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Daichi, Suga and Bokuto are trying to take a nap on the couch while on break from doing a project with his crush. Said crush thought they were already sleeping so they knelt in front of them and murmured "You're my favorite person, you know? I wish I could confess to you but I have no guts to do so. I don't think I'm enough for you, anyway." What will the boys do and their reactions?

Luckily, Daichi was facing the other way, his back to you so you couldn’t see his reddening cheeks. He was beyond ecstatic that you shared the same feelings for one another. He had been worried for a long time, wondering if you had any feelings for him.

But what was he supposed to do now?

The situation would only become awkward if he jumped up from the couch declaring he too had feelings for you. Not wanting to go through with that embarrassment he continued to pretend to sleep. He could confess his feelings another day.

That “other day” being today. He awaits your arrival to school the next day, near the school gate. Daichi stood stiff still, his words for you replaying in his mind over and over again.

But when he hears your familiar voice greeting him and questioning his reason for being at the front gate, those words disappear.

Daichi clears his throat. “Well I was waiting for you [Name].”

“Me?” Your mind immediately went to the worst-case scenario. Why would the punctual and hardworking Daichi be waiting for you? “Is something wrong with the project?”

“Ah no! Don’t worry about the project, it’s fine.” He offers a reassuring smile. His chest rose and fell as he took a deep breath to calm his wavering nerves. Daichi reaches into his schoolbag, pulling out a wrapped box. “This is for you [Name]-”

Before he is allowed to finish his confession, you interrupt him. “Sawamura! You shouldn’t feel the need to give me a gift for working on a project with you!” You stood with your hands on your hips, as a way to show you wouldn’t accept the gift.

“No, you misunderstand! This gift is for you because of other reasons…” He nervously scratched the back of his neck. “I want to give this to you, as a way to confess my feelings for you. I really admire you and was wondering, would you like to date?”

The moment you uttered those words, Sugawara felt his heart skip a beat. If only he were awake to have experience his moment! He could imagine your blushing face as you spoke what your heart desired to tell him; it would be an adorable sight!

Suga continued to fake his slumber. One of his brown eyes opened so he could sneak a peek at you. You ran your hands over your reddened face and stood up, walking away from the “napping” Sugawara.

This was his moment to attack! “I think you are more than enough [Name].”

You stopped in your tracks. Surely you were imagining that voice, right? Ever so slowly, you turn on your heel and look at the couch again. Suga laid there, a cheeky grin on his face as he waved. “Dammit… You heard everything?!”

Suga sat up, chuckling underneath his hand. “I did, and I’m glad I did so.” Suga looked at you, a warm expression on his face. “I like you too [Name].”

Bokuto could not believe what he was hearing. First off, he is your favorite person? He can understand that; it must have been his super cool spikes which mesmerized you. Second, you want to confess to him and don’t have the guts to?! Oh man, nothing makes a man’s heart leap in joy than hearing his crush likes him back. …But what was this about you not being good enough? Bokuto needed to give a piece of his mind!

“You are more than enough [Name]!!” Bokuto shot straight up from his position.

Your heart palpated in your chest from the fright, but you felt your face redden from the embarrassment. “B-Bokuto? I… I thought you were asleep!”

Realizing his actions, a dust of pink decorated Bokuto’s cheeks. “Oh… whoops.”

You hide your face in your hands. “This is not how I wanted to confess!”

“I’m sorry [Name], but I wanted to let you know you are really more than enough for you. You shouldn’t talk down on yourself.” Bokuto explained his abrupt awakening. “And I was super excited when I heard you liked me too…” Bokuto’s voice become a whisper as his sentence went on.

A silence overfell you two.

Bokuto hung his head low. …Maybe he should really think about his actions. What if you took back the confession because he ruined the situation?

You pulled the hands away from your face, giving a sheepish smile. “I’m happy that you like me too Bokuto.”

“Really?! Then let’s finish this project and then we can go on a date!” Bokuto exclaimed, pencil in hand ready to work.

Mistakes Made in the Dark

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by kickcows

Karasuno heads to nationals, where Daichi gets to meet up with his boyfriend and enjoy a night of fun hotel sex.

Words: 3274, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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