The Covenant Clinic - Ward 11 Plot 56 (Balmung)~

Still very much a work in progress, but it’s starting to come together! The Covenant of Ash may be based in Ishgard, but it’s Ul’dahn outpost exists to be a place of respite, scholarly inquiry, and aid for those that need it, regardless of their ability to pay. We’ll be hosting open clinics, booking appointments for wellness checks, and spa sessions soon!

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spoilertv(.)com/2016/07/2016-character-cup-nominations-open(.)html#(.)V4uWUazMRQA(.)twitter -- lol look at the comment by Dahne (the one responsible for the pool). They had 500 votes today and a character that was not in is now leading. I bet that was us!!! We have to pay close attention to Spoiler TV because the second round only stays open for 24h...

damn kru, bet that was us!!!! :D 

R O L E P L A Y   C H A R A C T E R   S T A T S   S H E E T

NAME: Charging Thunder
AGE: 28
HEIGHT: 7′5″
SPECIES: Roegadyn, Hellsguard
GENDER: Female
BIRTHDAY: March 23
RESIDENCE: Goblet, Ward 4 Plot 42 Room #1
MARITAL STATUS: Dating (Kyojin Borlaaq)
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Good
DRINK: Orange Juice
FOOD: Curry
SONGS: [x] [x]
PET : Baby Colibri
COLOR: Orange
FLOWER: Tiger Lily
SEXUALITY: Homosexual
BODY TYPE: Bulky, muscular, toned
HAIR COLOR: Brown-black

Dahne TV with Teen Wolf, White Collar, Supernatural, and More: 2016 Character Cup - Round 4

Once again, Mary/Sharon needs your help to win this round.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer is slaying our Darth Raydor!

This is the chance to show the Major Crimes writing team that Raydor is a popular character that needs to be developed.
I urge all the WISR supporters to take a minute and vote for her, so she could carry on to the next round.

[ Character Stats- Amaya Qalli ]

Name:  Amaya Qalli - Lady Moon - Nightingale  
FACECLAIM:  Ingame-model
HEIGHT: 5′3″
SPECIES: Au Ra - Xaela
GENDER: Female
BIRTHDAY: 22nd Sun of the Fourth Umbral Moon.
AGE: 22  years young.
GENDER: Female
SUN SIGN: Rhalgr - Leo
RESIDENCE: From the flames of her homeland does she flee, finding herself in a world that is far more foreign than she could imagine. She is under the care of a company known for hunting knowledge, information, and anything else one could imagine underneath the sun.  They were kind to allow her to open a tea-house underneath their roof, located in the residences under the Ul’dahn banner.
MARITAL STATUS: In a relationship.
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Good

DRINK: Matcha is something that not only she enjoys to drink, but to serve to others. Along with matcha, she enjoys sencha as well. If one was to find her alone, at times, they would see a small cup of sake glittering underneath candlelight.

FOOD: A delicious meal made of freshly caught fish in a broth with noodles accentuated in flavor with hot spices. She enjoys an arrangement of sliced vegetables laid on top of a bowl of steamed rice. She enjoys traditional Doman food, finding the cuisine to be appealing not only for flavor, but for nostalgic reasons.

DAY OR NIGHT: The evening. Amaya enjoys the moonlight above all else, finding comfort underneath the gentle silver glow. She feels more attuned to it than anything else offered during daylight hours. At night, there is a sense of serenity that envelopes her, staring at the stars brings her comfort.

SNACKS: Rice balls with pickled plums are her guilty pleasure. Edamame  can be found in her small satchel, bundled up in silk. Amaya also has developed a taste for pastry-fish and purchases them whenever she is at the markets.


i. moon - turn a gundam ( this language is non-existent  )

ii. in the water, air and light - valkyrie profile 

iii. kiseki no umi  - maaya sakamoto ( her voice actress )


i. Aoi - A magpie gifted to her by Master Silvaire. It was named for the warrior guardian of her Raen family, who became her confidant and a good friend until the end of their peaceful days. The blademaster had a spirit of strength and determination. She honors the blademaster by naming her avian friend.

COLOR: Purple. It is the color of nobility, regality.

