Johan Christian Clausen Dahl (Norwegian-German, 1788 – 1857)

Thunderstorm clouds above the castle tower of Dresden (Gewitterwolken über dem Schlossturm von Dresden), 1825

Oil on cardboard on paper, 21 x 22 cm


Buch of pictures with our OC’s from Borderlands universe (personal AU).
Aizek and Ziggy (he was named in honor of Ziggy Stardust, which means his parents were a bit strange) P:
- Aizek was born on Elpis, his father worked for Dahl, but he died early (not a big surprise). Aizek himself was a scave (such a shame) but he is working for Hyperion now.
- Ziggy was born on Pandora, he was Torgue Engineer first, but he started to work for Hyperion later.

The last picture is a quick gift from NatalieDeCorsair with her OC.


One of the best episodes of Batman the animated series, and possibly one of the best villain stories. You could really feel the shows darkness come through with this ending when the socially ostracized `Baby Doll` shoots her would-be self. Baby Doll is an adult woman trapped in the body of a child, not able to live a normal life, self-loathing and longing for the only time she was accepted - by the end of the episode her heart-wrenching life story actually makes both the viewer and Batman sympathize with her.
The somber ending was spot-on for both this character and atmosphere of the show