Haikyuu!! wedding proposals
Haikyuu!! wedding proposals

Kageyama: Hinata will you m-ma, Marie, Mary?
Hinata: Use your words Kageyama
Kageyama: Ma-, mass- ma…
Hinata: Massage me? I mean, if you want
Kageyama: Murrder me
Hinata: Murder you? I’d prefer if I didn’t
Kageyama: No! Damnit
Hinata: Nah I’m done fucking with you I know what a guy on his knee with a ring means sure I’ll marry you
Kageyama: nuff.. knif… nice.

Tsukishima: Tadashi you make my heart go faster than a meteor striking the earth and wiping out the entire dinosaur population in one fell swoop. Will you marry me.
Yamaguchi: Well, Tsukki, only if you promise to never try to romance me while talking about mass extinction ever again
Tsukishima: Deal

Daichi: *gets on to knee* Sugawara, I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and I’ve finally accepted that you’re the love of my life and I want to spend the rest of my li-
Sugawara: Daichi will you marry me
Daichi: Hey don’t steal my thunder
Sugawara: Is that a yes, or…?
Daichi: Yes ok. Sure. I spent hours writing that proposal. Hours…

Akaashi: Koutarou will you marry me
Bokuto: Oh my god yes, yes, yes, I do! I’ll marry you Akaashi!
Akaashi: *to himself* Nice I got my proposal in before he could propose to me with another shitty owl pun

Kuroo: Hey Kenma will you be my Player 2 for the rest of our lives
Kenma: Dude what the fuck? No. Player 1 always gets a bigger screen and better perks in co-op mode. I try to make it easier for you to win but I’m not doing that no way
Kuroo: No I mean marry me
Kenma: Yes but also what the fuck Kuroo

Iwaizumi: Tooru, would you make me he happiest man in the whole universe? Will you marry me?
Oikawa: The whole universe? Like, all those aliens out there, you’re gonna be happier than every single one of them? At the same time? With an infinite amount of space and potentially millions of aliens who could be getting married right at this moment? Happier than all of them?
Iwaizumi: I take back back my proposal. Go marry an alien if you love them so much
Oikawa: You look ugly enough to be one Hajime, so sure, I’ll marry you
Iwaizumi: This did not go at all how I was expecting it to.

Ennoshita: Ryuu, will you marry me?
Tanaka: I’d be honoured to marry you.
Ennoshita: How does it feel being married before you ever saw a single pair of tiddies Tanaka
Tanaka: Way to ruin the moment

Yaku: Lev I’ve been waiting years to finally have the courage to say this, will you marry me?
Lev: Yes! Yes I will! Wait, are you tall enough to put a ring on my finger?
Yaku: Great now I have to make wedding plans and funeral plans.

Noya: Asahi, I have a question, is it legal to marry somebody as old as you?
Asahi: I’m literally only 18 months older than you! Wait, holy shit
Noya: Gotchya. Will you marry me
Asahi: *internal screaming*

Makki: Sup fuck. You should marry me
Mattsun: Same
Makki: Same
Mattsun: Ok, nice, when do we make plans
Makki: Send Oikawa’s invitation a week later just to fuck with him
Mattsun: Nice

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@ team sleepovers!!! who's building blanket forts?

gonna use training camp squad just for simplicity’s sake


  • yamamoto being loud and noisy as usual
  • pillow fight breaks out between lev and yamamoto. kenma’s asked to join, but is the one to build a pillow fort in order to play pokemon in peace.
  • yamamoto yelling about something involving willpower.
  • kuroo comes back from showering and sees the commotion.
  • rest of the night is a five party mario kart battle on the DS with kenma vs kuroo vs lev vs yaku vs inuoka (as the only ones who brought their DSes)
  • kenma wins, since he’s a savage player


  • bokuto proposes to build the biggest blanket/pillow fort ever
  • it is done. he cannot be stopped. akaashi is suffering
  • bokuto actually starts sneaking out of his room and stealing pillows/blankets from nekoma
    • kuroo eventually realizes and chases him down the hall, bokuto with blankets and pillows in hand “iT’S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE”
  • turns out to be a massive-ass pillow fort, balanced perfectly on the other
  • nekoma goes to see it and isn’t even mad, they’re mildly impressed actually
  • akaashi is still suffering.



  • starts with nishinoya and tanaka picking a pillow fight with each other
  • eventually turns into a brawl, each stationed in their trenches pillow/blanket fort on opposite sides of the room
  • they bring hinata and kageyama into it–nishinoya gets hinata, tanaka gets kageyama
  • nishinoya begs asahi to join because what an asset to the team
  • tsukishima sighs and mocks them until hinata nails him on the head
    • he joins tanaka’s team
  • yamaguchi also joins tanaka
  • suga and daichi walk in, see everything unfolding
  • daichi tries ‘um guys hey you should stop–’ ‘it’s getting kind of loud–’ ‘guys can you HEAR ME?’ ‘seriously’
    • cue angry daichi
  • everyone sleeps dead silent
Haikyuu; Things everyone forgets
  • Daichi has one tooth less
  • Tanaka and Asahi have played in all the matches without resting at all
  • Kageyama didn’t appear to have any friends while at middle school
  • None of the ships is canon
  • Yachi is neglected by her mother
  • Yamaguchi
  • Hinata is still growing
  • Tshukishima felt inferior to Hinata

Everybody loves Daichi

Haikyu!! Is getting a 23 minute ova anime called “Tokushū! Harukō Volley ni Kaketa Seishun” (Special Edition! Youths Wagering the Spring High Volleyball Tournament), it’ll be bundled with the 27th manga and released Aug 4!

“The OVA will look back at the spring tournament primaries, and feature “interviews” with the players.“


how people react to hinata

we have bro tsukki who shoots him a side-glance

we have the excited bros, tanaka and noya

confused uncle asahi and papa crow

a surprised coach

and of course his supportive boyfriend, kageyama

and last but not least, exasperated mama suga

Insulting Haikyuu!! pickup lines
Insulting Haikyuu!! pickup lines

Yamaguchi: Tsukki you remind me of the ocean
Tsukishima: Why’s that
Yamaguchi: Because you’re incredibly salty and everyone is afraid to get too deep in to you because they know there’s a ton of fucked up shit underneath
Tsukishima: That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me

Sugawara: Daichi you put a cement mixer to shame
Daichi: How come
Sugawara: Because I’ve never seen something so thick get so hard as fast as you do

Hinata: Kageyama you’ve always reminded me of the mountains.
Kageyama: Why
Hinata: Because you’re pretty to look at but too much effort to get close to.
Kageyama: Yeah well you might as well be the sun when I feel like I’m going blind by looking at you
Hinata: You wanna fight?

Kenma: You wanna know how you’re like a stray cat, Kuroo?
Kuroo: …how?
Kenma: You stick your ass up for anyone who touches you
Kuroo: That’s horrible

Tendou: Hey Wakkun, ever wondered why people liken Shiratorizawa to swans?
Ushijima: Because they’re beautiful and graceful?
Tendou: Because you’re fucking terrifying
Ushijima: Oh