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The Dolly Do-Overs

Sometimes, I’ve made a doll and then I’ve remade them due to commissions that I used to do.  There are another couple that I’ve remade but one of them, I don’t have a photo of the Akiyoshi from theVoltage otome game Our Two Bedroom Story that I remade, the other was Eisuke from Kissed by the Baddest Bidder but as I’ve already posted him I don’t want to double post. 

Anyway, remaking dolls is a weird thing.  You learn a lot so you can be like “Yes well, I won’t be making that mistake again!” but the double edged sword is that sometimes if you did a really cool thing, you might not be able to replicate the success of that but I suppose that’s one of “charms” of hand sewing and imperfectness of it.  So, on the remake list we have Daichi Katsuragi, The Auctioneer fro Kissed by the Baddest Bidder and Leon/Leo

Top left:  The original dolly.          Top right:  The re-make dolly.
Middle left:  The original dolly      Middle right:  The re-make dolly
Bottom left:  The original dolly     Bottom right:  The re-make dolly


恋人は専属SP - My Sweet Bodyguard Jp

Illustration award for the purchase of  both 聖夜の甘い口づけ~part 1 and part 2 substory (Sweet Kiss on Xmas Eve) released Christmas 2015. 

Daichi why you not drinking? Also Seiji and Subaru look so very happy LOL. Thank you for the effort you made on this CG Voltage, I was getting tired of your recycled stuff for msb.


Butlers vs Hosts event story

It starts with you being called by Kirisawa into the meeting room where Kojuro, Ota, Ryoichi and Katsuragi are gathered. There’s a new infiltration mission. Apparently some woman from Iris is kidnapping people and you have to stop her. She’ll be a judge at a competition for the ‘most hospitable man’. You’ll enter the competition as one of the judges while the boys will enter as contestants.

At the competition venue, you find out that the boys have to enter as teams of 3 but you only have 4 boys, then you spot Takuto and Leon (he came because of the power of a strong wish from someone…) and Ryoichi immediately gets them to team up with him.

Ota, Kojuro and Katsuragi form a team of butlers while Ryoichi, Takuto and Leon a team of hosts. The butlers go first to show how hospitable/what good ‘customer service’ they can provide. They invite everyone to go out into the garden for tea.

Ota is a playful little devil butler, Kojuro is a perfect and charismatic butler and Katsuragi is a ‘veteran’ butler who gives off an aura of stability. You feel quite embarrassed when the boys come over to serve you~! Before this butler session ends, the woman you’re keeping an eye on hands Kojuro a slip of paper.

Now it’s off to the hosts! Ryoichi is immediately quite popular since he’s such a smooth talker! Takuto’s tsundere-ness has its fans too. While women are very attracted to Leon’s supernatural charm and beauty. You sit to one side to watch your target. Then Ryoichi, ever the tease calls out to you, telling you not to hide your pretty face and he comes over to you for a while and gets really really close to you just to get a reaction out of you… (^^;;) Right before this session ends, the target woman hands Leon a slip of paper as well.

Then it’s time to tally up the votes. Kojuro and Leon take this time to slip out to meet the woman as that’s what’s written on the paper she gave them. You follow close behind to watch. Turns out all the woman wants is their contact info as she wants to ask them out for dinner and a date! (Both at the same time??) Anyway, turns out she isn’t a kidnapper (I think?) and she just came to the competition to see all the pretty pretty boys and her strong wish for prettiness is what called out to Leon and drew him here!! XD

Anyway, the results of the contest are announced and it’s… a draw! Both teams got the same number of votes. Takuto complains about how the trophy is ‘fake’ when he receives it. He was originally here to steal it, maybe? Then Ryoichi comes over to ask who you voted for and soon the other boys are all asking the same thing! And you quickly say ‘It’s a secret!!’ And that’s it for this story.


Continuation from the red panty post here. I literally died laughing! Under the cut is the whole convo second unit and bodyguards have on the topic of underwear. Boys be boys. XD

Kyobashi: A girl’s… underwear?
Tennoji: We are talking about Kyobashi here. Perverted guys like the kind that leave little to the imagination.
Kyobashi: No, actually I actually like the ones that gives more coverage.
Kaiji: W…why?

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~Will’s Birthday Story~

It starts with you being at Noir’s headquarters and you run into Will and Ryoichi. You find out that it’ll be Will’s birthday soon but he’s very busy with all the preparations for his birthday ball. Then Will invites you to the ball (as his date??). You refuse at first as you don’t want to cause him any trouble but he insists so you agree to it. 

Fast forward to the day of the ball. Everything goes smoothly. You are dazzled by how grand it is. Will shows you around and introduces you to people etc. You have great fun then you retire to your room for the night.

The next morning, Will comes to escort you back to Iris but you say there’s a place you want to take him to first. You lead him to a field of flowers by the sea. Will is delighted by the scenery, then some of the other Noir members appear to wish Will a happy birthday. Turns out you’d secretly planned this with Ryoichi. Will is very delighted that his friends are here. You have a little celebration. 

