DETAILS *in your face*

Funny story: I thought of painting some DaiSuga but more complicated than the gifs

me: Yeah, I feel like making some DaiSuga. With cute lightning.

my brain: Totally! But don’t forget to use some neat colour palette, add lots of details, use light+shadow+anatomy properly and make all of those in a wicked perspective. MUAHAHAHA!! (。・`ω´・。)

Enjoy my first autumn-ish DaiSuga



Daichi discovers that Suga plays the piano. (And Suga discovers that this changes nothing.)

you know that thing in the Haikyuu fandom that Daichi is somehow always straight? YEAH!! Well… I made a comic about it. And I’m slightly embarrassed with how long I took making this but at this rate, I’m also just glad I finished. I hope you guys enjoy!

Lines drawn traditionally in ballpen then colored in photoshop (first time doing this method! I learned a lot!!! and died a lot too!!!). Many many thanks to chymandah, who looked this over for me and gave me some spiffing advice

o)—-< Comics are fun.. this is addicting..