That Is Not Your Face.

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Plot: How about one where while Jerome is being revived,his cult is also busting the reader out of prison,since they worship them both cause they’re both crazy & then maybe she sees Dwight with J’s face,then kidnaps & kills him on TV,J then goes to her??😂

Tags: swearing, prison, crime, murder, death, spoilers, blood

I changed it up a bit!!!


A guard darts toward the cell blocks, but a lanky boy dressed in skimpy clothes with bright makeup gets in the way, their dagger plunging into the guard’s back.

“Ho-ly crap!” Y/N exclaims.

The boy and Y/N both started to speak.

“Who are- “

“Are you- “

Neither of them finished. 

The boy regained his composure. “You know, it was hard trying to break into this damn place and trying to find the right cell. I almost grabbed hold of some girl but I found out that she was slouching. You don’t slouch, do you?”

“Some days.” Then came her notorious maniacal laughter. She barks out the laugh until getting serious. “You here to break me out or?”

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fun fact: one of my favorite headcanons is nonbinary claquesous who changes their mask/voice to match their identity

People: okay but what are you?

Claquesous: I’m the night.

People: No, but what’s between your legs?

Claquesous: A concealed dagger, you amateur.

I have a fondness for afab Claquesous who started in the crime business using the pronouns he/him because it was easier to enter the underground crime scene of the time that way. It became a sort of a “professional” habit, and now he uses they/them and he/his alike. I also love Claquesous being a real chameleon, changing his appearance and modulating his voice to spy and get intel. The things he can do with his voice are incredible.

(Cue Gueulemer trying on his nemerous wigs “Look at me I’m Sandra Dee” style)

Few words about trainer

Maybe it’s too soon to say or judge but as great and long fan of slovenian ski jumping I feel work for Goran Janus is done. Probably should be some time ago. He’s lost. Boys are lost. No one knows what to do. Signing him for another Olympic season might be the dagger into the heart of Slovenian ski jumping.

Your heart on the other side of the trigger
you make the call and everything that keeps you strong dies
You don’t and you let everything the two of you are be for nothing

Die or live yet die inside, there’s no universe where that choice is easy
yet your heart screams and your mind whirls
and you know that you’d rather be six feet under than without him

He’s kneeling, the pain in his eyes hitting you like daggers
everyone knows now, he’s your weakness
the one thing that makes you pause, that makes you break

Your heart is bomb, beating in your chest 
trying to reach out to the missing half that resides in him
knives don’t work in a gunfight but hearts, oh hearts do

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About the "I love you." We know it's the first time that Percy is saying it since he makes it a big deal. At this point Annabeth has said it twice. The first is easily put down to excitement, when she throws her dagger in the water. The second is when they fall and he can't hear her. So imagine it in Percy's pov and he is both freaking out that she won't say it back, he's sure she will but WHAT IF, and feeling kinda smug like he is going to win some competition for saying it first.

Saying “I love you” first and feeling like winning a competition is not really love, at least for me. You say I love you because that’s what you feel and you want the other person to know and in no universe Percy would feel like he won a competition because he said I love you first. So no, I can’t imagine it.


GW2 Fashionweek

  • Theianatly - Thief (Daredevil)

Quick witted and a charming rogue, Theianatly is as quick with her tongue as she is her daggers. Theianatly likes to extenuate her lithe form with her very own foliage. When moving in the shadows she extinguishes her glow to be a deadly viper. 


  • Caithe’s Dagger x2
  • Daredevil Staff

Armor: Firstborne Medium Armor


  • Wine
  • Evening Wine
  • Persephone

smokey-prime  asked:

Think I can have TFP Bumblebee, Smokescreen, Knock Out, and Starscream's reactions to being slapped on their aft by their S/O in public?

Sure!! I’m asuming the s/o would be a bot cause honestly I don’t think… they’d feel a human slap their butts lmao

Bumblebee (TFP)

  • Startled beeping!! He’s really caught off guard and pretty embarrassed to be honest
  • Beeps at his s/o in annoyance, there’s a time and a place and this ain’t it

Smokescreen (TFP)

  • He instantly stiffens before turning to his s/o with a look of surprise before flashing a grin at them
  • Starts getting gross and flirty with his s/o in front of everyone. Might wanna knock it off though, Ultra Magnus is glaring daggers at both of them

Knock Out (TFP)

  • Lets out a small yell in surprise at first before yelling at his s/o to “Watch the finish, will you?” 
  • Slaps his s/o’s ass right back without missing a beat though. Who cares if this is in public? His s/o started it

Starscream (TFP)

  • First, he’s startled. Then, he’s angry. Save it for later, s/o, there are people watching
  • He threatens to tear his s/o’s hand off if they slap his ass in public again, just don’t do it honestly

Next up, a sweet child: My tanto.

Tanto are daggers, usually endowed with a pretty thick constitution. Since Japanese blacksmiths couldn’t make long blades easily due to the shitty iron they had to work with, they got good at making short blades something fierce. The use a dagger has in a battlefield is dubious, at best, but hey, when you had to resort to a last last last resort weapon, you at least had the guarantee that it was going to be a good last last last resort weapon.

As you can see, the length and width of a tanto is pretty damn respectable! You stab someone’s gut with this bad boy, their back will feel it. The average tanto is long and thick enough to go through a person easily, and its compact design makes puncturing armor an easier task than you’d think. I acquired this when I was a young one, and the quality of the steel is great! I simply HAD to have it. I keep it in my cupboard, in case the unfortunate event in which I have to shank a burglar happens.