dahlia diamond

bangtan is

jin: freshly spun cotton candy, pink carnations, royal purple, sugary drinks, spring flowers, children’s laughter, stuffed animals, vanilla 

yoongi: sweater paws, listening to music, wearing all black, black coffee, naps, the smell of wood, dark chocolate, eucalyptus mint, black granite, what it smells like after it rains in the summer

hoseok: running in the grass barefoot, sunshine, lemon, fireworks, confetti, dahlias, diamonds, the beach, whipped cream, ice cream sandwiches

namjoon: warm blankets, large glasses, chokers, candles, the smell of books, polaroids, keeping a journal, hydrangeas, beanies, peaches, honey

jimin: tight hugs, marshmallows, chocolate covered strawberries, angel food cake, fuzzy socks, the sound of the ocean, chrysanthemums

taehyung: puppies, stargazing, cheek kisses, warm brown eyes, lilys, hot chocolate, the sun warming your skin, sketchbooks, pencil shavings

jungkook: the smell of new shoes, jolly ranchers, taking the bite of a cold, crisp apple, running your hands through someone’s hair, warm chai tea, allspice, lilacs