Today’s pipe my Dagner Cob filled with Legends, I’m almost finished with this tin so I’ll have to decide what’s next soon.

Spent the day at work playing around with setting up a website, it’s not something I know a lot about so lots of head banging happening but it seems to be taking shape now.

Some characters that you’ll see and meet.

Colonel Nathaniel Ross Dagner.

Colonel Dagner oversees the Department’s operations and directives. Dagner however, personifies the department’s cold intentions but justified intentions. He’s neither good nor evil within his own actions. But somewhere between those two labels of karma. Dagner does the miscarry thing which no-one can actually do. He’s accomplishes those objectives through relentless pursuits and effort. Intermixed with patriotism for his country however, not for his government. Dagner shouldn’t be crossed nor insulted. He’ll find you and silence you.

Lieutenant Jacob Roman.

Experienced Military Policeman who patrols the Ulysses Valley perimeter. He’s efficient and tactically sound above all things. However, has been treated for post-traumatic stress from a scarring encounter. However, he strives above such weakness and pushes forward. Although he questions the department’s actions. He knows everything is for the betterment of humanity and America.

Dr. Joseph Herzog.  

Formerly a Waffen-SS paranormal researcher during the Second World War. Herzog defected to the Americans after realizing Germany’s upcoming defeat. Herzog, although egotistical, contributed heavily to the American government. His findings help create the Department and its pursuits. Herzog also furthered his research on Under-Realm and Zalgo. Discovering portals that led into Under-realm or Hollow Earth as he refers to. Herzog although elderly isn’t to be fooled. He’s mastered several advance medical technologies to prolong his life. And even constructed his personal defense against any threats.

Senator Harper Coxxs.

Morally corrupt and unfaithful to his own wife. The Senator serves as a simple puppet for the Department. However, he’s an experienced briber and political manipulator. Seeing everyone and the Constitution as unimportant. He makes sure that no-one decides to look into the unmarked budgets. Budgets that provide the department with loads of money. Currently however, Harper is running for president in 2014.  

Agent Marcus “David” Dowers.

The head suite for the Department’s civil branch. Dowers handles censoring and silencing any leaks. Dowers however, doesn’t like his job that much. Doesn’t enjoy the dirty work sometimes given to him. But realizes someone must do that work.