Party banter I needed — part 7

Dorian: Solas? If I had a coat made for you—not too extravagant, not too flashy—would you at least consider wearing it?

Inquisitor: How did this come up in conversation again?

Dorian: Quiet, you!

Inquisitor: Wow.

Solas: I don’t believe I will ever understand why my choice of clothes interests you so, but if it would not be too extreme—as you say—then yes, I suppose I could consider it.


Solas: Was that all there was to the conversation?

Dorian: No, but I’m trying to determine whether you’re joking or not, which is surprisingly hard for a man who seems to have no more than two expressions—three, if I’m generous.

Solas: I do not deny your and Vivienne’s fashion suggestions on principal, Dorian. I merely decline your advice because of how absurd some of the clothes you suggest truly are, and because of how passionate the two of you are about the subject. If you find such joy in bringing me simple clothes to wear, I’d be greateful.

Dorian: See, now I know this isn’t real. This is the Fade, and you’re nothing but a desire demon, trying to make me submit to possession by offering irresistible temptations.

Solas: (chuckles) Believe what you will, Pavus. You are still welcome to surprise me with new attire, if that is still what you want.

“Everything that has ever happened to me, Josephine, has always seemed more an accident of circumstance than a definitive destiny of my own forging, but that’s adequate. My perspective has given me the freedom to choose how I respond to this marvelously unexpected mistake I’ve become. But you? You could never amass to anything less than intentional in my life.”

“Inquisitor–. Kaaras, I assure you, were this truly an error with no orchestrated fate as you insist–and I do not believe your situation to be so bleak. Indeed, I can see no reason to excuse any moment in my life leading up to this as a mere response to an ever-changing reality, and you are such a part of my life.–’Twould be of the most precious, glorious sort, no?”

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this is a dragon age blog again

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