Unlimited supply of drinks thanks to @acehotel and came with the @thinktankdtla crew with @jmjpatterson sporting our ‘Trippers’ 5-panel and partner in crime, @dustykneez. Spent mad time in the theater, which the United Artists film studio was formed by Charlie Chaplin, this was the tallest building and has the sickest rooftop #acedtla #acehotel #losangeles #dahsarsolarvortextour #dahsar (at Ace Hotel Los Angeles)

Gone through Hell to get to Los Angeles. Dipping out of Philadelphia, learning about Polar Vortexes, and landing in Minneapolis. With losing bags and switched flights, we end up at the hotel bar. Conversations about a body on Jupiter to polar vortexes. Through the planets aligning and the weather changing on us constantly. We’ve reached our destination. Join us on the Dahsar Solar Vortex Tour while we venture in Los Angeles. We understand this makes no sense #dahsarsolarvortextour #dahsar .. @dustykneez turns out its a body on Jupiter Beach in Florida (at Los Angeles Convention Center)