FLOWER: The Cherry Blossom. A symbol of beauty and, the renewal of spring, life.



BODY TYPE: Soft and slender of build, she does not have too much muscle mass. Her torso is long, complimenting her short legs. Her tail is long and sweeps the back of her calves when it is unraveled from her waist. She has broad shoulders that support her bust.

EYE COLOR: Silver eyes, mimicking starlight.

HAIR COLOR: Her hair is jet black and well groomed, often carrying a luster that is near blue under the right light. Though if one happens to catch her between performances, they may see her in tresses of stark white, most likely a wig she has adorned herself with. 

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[Character Stats - Syn Bellerose]

NAME: Khloe Moui (birth name) - Syn Bellerose (legally changed)

FACECLAIM:  Alice Greczyn
HEIGHT: 5′2″
SPECIES: Hyur - Midlander (born Miqo’te)
GENDER: Female
BIRTHDAY: 18th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
AGE: 24
SUN SIGN: Capricorn
RESIDENCE: Lives within the shroud inside a “standard” Gridanian home. Minor modifications to hide it better have been added.
ALIGNMENT: True Neutral

DRINK: She does not think often about favorites; as long as it’s there and easily accessible, she will drink it. That being said, the hyur has a soft spot for tea.

FOOD: Anything that she managed to catch on her own. She firmly believes food tastes better if you catch it.

DAY OR NIGHT: Night. She finds it easiest to hide within the shadows when it comes to walking around the shroud, even if the nighttime often brings about unwanted company.

SNACKS: Meat is considered a snack to her, and by far her favorite. Namely jerky.


[[ unravel - tk  (general theme) ]]

[[ the family ruin - oh, sleeper (theme for her father’s crimes) ]]

[[ the glass prison - dream theater (overcoming her past) ]]


Red, a carbuncle that she had learned to summon, deeming herself unfit to care for anything except for a summon. She loves it dearly, treating it more like a family member than anything else. The carbuncle has ended up giving her a reason to live on and continue her life, something she is grateful for.

COLOR: Dark greens, purples, and blues. Anything to help her blend into the shroud’s colors.

FLOWER: Moonflower. She feels as if she related to these flowers on a personal level due to their habit of disappearing once daybreak hits, and re emerging upon moonlight.

SEXUALITY: Homosexual


BODY TYPE: Curvaceous and small breasted. Best reflected by her face claim:

EYE COLOR: A faded green.

HAIR COLOR: Her hair is a lovely shade of gold, one of which she sometimes considers getting rid of in favor for a darker hue to make her traveling inside the forest at night easier, but ultimately can’t get herself to part with the hair.

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NAME // Osric Melkire

HEIGHT // 5′ 8″

▌SPECIES // Hyur, Midlander

▌GENDER // Male

▌NATIONALITY // Lominsan, Naturalized Ul’dahn

▌BIRTHDAY // 11th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon, 1552 6AE

SUN SIGN // Taurus

RESIDENCE // Dauntless HQ, The Goblet


ALIGNMENT // Neutral Good

DRINK // Anything and Everything. Pineapple Juice, especially.

FOOD // See above. Anything with pineapple, to boot.

▌DAY OR NIGHT // Night

SNACKS // Haven’t you been listening? PINEAPPLE.

▌SONGS //  “Dust Bowl Dance” - Mumford & Sons

PET // Rordan, The Little Poet King. Osric’s tyrannical Nutkin. 

COLOR // Black, Brown, Red, White, Green

FLOWER // Chamomile

SEXUALITY // Heterosexual

BODY TYPE // Runner’s Build

EYE COLOR // Emerald

HAIR COLOR // Dark Brown


Aerone Carnelian, which we the ANMC knows as: Hay, is one of the utmost valued member of the Anemos Circle. Hay has been a part of the FC–and thereby the “guild”–since even before the formation of the FC on XIV.

