dagNotes: Possessive Whiteness; or, Transethnicity

White feminist who says she doesn’t identify as white is white and privileged.

White people who come to Korea and all of a sudden talk like oppressed minorities about rights and bigotry may, in fact, be the minority in Korea, but are still white and are still privileged.

In the US, white people can’t wait until they can say they are no longer the majority. They will insist, then, as they do now, “We’re all oppressed,” which is a way to say, no one is oppressed. After all, white power insists on personal responsibility and individuality. Whiteness is the reliance on community while denying its existence.

Transethnicity is a fucking joke. I’ll link to three posts. In the last week we’ve encountered:

Not only do white people get angry when you make them consider privilege and white power, many white people want to be able to claim that they, too, are oppressed. Whiteness attempts to own everything, including all context.

Tumblr is white dildos. (Yes, Christian Keyes, you’re a dildo.)


Loren Mazzacane Connors Airs (1999)