I’ve seen a few fics and such that have Will dealing with other campers not respecting him because he’s not a fighter. While there’s nothing wrong with the concept itself, it kind of bothers me because in canon Will is shown to be very respected among the camp. 

‘She’s right.’ Will Solace, head counsellor for the Apollo cabin, put his hand gently on Clarisse’s wrist. Not many campers could’ve done that without getting stabbed, but Will had a way of defusing people’s anger. He got her to lower her dagger.

-Blood of Olympus

I mean, Clarisse respects him enough that he can talk her down like this. And if Clarisse respects him, then you know the rest of Ares cabin does too. 

Also CHB has been through two wars. And Will, while not on the frontlines, was instrumental. 

During the Battle of Manhattan, Nico had seen him in action – the camp’s best combat medic, risking his life to save wounded campers.

-Blood of Olympus


Will Solace exhaled with relief. “It’s not so bad, Annabeth. A few more minutes and we would’ve been in trouble, but the venom hasn’t gotten past the shoulder yet. Just lie still. Somebody hand me some nectar." 

I grabbed a canteen. Will cleaned out the wound with the godly drink while I held Annabeth’s hand. 

"Ow,” she said. “Ow, ow!” She gripped my fingers so tight they turned purple, but she stayed still, like Will asked. Silena muttered words of encouragement. Will put some silver paste over the wound and hummed words in Ancient Greek—a hymn to Apollo. Then he applied fresh bandages and stood up shakily. 

The healing must’ve taken a lot of his energy. He looked almost as pale as Annabeth. 

“That should do it,” he said. “But we’re going to need some mortal supplies." 

He grabbed a piece of hotel stationery, jotted down some notes, and handed it to one of the Athena guys. "There’s a Duane Reade on Fifth. Normally I would never steal—" 

"I would,” Travis volunteered. 

Will glared at him. “Leave cash or drachmas to pay, whatever you’ve got, but this is an emergency. I’ve got a feeling we’re going to have a lot more people to treat." 

Nobody disagreed. There was hardly a single demigod who hadn’t already been wounded

-The Last Olympian 

Basically everyone has gotten injured at some point, a good amount seriously injured (looks at Paolo and his issue with keeping his limbs intact). Will is the main healer that patches everyone up. Everyone in camp at some point has either been saved by him or someone they are close to was saved by him. 

So what I’m saying is that if someone tried bullying or picking on Will because he’s not a fighter, that person would probably earn the ire of every single camper that lived through the Titan War and/or Giant War.

As the knob turned, voice mail kicked in and the sound of Wellsie’s voice came out of the receiver. “Hi, this is Wellsie and Tohr. We can’t get to the phone right now….”

Every one of the Brothers was out in the hall. And Wrath was in front of the grim, silent group.

There was a clatter and John looked back at Tohr. The man had jacked up onto his feet and knocked his chair over. He was trembling from head to foot, sweating through his shirt in great patches under his arms.

“My brother,” Wrath said. There was a helpless tone to his voice, one totally at odds with his fierce face. And that powerlessness was terrifying.

Tohr moaned and grabbed at his sternum, rubbing in fast, desperate circles. “You…can’t be here. Not all of you.” He put one hand out as if to push them all away and then he backed up. Except there was nowhere to go.

—  Lover Awakened, J.R. Ward

reymanova  asked:

fs + "I suggested we play spin the bottle so i could kiss you, but now everyone else is kissing you except me :/" ? :)

prompt me here!

Jemma glowers and picks at her pizza as she tries her very hardest not to glare daggers into the back of Daisy and Fitz’s head. Daisy and Fitz, who are currently kissing for the second time, since that stupid bottle landed on them twice. Twice. What kind of curse has the cosmos got against her? Why is it that Fitz has kissed everyone in the circle except her?

“Wow. Somebody hates crusts,” remarks Hunter, and Jemma looks down to see she’s been holding her pizza rather violently. She drops it with a sigh and folds her arms with a pout.

“It’s not fair.”

“Why? Because everyone’s been smooching Fitz except you?”

“Yes,” she huffs. “And please, never use the word ‘smooching’ anywhere in my vicinity again. Or better yet, just remove it from your vocabulary.” She sneaks another glance, where Fitz and Daisy have finally pulled apart. Daisy leans over to whisper something in his ear, and Fitz looks over at Jemma and flushes, to her astonishment. “How is it even statistically possible that it hasn’t landed on me?”

Hunter rolls his eyes. “Green’s really not your colour, love. ‘Sides, you suggested this game.”

“I mean, he knows physics! He knows precisely how to spin the bottle so it lands perfectly on who he wants it to!” She blinks. “What if that’s why it’s not landing on me? Because he doesn’t want to kiss me? Oh no. I’m awful, this is awful, you’re awful.”

“Woah.” Hunter frowns. “Don’t go pinning this on me, princess. Here’s a grand thought — have you ever tried talking to him about it? Or just, you know, actually kissing him instead of resorting to teenager’s games?”

“It’s not that simple,” Jemma frets. “He’s my best friend, and despite our obvious chemistry Fitz can be quite oblivious when it comes to matters of the heart. Or matters of his p — “

“Okay, I have a scary idea of where this conversation is going, stop immediately,” Hunter shouts, covering his eyes. And before she can stop him, he waves Fitz over. “Fitz! You need to talk to Jemma. ASAP. This is getting crazy.”

