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SuperWho / Destiel AU, epilogue: With the world finally at peace, Dean and Castiel have a chance to talk.

Other parts of this series: (Part I) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Epilogue) (Side story)

Bonus graphics: (Rose & Castiel) (Rose & the TARDIS)

Halloween Reverse!verse for dahliasheng

“Cas? Cas? C’mooooooooon.”

Castiel groans and closes his eyes. You’d think that, as an angel, the green-eyed being would be a lot more… angelic. But, in the two months they’ve been working together, Dean has only managed to be a heavenly pain in Castiel’s ass.

He’s curious about everything, spends an inordinate amount of time watching television, and has singlehandedly managed to use up Cas’s monthly data for porn. As if all this isn’t bad enough, the worst angel in the garrison has been hounding him for an entire week about Halloween of all things.

Castiel has, insofar, been successful in ignoring his questions about candy and modern celebration, biting back that if someone hadn’t used up all the data he could search for answers on the internet, but for some reason, Dean has fixated upon the tradition of dressing up. “But why? What’s the point? Cas? Cas? I’m gonna keep asking until you explain it.”

Eventually, Castiel had explained Halloween: costumes and all. Unfortunately, instead of silencing the angel on the matter, Dean had only become more incensed.

Apparently, he really wants to experience Halloween.

Apparently, he needs a costume a do that.

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