dah bears

anonymous asked:

All the feels for Ken being shipped with everyone because he reminds me of a teddy bear that needs snuggles ⌒o⌒ (btw your art style is so unique I love it)

much feels indeed!(。♥‿    ♥。)

we must protect dah teddy bear ! 

(and thankiies! glad u like it)

anonymous asked:

Hiii, idk if you take suggestions but I think it'd be cute if you drew Ken with some slimes from his slime rancher playthrough! I love that game so much :3

I don’t usually receive asks about cinnamontoastken.. SO why not //wink wonk// ? ♪( ‘u’)ノ~☆

Hope u like it and thanks a lot for dah suggestion !Keep watchin’ dah big kyote bear hon hon !