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the foxes take on an injured kevin day, and get a raven-trained backliner with a point to prove into the bargain

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mix by @wolfsbanepunch
–> side a (you might think you’re dangerous, but not like me)
–> side b (boys with pretty faces and dagger sharp smiles)

art by @broship-addict


chapter one (kevin pov)

chapter one (neil pov)

ravens v. foxes (jeremy pov)

chapter 30 (andrew pov)

chapter 36 (andrew pov)

Title: Bi no Kyoujin ⚣ Assassin’s Dagger of Flattery ⚣ 媚の凶刃
Chapter: Bi no Kyoujin X Side 4 - Extra
Artist/Mangaka: Ike Reibun
Rating: 299+
Language: English
Download: Here
Kabu makes up his mind that he will destroy Sagawa and succeed the group. For the sake of making the wish of the man he loves come true, Nirasawa disguises himself as a delinquent and makes every effort to get hold of the decisive proof that Sagawa and Shao Chen are doing business with each other. Upon seeing Kabu get furious with the extremely dangerous bet that Nirasawa made, he pleads “This will be the only time I’ll ever make you worry… So, please, can you hold me?” His lover, who was raised up as his game piece, is trying to
fulfill his duty. After knowing his lover’s “determination,”Kabu’s reaction is…!!

Here’s the color one! Super hot, Quinn did an amazing job here please thank her! Bye for now, I’m sick and miserable!

Sorry, not sorry!
The Lion King - Can You Feel The Love Tonight


Well, in the theme of me being an obsessive collector/hoarder, when I saw that the Rumple daggers were once again available, I figured why not get another one while I had my chance? Afterall, the cardboard display was a bit damaged in shipping on my original one & I liked the idea of having one loose. 

But now I’m thinking the first ones might be rarer overall, since, as you can see, there are some differences between the two.

The most obvious being that the first release has a gold handle while the most recent ones have black instead. And there’s also slightly more details of red over the lovely hard plastic for the originals. Even the barcode #s are different for each.

Mocking me, my local Hot Topic had a nice tiny Once display set up with the latest ‘inspired by’ clothing, t-shirts, bows, funkos and, surprisingly enough, the chipped cup in an actual retail box. (Previously if you ordered this from the site, it came in a plain white box)

Well, besides that I did get the Cora spell book necklace (it IS Cora’s spellbook, and you can’t tell me otherwise, don’t care if it was regifted for Regina), just because an online review told me of what was hiding inside.

Vax 100% does things to spite people but, like, half the time it horribly backfires.

“You can’t climb that tree.” He does it in five seconds but he can’t get down and Keyleth has to help him.

“There’s no way you can finish that.” Not only does he eat the rest of his food, he eats all of Scanlan’s and Pike’s. It’s totally worth the stomach pain.

“I bet you can’t cut Vex’s hair when she’s sleeping.” Somehow Vax does but his sister retaliates and he spends the next three months walking around with his hood up whenever possible because of how bad his hair looks. 

Little things like that.

Made this little guy today. I will be making a matching fighter like knife tomorrow to go with it. This is designed as more of a push dagger then anything. If you have any questions just ask!! Thanks everyone!!
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People complaining that Rumple trapping Belle on the ship to protect her out of spite was shitty...

It totally was, I was angry at him for it, but Belle has also used the dagger against Rumple three times. He tried to treat her as an equal before she started bitching at him, about her “friends” being able to protect her, and not needing his help, which set him off to cast the protection spell. He immediately apologized for it, after he released her from the protection spell. She only apologized for using the dagger against him once. Where is the outrage with her for that?

I’m just getting so tired of everyone saying that Belle will never trust Rumple if he has magic, after what happened in S4, and that he is the one who has to make all of the changes. Rumple did try to wake her with TLK twice, he risked it all, but she can’t accept him. People who are saying that Rumple has to make all of the changes for their relationship to work, he’s trying but Belle’s not fighting back for him at all.

I know people are saying that Rumple is making some of the same mistakes over again, and while that’s not completely untrue, he’s actually learning from them and he’s sorry for them. Belle, on the other hand, is not learning from her mistakes, and her stubborn pride isn’t allowing for her to admit that she is sorry for fucking up, too.

If Rumple doesn’t put his trust in her anymore, it’s at least partly because she no longer puts her trust in him, and because she treats him as less than human. People saying that Rumple has to give up magic for Belle are being unreasonable. Asking him not to kill, except for when absolutely necessary, and asking him to be fully honest are reasonable conditions to put on the relationship. However, expecting Rumple to give up magic, and make all of the changes in their relationship is unfair. That would be like Rumple asking Belle to give up her heroism, and he’s never done that.

