Have some Olwyn screenshots because I had way too much fun taking them. Especially the last two. for the life of me i couldn’t get either of the extra freckles mods to work, they kept crashing my game, but that’s alright. The important thing is that she has the right hair, amiright? XD

Since we got “news” on DA4, I’d thought I’d post a wishlist similar to my MEA one on things I’d like to see. I know DA4 is years off yet but still I like lists. In no order my wishlist: 

  • Get rid of the open world, some of the best stuff in DAI and MEA was the liner places such as the Trespasser DLC. 
  • No more Shards, no more “tasks” drop it they didn’t add anything interesting. 
  • If I have to chase someone around a map again (MEA: the little things that matter) that made me hate the characters involved. Not good. 
  • Return to a DAI character creator, the hair options were good in MEA so we can improve on it. More “fancy” hair-do’s like braids and shit and some exclusive hair for certain races. 
  • Return to the Origin Stories in DAO, getting to choose the wardens background and play a part in that before starting was great. Hawke I understood but the Inquisitor should have had origin stories, they help with lore. Speaking of which, If this is set in Tevinter like it was hinted in the Tresspasser DLC, backgrounds could include: 
    Slave background, it sounds horrible but this is something that happens in Tevinter and hinted uprising and people wanting to stop slavery is going to be important in Tevinter. This background can be applied to all races.
    Noble Dwarf: Dwarves are highly regarded in Tevinter so if we must have noble options I want the dwarf to have one.
    No noble Humans, personally I’m tired of this give us a more interesting background. 
    City Elf, I’m tired of being a Dalish so much was dedicated to the Dalish in DAI give us the ability to be a City elf again. It also makes little sense for the Dalish to be in Tevinter, since you know the whole slavery thing. 
    Qunari or Tal-Vashoth origin: This is different then the Inquisitor who was a Vashoth, this will give our character a reason for being in Tevinter, escaping one terrible place only to end up in another. 

  • Keep the dragon fights, but I want to fight more big creatures such as: Sylvans, Varterral, Rock Wraiths, Golem, some darkspawn, Drakes etc. 
  • Return some of the horror element, If the darkspawn return have them return as horrible truly horrible monsters like in DAO, brood mothers! Also demons make them monstrous again and desire demons must return with male option! 
  • Expand upon Dwarven, Qunari, Darkspawn, Old God and Blight lore, give us more information on the wardens and Anderfels. 
  • Crafting was good in DAI, but I want the tinting option at the start and have more texture/colour options as well as more materials and designs. Give Qunari and Dwarves more unique armours they were seriously lacking in DAI. 
  • More Unquie Weapon and Armour designs. 

  • Love Interests. A dwarven love interest is a must now Gaider has stepped down, A Qunari option also MEA had good ideas, casual sex and relationships could be an option. 
  • The Black Emporium as an option at the start of the game, instead of having it patched in. 
  • I’d like to see the Inquisitor return, but instead of like Hawke more of a GTA5 style with multiple protagonists even if its only for a couple of missions (or one) and end the Inquisitors story there. 
  • Put an end to the Hero of Ferelden’s story. Having them constantly dragged into the story in the background is annoying, have they found a cure for the blight? If so why is the warden getting such an amazing quest while we are stuck with mundane ones? 
  • Scaled Ones, I don’t know what they are if they are still around but they sound interesting and may provide information on Reavers and blood magic. 

  • Comabt, return to the DAO/DA2 style where you can pick two specializations and return in depth tactics, Classes I suggest are: 
    Warriors: Reavers (because Tevinter), Tevinter Templar, Spirit Warrior, Champion, something new. 
    Rogue: Assassin, Bard, Tempest, Ranger, Duellist, 
    Mage: Necromancer (because Tevinter), Blood Mage (because Tevinter), Knight-Enchanter, Shapeshifter, 

  • Returning Characters: Dorian, Solas, Inquisitors Love Interest, Shale, Zevran, Awakenings Characters, Architect, Sten/Arishok, Carver, Bethany, Sebastian, 
  • New Characters: Maevaris Tilani. 

  • Things I DON’T WANT: A Mabari, it makes no sense for DA4′s companion the Mabari up and left the Tevinter people because they didn’t like them. If we must get an animal Companion I want something new. I’d love a dragon but that won’t happen. 
DAI Companions as Ron Swanson Gifs


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