“Fear is only your enemy if you allow it to be.”  
 ―Sabaa Tahir, An Ember in the Ashes    

Thanks hmshudson​ for letting me photograph your helm and the epic dagger from sabaatahir​‘s signing! (My friend is one of only seven women in the U.S. Medieval Armored Combat League. Full armor. Actual combat. Check it out!)

  • Henry:Hey guys, what was all the shouting about?
  • Regina:Henry, I’m so sorry. Your mother sacrificed herself and absorbed the evil of the Dark One to save me. Now she’s vanished.
  • Henry:Whoa! That’s--
  • Henry:Wait. Is that her dagger there on the ground?
  • Henry:Yep, it’s got her name on it.
  • Henry:So how about we just summon her back and forbid her from doing any evil while we work on fixing the situation?
  • Everyone:
  • Henry:Least. Suspense. Ever.

Up until Black Flag, I always used a dagger as my weapon of choice. If it was still an option, I’d probably still use it. There was just something about using a dagger against a group of enemies that just made me feel like an assassin. No big swords or fancy weapons. Give me a dagger and you all will bleed. THAT is being an assassin.

“Real Inside” - Digital Oil Painting

Fanart for dekujin, based on their slow burn fanfic of the same name, which features Belle as a security guard and an animatronic!Rumple. I really loved the concept of his design, I worked hard to make it true to the descriptions. The imagery of his ‘mouth full of dagger-like teeth’ was especially vivid.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

starter call - maybe kinda?

So friends, I am free after today. If you would like a tiny little test the chemistry starter, you can like this post and I’ll toss you something smallish tonight. It may be selective depending on how well this asshole behaves. 


(You can picture Nico Di Angelo any way you want - the gif above is just the way I picture him, maybe a little bit more dark)

“Hey, (Y/n) guess what you forgot at my place the other- Oh uh who are you?” Nico raised an eyebrow, looking up at Dean.

“Me? Who are you? And- what was (Y/n) actually doing at your place?” Dean raised an eyebrow, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Uh well-”

“Dean who is it?” Sam asked coming to stand next to Dean averting his eyes down to Nico.

“I still have to find out.” he said not taking his eyes off Nico.

“Uh I came to see (Y/n). Is she here?” he asked reluctantly seeing the daggers that Dean was glaring at him.

“Yes, yes I am” you said with a smile, walking through your (adopted) brothers and straight into your boyfriend’s arms.

“Hey” you said pulling slightly away to kiss him but he just backed away, his eyes were behind you; looking at Dean.

You turned around and rolled your eyes at the look on Dean’s face “Mind explaining?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“There is not much to explain, but anyway. Dean, Sam this is Nico. My boyfriend” you said gesturing to Nico and saw Dean narrow his eyes at him “Nico this are my adopted brothers that I’ve talked to you about. Dean and Sam”

“Hi nice to meet you” Sam said politely and extended his hand and shook Nico’s hand.

Both you and Sam looked at Dean and frowned at him. Sam nudged him but Dean just shrugged at him, causing Sam to bitch face.

“So, you didn’t tell us. How did you two meet?” Sam asked with a small smile as you all entered the bunker.

“At Camp Half Blood” Nico said without a second thought and your eyes widened just slightly.

“Camp Half Blood? Isn’t that place only for half bloods?” Sam frowned a little bit and Nico nodded.

“Yeah I am a half blood. My father is Hades. I met (Y/n) there when she first came a couple years ago.”

“So that means…” Sam trailed off, waiting for you to complete his sentence.

“That I am a half blood, too. Yeah.” you said with a reluctant smile.

“Oh, ok” Sam seemed to be thinking but then shook his head “You’re our sister no matter who your father or mother is. Mortal or immortal” Sam said with a small shrug.

“Wait half what?” Dean asked after a while of silence and constant glares at Nico.

“You haven’t been listening to me talking about Greek gods, have you?”

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