daigo kiryu


Made my way through the second game!! Loved the right balance between the main drama and more light-hearted parts as well as the over-the-top ending (such a classic: half of the cast founding out they’re related and the other half outscheming themselves lol). This series seriously satisfies all my needs, incredible.

micchikureshima  asked:

11 with ian/daigo please id love u forever duckduck

11. things you said while you were drunk

“I–you know I honestly think that your dinosaur print boxers are adorable.”


Daigo doesn’t even think anything wrong about it.  Or, okay, maybe he’s a bit curious considering that Ian, usually, swears up and down that Daigo’s t-rex print boxers were the worst thing ever.  Mood killers, or something. Which is kind of funny because they go through with it anyways.  

Ian sounds completely fine, betrayed only by a flush on his face.

“And maybe I should get you this one pair that’s got little para–par–”


“That one, yes.”

Ian nods.

Daigo is totally cool with that, too.