daichi tomo


HELLO FRIENDS i’m about to be heading off to college very soon and i’d be SUPER appreciative if anybody would like to commission me!!

i’m willing to draw any characters (and OCs!!) as long as i’m provided references (the more the better) or can find references online!

i don’t draw porn, but i’m willing to do partial nudity!

i take payment in advance via PayPal! and it will take a few days to get the pieces done

the rates are as shown above:

  • full body sketches, with basic colors: $8
    • +1 character: $3
  • lined and colored busts: $10
    • +1 character: $3
  • lined and colored full body drawings: $15
    • +1 character: $5

more examples of my drawings can be found HERE! (there’s some old stuff there, sorry!)

if anyone is interested please email me at kyllucontact @ gmail . com!

i would be really super grateful if you could help spread this around by reblogging!  thank you so much!!