silver gem. Traditionally, suiren is symbolic of purity, rising out of the mud with beautiful, untainted petals. This kanzashi is mounted on an alligator clip for easy wear and measures approximately 3" in diameter.

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anonymous asked:

hi!! do you have any good ichihitsu fic recs? i just recently found the lairing and i really like it omg

hi anon! sure, i can definitely recommend a few :) there’s not a huge amount in the fandom, but there are definitely some gems!

(please let me know if i made any mistakes with the links!)

A Sequence of Pearls by Corisanna
- //Tōshirō is overworked to the point of exhaustion. Ichigo is determined to make sure he relaxes. Tea, a home-cooked meal, affectionate snark, and skilful kissing are his primary tools.//
- Mature; fluff; domestic fluff

Daiguren by Miashin
- //Hitsugaya and Hyorinmaru had a contract, and Hyorinmaru is out to collect. Ichigo won’t stand for this and accepts a new deal to save Hitsugaya. There are many kinds of hell, and not all of them burn.//
- Teen; violence, blood, injury; hurt/comfort; v. different portrayal of Hyorinmaru

Paradigm by handoverthebiscuit (+ definitely check out their other work!)
-  //Ichigo doesn’t quite understand how someone can be so rich yet so poor. AU//
- Teen; AU - Modern; drama; hurt/comfort

Magi by Corisanna
- //A brush with death reveals just how much Ichigo and Tōshirō love each other. The aftermath leaves them feeling closer than ever– and willing to cross a few more lines than they ever have before.//
- Explicit; graphic violence; temp. character death; AU - Fem/Fem

Post Mortem by AzarDarkstar
-  //Sometimes, he wondered. Other times, he knew that he had been here before. He looked at Seireitei and remembered. (#19: Fate; Destiny.)//
- Teen; past life

What Makes Us by Mymomomo
- //It’s the little things that count, the small gestures that make a relationship, and the words that say ‘I love you’ in thousands of different ways.//
- Teen; romance; humour

Heartless by QueenofCitrus (+ their other stuff! Lots of sad and hurt and pain though).
- //He remembers the words vividly, as though it hasn’t been 200 years since they were spoken to him: ‘One shard from the mirror, your Majesty… And your heart will be frozen forever. You will never have to feel again.’ A modern fairy tale. M-rated//
- Explicit; AU; romance; fantasy; INCOMPLETE

Starbucks by Neko Oni
- //Hitsugaya can’t see over the counter, and the Starbucks workers mistake him for a little kid.//
- Humour

Skating on Thin Ice by tyl ashke
- //Ichigo Kurosaki watches a familiar figure perform an amazing skating routine. In his attempt to break through the barriers surrounding the white-haired boy of his dreams, what secrets will he unearth and how will they overcome them together?//
- Explicit; AU - Modern; romance; angst; hurt/comfort

cryptonomicon’s two drabble series :)

Teetering heart in the wind by DiePi (+ check out their other work!)
- //It was a job for no one else but him. And it was also the hardest job he had ever taken on. In the end, he failed, but no one could blame him//
- romance; ANGST; major character death

Hidden Truths by Toshirokun13
- //Ichigo moves to a new town trying to get away from a local gang he had been part of. He thinks his life is finally starting to slow down until he meets a small white-haired boy that seems to be hiding a dark secret//
- Explicit; INCOMPLETE; AU - Modern; hurt/comfort; suspense

Shooter by abdola (+ check out their other work :D)
- //AU: Loosely based on the film Shooter. Art Student Kurosaki Ichigo’s life changes drastically when he meets ‘on the run’ sniper Hitsugaya Toushiro. How can Ichigo clear this innocent Sniper’s name?//
- Explicit; AU - Modern; romance; crime

wow okay that was more than i was expecting