As a character,  Aerone Carnelian is a half highlander, half midlander woman from a wealthy Ul'dahn spice trade family. A case of spontaneous combustion interrupted her training as a tailor, and she was forced to take up thaumaturgy as a means to control her overactive aether. Years later, she is not only a proficient (Black) mage, but a successful clothier as well! Her atelier is located in the Lavender Beds inside the Silver Lily (the Anemos Circle FC house), where she lives with her fierce martial artist-wife, Calu Sheen. She has a taste for extravagant fashion, and an affinity for fire magics. She’s also an expert on the void. Known for the color red, Aerone is easily picked out of the crowd. Her hobbies include laughing at her own jokes, teasing others, and fishing.

Amongst the ANMC, Aerone is both an important mage and a clothier.

“Good for style and demolition,” Hay says.

Hay likes seeing characters interact with each other, building relationships, weaving intricate threads, and also dressing them up nice! This is where she thrives on RP. 

When Hay/Aerone is not on XIV she is playing other games on Steam (or Overwatch) and/or drawing! She is a brilliant artist and you can find her art Here or Here! Additionally, when Hay is on XIV, she is probably doing extreme/savage content or furnishing/decorating her room or the FC house!

Aerone (or please, call her Hay OOCly) is an incredible member of the Anemos Circle. Funny, charismatic, and amazingly talented, she is one of the best and brightest in our ranks and looks forward to getting to know you!

Check out Hay’s blogs by clicking here for her “main blog” ( @haybayrhiannon) and here for her “art blog” ( @haybayrhiannon)

Want to get to know more ANMC members? Be sure to follow the #Get to know the ANMC tag, or click here to see who you’ve missed!

▌NAME: N’deshiko, Daughter of N’Eko (or N’Yah, some say!)
▌HEIGHT: 4′10″.
▌SPECIES: Seeker of the Sun.
▌GENDER: Female

▌BIRTHDAY: 4th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
▌SUN SIGN: Menphina, the Lover.
▌RESIDENCE: Limsa Lominsa
▌DRINK: Milk.
▌FOOD: Battered fish.


▌SNACKS: Anything sweet.

▌SONGS: Color of the Summer Sky.

▌PET:  None?
▌COLOR: Pink.
▌FLOWER: The last flower she saw.
▌BODY TYPE: Petite.


Hoshichou Monsaran

Hoshi, Chou
Au Ra, Raen

Dancer | Diviner
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Hoshichou was a popular attraction in Doma. As an aerial dancer her style of dance wasn’t exactly common. Using magic, contortion, and stunts she was quick to captivate her onlookers. Upon coming to Eorzea, her skills as a dancer aided her in making income in the new land she was forced to call home. Like in Doma, she became desired amongst Ul'dahn nobility. It was in Ul'dah that she learned Thanalan Tribal Style and she has taken to blending it into her aerial dancing. After a few moons of hiatus, Hoshichou has returned to the dancing scene, working part time for the esteemed Gilded Pony!

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The drabble for this week’s @crescent-ffxiv prompt, which was weather. So enjoy another story about the foolhardy East and his attempts at being an O’hteco.
Mentions of @the-other-ohteco and @o-hteco naturally.

The heat of an Ul’dahn summer day was only matched by a roaring fire, and while the rich and elite of the city beat the heat with barrels of ice sitting in their homes they left the urchins to their fate beneath the scorching sun. Children, like the O’hteco family, had little more than a run down building they had broken into to keep from heat stroke. All three of them had gone out to look for food, Miranda and West together with the most of the gil, but West had taken some pity on the boy calling himself East and given him three gil to try to turn into dinner.

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▌NAME: Lute Ly’re
▌HEIGHT: 158.49 cm.
▌SPECIES: Half Keeper/Half Seeker.
▌GENDER: Female

▌BIRTHDAY: 18th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon
▌SUN SIGN: Oschon, the Wanderer
▌RESIDENCE: Limsa Lominsa
▌MARITAL STATUS: Uninterested.
▌ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral.
▌DRINK: Whatever’s in your cup.
▌FOOD: Whatever’s on your plate.


▌SNACKS: Whatever’s on your plate… again.

▌SONGS: What the Forest Taught Me.

▌PET:  “HAH!”
▌COLOR: “What a little kid question!”
▌FLOWER: “Pfft.”
▌BODY TYPE: "Well fit.”
▌EYE COLOR: Purple.

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