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More friendship hcs! This time for Daichi, Oikawa and Bokuto? They just make me sooo happy! Thank you so much ^^



  1. The friend that needs to be with you almost all of the time. If not that, he needs to see you a few times every single day, even the weekends. He’s very attached to his friends and just loves you all so much that he can’t bear being away from you for too long.
  2. He often forgets his lunch, so you’ve gotten into the habit of making him, one, too. He makes it up to you by buying you dessert or a drink from the vending machine.
  3. Wants you to attend every single one of his games, even his away ones if they aren’t too far. Having you in the stands cheering him makes him feel confident and it calms him down from feeling too anxious. If you for some reason can’t make it, you’ll facetime him and tell him you’re there in spirit.
  4. The friend that gently puts bananas into your mouth as you’re sleeping and records it.
  5. Would casually ask you what kind of porn you watch.
  6. The friend that’s always down to karaoke. He hogs the microphone for like three songs at a time.
  7. The friend that always offers to pay for your meals but always forgets his wallet at home so you end up paying for everything.
  8. He gets extremely defensive and protects you from people who take an interest in you. You are too good for anyone and no one deserves you.
  9. Will always support you in all of your decisions, even if it sounds stupid or if he doesn’t fully agree. If you want to do something, he will be by your side and cheer you on.


  1. He’s the friend that keeps you grounded and helps you get through all of your troubles and crazy emotions. He always knows the right things to say and with a milkshake, too.
  2. He’s very encouraging and he gives you the push that you need to do something you were hesitant about. Except unlike Bokuto, if he knows you’ll regret your decision in the long run, he’ll persuade you to take a step back and really think about it.
  3. You often hang out at his house and he likes to cook you snacks/meals whenever you’re over. Sometimes you’ll both bake goods for the team.
  4. Although he’s not too affectionate, he’s very protective of you in all aspects that some people think you two are either siblings or dating. Whenever everyone asks, he blushes and gets a bit nervous.
  5. Puts a sweater over your shoulders if you fall asleep in class.
  6. You’re not an official manager for the team, but you visit Daichi during practices so much that the team adores you. Sometimes if Yachi and Kiyoko are busy with main manager duties, he’ll ask you a small favor to help. Tanaka and Nishinoya like to refer to you as the team’s step mom.
  7. The friend that slaps you on the back really hard if you made a funny joke. One time you fell on the floor.
  8. Whenever there’s a project in class that requires partners, he’ll stare you down with that scary look the team hates so much until you look at him for confirmation.


  1. Also the friend that likes to be around you 24/7. He likes to follow you wherever you go after school. Basically the friend that invites himself to wherever you’re going.
  2. The friend that’s also friends with your mom. Sometimes you’d come home a little later than expected and you’d find Oikawa cooking with your mom. Also, whenever you bicker with her, he’s the friend that takes your mom’s side and plays the “you should listen to your mother” card.
  3. He doesn’t have many friends that he’s close with; he has a small close-knit group that he sticks by, so you’re most likely a friend that he met from his childhood.
  4. The friend that makes you his maid when he’s over at your house, but then makes you get your own stuff when you’re at his.
  5. If you weren’t at his game to cheer him on, he’ll be mad at you for like, five minutes.
  6. The friend that makes you kill all the bugs he sees.
  7. As the captain of a sports team, he works out or goes on runs a lot, and he always drags you with him, even if you hate working out. If he knows you’re having a hard time keeping up, he’ll always slow down and ask you if you’re ok or if you want to stop.
  8. The friend that draws ugly doodles and comics of you and makes you hang them up in your bedroom.
  9. Likes to take you out on your birthday. Wherever you go, whatever you want to eat, he’ll take you there and pay for it and even then, still gives you a gift.

A Captain and his Vice (n  ˘  v ˘•)¬

Indulgently threw together a couple of my OOTD posts to get these two standing next to each other because they’re basically my reason for living????

art ~ me


Kuroo: I’ve always been this nice.

Couples & Butt-Smacks.
  • Bokuto: *Smacks Akaashi's ass* Nice receive!
  • Akaashi: *Kicks Bokuto* Receive that, Bokuto-san.
  • -
  • Kuroo: *Smacks Kenma's ass* Nice receive~
  • Kenma: I think we all know what you won't be receiving at home.
  • -
  • Kageyama: *Smacks Hinata's ass* *Whispers* Nice receive.
  • Hinata: What?
  • -
  • Sugawara: *Smacks Daichi's ass* Nice receive captain~
  • Daichi: You'd think after the fifth time today my rear would be sore..
  • -
  • Asahi: *Taps Nishinoya's butt* N-Nice receive..
  • -
  • Lev: *Smacks Yaku's ass* Nice re-
  • Yaku: *Kicks Lev's legs out from under him* NICE RECEIVE!