I’m really not “anti Belle,” I love Belle, and I love Emilie De Ravin’s portrayal of her. She’s the first Belle that I fell in love with and really connected to. I’m just so sick and tired of the writers of this show framing it like Rumple is the only one who has to learn from his mistakes. The way I see it, although he still struggles, he is gradually learning from his mistakes, and Belle is not. The writers are portraying it as though Belle doesn’t have to learn from any of her mistakes, though, and I’m so fucking tired of it. It has really ruined the Belle of OUAT that I used to know and love from S1-S3.

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Hey, I love your work! MCL boys realize that Candy seem already dating someone and are jealous (episode 32) it's missing Lys ...

Thank you so much!

Nathaniel: Gets annoyed or angry with both Candy and her boyfriend. Doesn’t like seeing PDA.

Castiel: Gives the cold shoulder and increases sarcasm levels. If Candy is dating Lysander though, he’s torn.

Lysander: Goes back to being quiet and reclusive, gives Candy’s new boyfriend a look as if staring daggers at him.

Kentin: Cannot control his temper, thinks whoever Candy is dating is a jerk and becomes offended if he believes they’re disrespecting her.

Armin: Really not amused. Tries to avoid being around Candy when she’s with her boyfriend.

Season 4

I love both Belle and Rumple but I have to point out something!

Everyone is saying that season 4 was not that long ago in the timeline to explain Belle’s distrust and anger for Rumple. No one mentions, not even the writers, that it hasn’t been that long for Rumple either. Not that long since he lost his son, since his imprisonment with Zelena, not that long since Belle has used the dagger against him, had the curse removed from him, almost died again, been exiled by his wife, witnessed her relationship with Will, had the heroes including his grandson turn against him, been blackmailed and used as a tool by Emma, reunited with his wife, and had his baby almost stolen.

My reason for pointing this out is that both Rumple and Belle have reasons to doubt each other, to be angry with each other, to react impulsively and make bad decisions. So next time when you want to hate on them and by hate, I don’t mean criticize, I mean hate on them, consider that they both have been through hell and both have reasons for their actions.

I am not telling any of you how to think and I still stand by this being a safe vent zone. I am just asking those who love this couple and those who may not just to give both parts of Rumbelle a break or even the benefit of the doubt. It doesn’t mean you have to love or agree with everything they do, just remember that they have both been hurt and remember why we fell in love with them in the first place.

I love them both even if I am not happy with either of them at the moment. I will always love them and I love this fandom and it is hard to see us divided.

I also ask to respect each other. People are going to take sides, argue and disagree but don’t let that tear this fandom apart or the trolls have won.

BANNERS - Hogwarts AU - Chapter four / Courtney

A/N: So, I was kind of expecting the last chapter to get fewer notes since Aaron is kind of an a-hole. I didn’t expect it to get that many fewer (can you even say that?) but I was super happy to hear that you guys (the ones are reading it now) still like it :) x
I also had the day off so yay for quick updates - This chapter is Courtney’s POV, surprise surprise! Any and all feedback is always appreciated, thank you! x
Character index is here: http://chrizwrites.tumblr.com/post/151618676933/banners-the-hogwarts-au-the-character-index

Chapter Four - Courtney

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Hikaru Fact

2,) Hikaru is in love with someone else and not Laito for the longest time through out the Fan fiction there is another vampire that attends the school but he was not always like that. He was once human but is not connected to any of the other brothers. Hikaru and the man met first when her mother gave her to the church at the age of thirteen. They grew very fond of each other and he taught her how to make the demon stay at bay.  When Hikaru was told she would be moving to the Sakamaki house they both tried to run away from the church and even with the demons hunting her they lasted a month.  Before the church forced her back and he vanished until several weeks later. She slowly has to watch her first love painfully  turn into her enemy through jealousy,,, to protect the Sakamaki brothers to the point of having to use a silver dagger on him while protecting Laito, 


Imagine (trying) to save Walda and her baby from Ramsay.

(left it on a bit of a cliffhanger…you can all decide what happens after *thumbs up* I wasn’t too sure how to write this buuttt i did my best! Anon who requested it all those months ago, I hope you like it!)

Word  Count: 996

You had never been happier to accidently stumble upon Ramsay Bolton, the legitimized bastard of Roose Bolton, than you were that morning when you decided to take a short cut and came upon the savage talking to a few of his just as cruel friends. They were laughing and boasting, and looking around the corner you watch in horror as Ramsay cleaned blood off of his dagger. You were going to move, to go back the way you had come, but then one of his friends asked what was to become of Lady Walda and her baby and your chest clenched painfully at all the possibilities. You risked your life so you could move closer to the room and listen in to what Ramsay’s answer was.

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