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The Evolution of Sherlolly - Reactions Edition

I couldn’t possibly cover everything, so here just a few of the highlights, one from each episode.

A Study in Pink - “Black, two sugars, please. I’ll be upstairs.”

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The Blind Banker - “You changed your hair. It’s good, it suits you better this way.”

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The Great Game - “This is Jim from IT.”

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A Scandal in Belgravia - “Merry Christmas, Molly Hooper.” *kisses cheek*

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Hounds of Baskerville - *nothing*

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The Reichenbach Fall - “What do you need?” “You.”

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The Empty Hearse - *coat flip hair ruffle kiss*

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The Sign of Three - “Meat Dagger”

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His Last Vow - *Molly slaps Sherlock* “Say you’re sorry!”

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The Abominable Bride - “Hooper.” “Holmes.”

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The Six Thatchers - “He’d rather it was anyone but you.”

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The Lying Detective - “I’m stressed, you’re dying!”

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The Final Problem - THE SCENE!!

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Vax’ildan, Champion of the Raven Queen, Conqueror of the Cinder King, Reaper of the Living, the Death Walker, and wielder of the Whisper of shadows and fate, 

God of Shadows, the Night Raven 
his symbol is three crossed daggers with feathers for hilts; silver is woven through his hair to give the dead fare for the river to his Mistress. His sister is the Dawn Magpie, who guides him across the sky to the East. In his Hearts of Hearts, there is color and life, and his Lover is the Lily Tiger, giver of Life and Protector of Freewill. 

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top 20 parks characters (as voted by our followers) 7: jean ralphio saperstein

What up, Big T! Stop. This must be the lovely Donna. Enchanté. Listen beautiful, let’s cut the bull, alright? You want this. I definitely want this. T.H. wants this. Let’s seal this devil’s threeway right here, right now. Step one: We buy into this club. Step two: We roll over to the club, either in your Mercedes-Benz or my pre-owned Acura Legend. Step three: I dagger you on the dancefloor. Just bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, now all the ladies sayin’, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce. What do you say, sexy?

Let me paint you a picture.
It was early Friday morning. I was out of camp, scouting the goings on in town when our faction came under a potential siege, aka, a bunch of people from another camp walking up to our gates who may or may not have been a threat. Most likely they were just bored… Either way!, the gates to my camp were shut and I couldn’t get back in. So, armed with my dagger and pistol (all three shots!) I told them I could defeat them all!

And you know what? We never got sieged so I guess it must have worked!
(Not pictured, the entirety of Dragon Corps also standing protectively in front of our gates). But I dunno, I’m pretty sure it was my terrifying happiness that prevented the attack. I’ll let you decide. 

Thanks a million to @theprohobby for this perfectly captured photo!

Swordcraft, Spring Quest. Victoria, Australia. 

“Really? REALLY Gerolt?! All that Umbrite for THIS?! It’s a three bladed dagger, it’s off balance like you would not believe and entirely impractical and gaudy! Why my work is compared to yours is BEYOND ME!”.

Further reminded that he does not approve of Gerolt’s approach to blacksmithing has only gone and made Vulkan even more furious that the two are compared.

OOC: Canon as a blacksmith, Vulkan does not like Gerolt.

Weiss Schnee’s Guide On How To Deal With A Vampire Roommate Chapter 17


Pairing: White Rose (right now, yes)

Summary: Beach episode!

Chappy listy

Chapter 17: Things to do: Hatch a plan.

If a weird, green-haired lass attacks you, don’t lead her back to your dormitory. 

They had found Yang deep inside the forest that surrounded The Mansion. After checking with the map, they found that yes, it did correspond to the symbol. But apparently, it was a trap. They, whoever their mysterious adversaries were, knew that their little band of supernatural detectives were catching on.

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Fireman: What happened?

Me: I was cooking…

Fireman: So wheres the food?

Me: No longer with us I’m afraid.


500k Giveaway - Drabble #2    [AO3]

@dark-ones-dagger requested: "Jemma finds Fitz a thousand times more attractive when he’s got an idea and frantically scribbling equations on everything.“ 
Rated PG. Intended to be canon-compliant & take place between 2x06-2x16, but can also be read with The Storm Inside as a peek into Jemma’s POV pre-fic.

It shouldn’t surprise Jemma that she eventually finds attraction in numbers, in the familiar workings of equations and constants and vectors. Yet it does, sneaking up on her so gradually that she doesn’t even realize what she wants until she believes that she’ll never have him. Fitz isn’t aware of her increasingly lingering gazes, or of the thoughts she has late at night, trapped within the dingy, shadowed bricks of her bunk.

His hands become a gateway drug.

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Here For You

After being daggered for three years, Klaus had to catch up on what happened in his favourite baby-vampire’s life. He was not at all pleased to find out about her situation with Alaric and decided to pay her a visit to understand what really was going on.

Caroline couldn’t quite believe her eyes.

Her day had been going pretty normally, she’d played with the twins, tried to cook them lunch, burnt the food, Alaric laughed, pressed a kiss to her cheek and said he’d fix it while she tried her best not to wince… Nothing out of the ordinary.

That was until she heard the doorbell ring.

They didn’t get many visitors except when parents came to drop their children for play date, but they’d nothing scheduled for that day.

Still, she didn’t think much of it while she called “Just a minute!” and dried her hands that were wet from the dishwashing, heading for the door.

Caroline didn’t think to check who it was first, not when there was nothing threatening them anymore, when her life was so ridiculously normal she barely remembered she was vampire.

It was a complete surprise to her when she opened the door to see someone she hadn’t seen in many years – Klaus Mikaelson.

“Hello, love.” The hybrid greeted, his dimpled-smile so sweet despite his eyes seeming so sad.

“Klaus.” She said in a small voice.

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108 word ficlet

you’ve felt itchy for days. the dagger is three feet from you at all times.

henry has noticed the dark circles forming underneath your eyes and over the past two weeks you’ve lost three pounds. you’ve been reading for so long the words are starting to swim and the food henry forces into you tastes like sawdust.

“mom,” henry says one day, a plate in his hand, as you flip through yet another ancient text. “do you think you’d be like this if robin had disappeared?”

you don’t answer. you don’t know. you don’t want to know. henry’s footsteps fade and you’re left in your own suffocating silence.