“Wha — “ Jemma grabs Fitz by the arm before he can protest, scrambling to her feet and pulling him out into the corridor.

“Fitz,” she says, a little breathlessly, “do you like me? As in, do you find me sexually attractive? Romantically attractive? Because I do. Like you, and find you attractive, and all those other things I just said, I mean. And I want to know if you feel… this too, or if I’m just wasting my time and being stupid, because I know you’re purposely letting the bottle miss me and I — “

He’s kissing her, leaning her gently against the wall as his hands come up to cup her jaw.

“Oh,” she manages when he finally pulls away, fingers reaching up to her lips. “Okay.”

“Was that okay?” he asks nervously. “Because I — I like you too, and I’ve been trying to work up the courage to tell you, but then you suggested this game and I freaked out and… I didn’t want our first kiss to be because of a game, with everyone watching. If you even wanted a first kiss, of course, because — ” 

“Fitz,” she interrupts, smiling as she reaches down to grab his hand. “Want to go play spin the bottle?”

He grins, wide. “Only if I never have to kiss Hunter again.”

“Of course not,” Jemma agrees, beginning to tug him down the room. “I was thinking we could play up in my room, just us two… That way we can’t lose. And I don’t have to watch you kiss Daisy again.”

“Hah, I knew you were jealous.”


Since I actually got 4 new tattoos in the past month I decided to post all of them together.


Top left: I wanted to get a knife as a mcr tattoo so when I met Dewees I asked him to draw a knife for me, thinking about a kitchen knife or switchblade but he went straight for dagger so there’s that;

Top right: I’ve been meaning to get this tattoo for 10 years, since my grandfather passed away. It’s inspired by the faith and love and hope symbol and has my grandfathers initials. I replaced the traditional cross as a symbol for faith with a halo bc I hate the idea of a torture instrument symbolising my faith in a higher power.
Part of this tattoo is also my (now not so) secret pencey prep tattoo.

Bottom left: Frank has been my biggest rolemodel and a huge inspiration for me for the past 10 years of my life. When I finally got to meet him for the first time I asked him to draw this for me and now it’s on my arm.

Bottom right: probably the most ridiculous tattoo I’ve ever gotten but I love it. Zero ( @dcwees ) asked Dewees to draw a masterpiece on their cigarettes and when the two of us were hanging out we decided to get it tattooed so now we have matching tattoos.

Tl;dr: I got a bunch of new tattoos and I love them.

Dean Winchester X Reader - Can I embarrass you?

Originally posted by harley-qinn

Imagine accidentally starting a war with Dean - a war to embarrass each other.

Word count: 526
Warnings: none.

You smirk at Dean across the table. You were both feeling a little stressed, so Sam suggested that you both go to the bar, to relax. 

You shot daggers at him, as he knew all the details of your small - well, crush on Dean. 

You and Dean are sitting in a booth, both on your second beer. It wasn’t too bad, you’ve been there for two hours already. 

“Come on, you must’ve been embarrassed earlier too,” He says. 
“Yeah, because if I was embarrassed I would also be wearing my FBI outfit to the bar,” You reply. 

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I'm trying to make a fatesona based on my actual fighting skills (i've been to nationals in archery and learned spear and sword fighting in wushu and own daggers as well) but cant choose a fitting class, any ideas?

OMG You’re a real warrior~! *___* I recommend the following classes based on your actual fighting skills (some are advanced classes, but I think you fit them well~)

For Hoshido: Kinshi Knight (Lance + Bow), Merchant (Lance + Bow), or Master of Arms (Sword + Lance + Axe)

For Nohr: Cavalier (Sword + Lance), Paladin (Sword + Lance), Great Knight (Sword + Lance + Axe), or Bow Knight (Bow + Sword).

I hope this helps and I can’t wait to see your Fatesona~! ;w;)bbb

Kylux Fic Rec: A Song of Crows by Ficlet-Machine

“A Knight could be either his path to conquering the world, or to a swift and bloody death. It would be impossible to know beforehand, it always was with the Knights. They warped the fabric of the world around them. Since then, Hux had been plagued, too. Plagued by dreams of black clad figures watching him from the shadows, towering over him in his sleep. Of daggers in the night, of poison in his blood, of gods and monsters. But Hux knew they were just dreams. He was a warchief. Only Crows dreamt the future. Only Crows could know what the Gods wanted. For now, Hux could only wait.”

had first session of dnd and so far valko has

  • was introduced like fucking aragorn and it was amazing
  • gotten himself thrown in prison (where he stayed for like a quarter of the session)
  • flirted with numerous guards
  • annoyed even more
  • all but promised a date (among other things ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) to one guard in particular
  • broke a tooth on a stale peice of bread
  • was rescued/drafted into a party with a half-orc barbarian and an elf druid
  • inhaled some mold
  • swung his dagger wildly at the air while trying to hit enemies 
  • passed a strength check that the barbarian failed to open a door
  • and later tripped over a root, landed on his face in the mud and had his hand trampled by said barbarian