After a while, everyone drifts off to do their own things - Eisuke is busy on the phone, Katsuragi and Ryoichi are discussing Ryoichi’s novels, Ren is napping… XD;; (Silly Ren~) Will asks you to go somewhere with him since the others are all busy. He takes your hand and leads you away from the others. Then he thanks you for his little birthday surprise and says how much he appreciates it as thanks to you he could finally step away from his official duties for a bit and have some private time and he’d like you to stay a while longer with him. You agree to it. End. 

(I’ll do the Night Party side of the Anniversary event story later…)

REQUEST: Sweet Reminder (Goto/Daichi Smut)

Anonymous said:Hi! I saw that you reblog “Under the Table” and I wander whether you can write something similar but about Daichi and Goto? Thanks. And let me tell you that I REALLY like your blog. The Birthday Surprise about Goto was perfect!

Hi! I am the anon who asked for Goto and Daichi (under the table). I set notifications for your blog so as I don’t miss anything and I ’ve just received one about your answer. Please, take your time. There’s no hurry for me. Just to make it clear I meant Goto x mc x Daichi. Sorry if my ask was not clear at all. I’d like to thank you before hand for wanting to write about my request.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Fandom: My Sweet Bodyguard
Category: Smut, fanfic
Character: Seiji Goto & Daichi Katsuragi
OH MY GOD! This is the WORST smut ever! I put if off for some time, hoping to get a better plot especially with the expectation of something similar to Under The Table but that sort of pressure me a little. So apologize in advance if this isn’t what you’ve in mind….

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

You had been pent up for weeks. Traveling with five guys was not the easiest tasks, especially when you and your father were under attacked again but the boys kept you safe. The trip was cut short due to a sudden change and the team had followed your father back to Japan while Goto and Katsuragi stayed in Korea to protect you.

On the rare occasions they had to share room right next to yours, you were grateful enough to have two of he fittest men of the country to guard you, though it was the excitement of spending so much time with your biggest crush that got the better of you as you couldn’t wipe the happy grin off your face whenever you thought of Daichi Katsuragi, the man who was always there when you needed him, whether it was a gloomy day where you needed a shoulder or being targeted as the prime minister’s daughter. You trusted him with all your life.

After a long enjoyable dinner with them, you extended the celebration with more booze although the two men were eager to wipe the alcohol away from you. Some time later, you found yourself laying comfortably on the hotel bed, they must have carried you back- such sweet gentlemen.

You felt hot, bothered and desperate, fighting the temptation to touch yourself when they’re only one thin wall away. You shouldn’t, you’d at least pleasure yourself in the bathroom. So you rolled off bed and walked on your wobbly feet, falling off to the floor as you see the back of Daichi sitting on the couch.

“______, are you okay? I’ll carry you back to bed.” In one swift motion, you felt his strong arms wrapped around your waist and legs along with the desperation that was driving you to the point of madness. Of course, things may have been different if you’d just confessed to Daichi, maybe just maybe he felt the same way about you. But timing was never on your side, given the team was always there. Even now, Goto was sharing the room with him, not that you minded since he’s typically your type anyway. Wait, why was Daichi here? Where’s Goto? Was this your room or theirs?

“Hey, _____?” Daichi’s gentle voice snapped you back to reality, “Told you to slow down on the drinks.”

“What’re you doing here? Where’s… where’s Goto?”

“You don’t remember?” He looked at you as he helped you sit up on the single bed, “What happened at the restaurant?” His face redden a little.

“Oh god, did I do something embarrassing?” You tried to retrace your memory by massaging your temples.

“So you … don’t remember … umm the incident?”

Gazing at his slightly disappointed face, you tilted your head and mumbled a sorry. “What did I do?”

The head of bodyguard was now crimson, he opened and closed his mouth like a fish out of the water. As if things couldn’t get any worse, Goto chose this exact moment to walk out of the bathroom WITH ONLY A TOWEL WRAPPING AROUND HIS WAIST.

“Perfect timing, Goto! ______ was asking me what happened at the restaurant!”

Fuck no- was what you told yourself, you finally had some alone time with your crush and now another Mr. Perfect was distracting you, greatly. How could you cope with two hot guys at once?! Your mind went blank as you looked at Goto whose eyes were widen and face burning brighter than the sun.


The awkward silence made all three of you very uncomfortable, you had absolutely no idea what to say but it looked pretty damn obvious that you did something extremely stupid and that fate just loved toying with you.

“I… I couldn’t tell you but I could show you.” Goto eventually broke the ice and headed to the other side of bed, your eyes averted from him then to Daichi who was stunned.

“Wait, Seiji…”

“Don’t you want to?” Goto’s question sounded REALLY strange but you kept your mouth shut and watched him sat next to you, making the single bed much smaller.

Your breath hitched in your throat when you heard the sound of a belt buckle coming undone, and it was Daichi’s, you shivered: WOW!!! Were you going to have a threesome? WOW!!!

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