dai gunso

Because it’s sort of my motif I decided to design parents for Kururu (I had to for fic purposes of course):
First of all, these two are not married or even in love. They’re very good friends, having met when Numumu was in the military. Numumu is a huge lesbian but wanted to have kids of her own so Kyododo offered to be the donor and that’s where Kururu came from.

- Kyododo is a genius weapon designer who makes all sorts of weapons for the keron army. He’s a pretty nice and friendly guy but he has manic episodes where he goes a bit off the deep end and usually tries to kill someone using his weapons. In those instances usually a good whack in the head will bring him back to his senses, and he usually doesn’t remember what he did during those episodes. Originally the plan was to be that he would help Numumu have kids and then sort of be a part of their life from afar, but he moved in with her to help her through her pregnancy and then just sort of stuck around afterwards. Of the two of them he dotes on Kururu the most (much to Kururu’s chagrin).
- Like I said above, Numumu is a huge lesbian. She’s also an amazing software engineer and used to be in the military but retired a few years ago to help Keronian citizens with their technology. She’s very quiet and seems sweet enough, but she’s rather blunt and has a tendency to be sarcastic. She’s probably the only person who can really control Kururu, and she’s usually the one to call him out on his shit.

NOTE: Kyododo is meant to be the same color Kururu was before he became yellow, but I don’t have the right shades of blue in markers, so this was the closest I could get.