klance-a-lot  asked:

Can I get a mermaid!Lance startling marine tech!Keith fic? Please and thank you!!

OF COURSE YOU CAN. This is super rough but ENJOY

The boat was back. Lance hovered just under the surface, tail flicking as he covered his ears against the growl of the propeller. Twice a week for the last month it had come, perched just over his favourite part of the reef, and disrupted his studying. It bobbed along for a few hours before shifting course and propelling over to another part to do the same damn thing. Hours upon hours of useless noise. It was enough to drive any merperson insane.

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Roald Dahl goes up to the counter and orders a grande hot chocolate and a tall peach green tea. He offers the foxy barista a piece of gum. She takes it and promptly turns into a blueberry. He leaves the shop and walks down the street with his extraordinarily tall companion.


Yessss It’s finally done!!

My headcanon of Axton’s ex-wife finally in 3D :)
Please note: I’m not a pro at 3D modeling, this was a part of an exam for my studies and I developed it a bit more afterwards.
I also made this intro screen for her just for fun! (cause…well every Borderlands character has one.)

(Modeled and rigged in Autodesk Maya 2015
Highpoly in Zbrush
Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag)

I’m so happy that my version of Sarah was received so well here. Thank you all for your kind words, likes and reblogs!

And above all: very special thanks to faroinke!
You know, without her, this design of Sarah wouldn’t exist in the first place. We developed her character together… in headcanons and several RPs. I’m just responsible for the outward appearance, but what lays behind that was mostly Faroinke’s part. 
So… thank you, babe, you’re the best!