Kisses and Hickies

@dahliaa Saidi, Loml, My Princess, My Dork, Angel, Babygirl,
I love you sooooo much. You mean so much to me and I never wanna lose you. You are super cute and adorable like a little puppy and you have a magnificent butt. I tell you this stuff like all the time but its true. I like holding your hand and walking you to class even if I’m late to my class. I also like when we kiss I wanna kiss you all the time if I could. I wanna give you goodnight kisses and Goodmorning kisses, and surprise kisses, and forehead kisses, and cheek kisses. I wanna give you funny kisses and we keep laughing or smiling. I wanna give you hickies and touch your butt. Have I mentioned that you have a very nice butt. Sorry not sorry. I wanna cuddle with you and fall asleep in your arms and wake up next to you. I wanna stay up late with you eating mac and cheese and playing video games together. You’re so amazing I love you so much. I also love your butt hahah. I’m tired but I don’t wanna go to sleep yet. Okay bye