General PSA - 

I don’t autoship. Let me say that again, I don’t autoship. 

This has been bothering me a LOT since that blog that shall not be named got their panties in a twist because I didn’t answer a meme the way they expected me to answer it. 

Are there exceptions to this? Of course, if I know the mun, we’ve got a great OOC relationship, and we’ve written with other characters before. 

For the most part, I love shipping. I love writing about romance and all the flirting and falling crazy into whatever that comes with it - but I am a giant proponent of STORY. Give me a story, good muse chemistry, and a good working OOC relationship and I’m putty in your (muses) hands. If it works, GREAT - let’s write a good story about my baby and your baby being crazy about each other. 

If it doesn’t work - that’s okay too! Everyone needs friends and acquaintances. 

But I can’t jump into an autoship because it feels inauthentic to who my muse is and it short-changes story. I hope that most of you can understand that. 

Ship with me, yes, most definitely - but let’s write a story.