ACT II; continued from here

<power capacity up to normal levels. greenlit for operation… wake-up sequence commencing.>

The morning light stung Lagann’s eyes, but his sight soon adjusted. He just barely remembered the previous day’s events, but he knew that it ended with a critical low power-down. He passed out right there on the floor… so why was he on the bed?

He was soon alerted to another presence next to him… still asleep, it seemed. It took a few seconds to register just who that was next to him…

…and his face went redder than the dragon skull on the Dai-Gurren flag.

“SON OF A—” a loud thud followed; he recoiled in shock and fell off the bed. Th-that’s… What the hell?! I said I was okay with the floor… right?


Teaser gallery for the Revoltech Gurren Lagann (Movie Metallic Ver.) with wing pack. I have all his accessories packed away just like the Lazengann so just a few basic photos for now with a more complete gallery and review to come.

Hi-Res  http://plasticsparkphotography.com/animecomicsgames/2015/12/6/gallery-revoltech-gurren-lagann-special-movie-metallic-ver-tengen-toppa-gurren-lagann


Fanime Day 2 2015.

Awesome cosplays from day 2. Also got to meet up with C9 Balls and C9 Lemonnation!

If you’re in any of these photos let me know so I can tag you!