dagger of time

Talonius Priscus is a 31 year old dutiful and hard-bitten security officer assigned to the Hierarchy branch of the Andromeda Initiative. Like his father, he wears no markings of affiliation, but has a white birthmark over the left side of his facial plating. 

He has been called “Dagger” my his father, Solon Priscus, since he was a boy due to the shape of his birthmark. The two have a very strained relationship and rarely speak. He saw his father one last time in 2185 at the Citadel and the two parted on good terms. 

I had @themeltinglibrary ‘The Autumn Court’ candle but I broke it trying to take pictures 😩 I spend way to much money on Etsy but I love bookish candles, especially Sarah J Maas inspired ones.

The sad thing is I have more on the way. Damn you Black Friday Sales!😣

'Rhysand’ from @inthewickoftime and 'The Night Court’ from @themeltinglibrary smell like the man you wish your man smelled like (which is Rhysand, obviously 😏)

Candles from:

So, we got TWO consecutive selfies right before the start of the west coast promo season as a warning, and his whole promo revolved around the kid.

Then he described ‘traditional, sit around a cake and sing happy birthday’, about what the birthday would be like, and that’s EXACTLY what we had, a two seconds, muted video exactly what he described.

Now we have two consecutive selfies as well, and it’s gearing up to me more of the same. Hm. Okay.

I still can’t believe that Louis got the dagger.

He got the dagger.

He has a dagger tattooed on his body.

He did it.

I’m just overwhelmed, almost seven months later because I still can’t believe it.

Harry got the rose tattoo in September 2013. We started saying Louis was gonna get the dagger the day we saw it for the first time.

When Louis went to Shamrock in March last year people were like ‘oh is he getting the dagger?’.

When he and Eleanor went to the tattoo parlour in Paris and Louis apparently snapped and they left before he got a tattoo we were like ‘oh what if he was gonna get the dagger’.

We photoshopped daggers on his body, since we hadn’t seen him shirtless in a while we speculated on it being on his torso. We looked closely at gifs of him lifting his top to see if there was a shadow there that could resemble a dagger.

People sent him multiple (hundreds?) of tweets asking him to get the dagger.

There were posts on blogs, and jokes and it was ALWAYS in the back of our minds. Like we would bring up ‘okay, but when is Louis gonna get the dagger’ at least once a week.

Flippant statements like ‘if he gets the dagger I’ll chop my hand off’ were made. Several times. By several people.






I woke up at 4 AM on a Tuesday for seemingly no reason and felt the urge to check tumblr, I did and the first thing I saw was this:

and I kept thinking that it had to be photoshop, or a knife, or a sword or whatever it could NOT be THE dagger. It couldn’t have happened, what were the odds?

Obviously I didn’t go back to sleep, like… why would I??? I watched the whole interview (A Current Affair, Australia, November 27th 2014, I will never forget). And I kept seeing glimpses of it and I was just ‘omg I can’t believe he did it’.

And then we got this:

because subtlety is not even on his dictionary

and  it was captioned like this

in case anyone had any shred of doubt it was a dagger A D A G G E R.

This was completely unprecedented for them with their tattoos. More so, Louis got THREE tattoos that day, the smiley face, ‘given a chance’ and the dagger. And he showed off the dagger. Zayn got a tattoo too that day, but he didn’t show it off????

And to top things, because what is our life?

Unanswered Questions - Part 4

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Peter Pan/Felix x Reader

Words: 1400

Warnings: None

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This guy was insane. That had to be it. This island was currently being enveloped in some invisible substance and it was warping the minds of everyone inhabiting it….it would certainly explain their strange choice in attire and the whole ‘Lord of the Flies’ vibe I was getting here.

But then I remembered that I had witnessed Pan’s magic with my own eyes…did that mean I was affected too? As soon as that thought crossed my mind I quickly raised my hand u[p to my face and covered both my mouth and my nose as best as I could. Not the easiest thing to do when you still needed to breathe but what choice did I have?

The tall blonde that I now knew to be called Felix raised a quizzical brow at me once I had done that and looked at me as though I was crazy.

“[y/n] what are you doing?”

“I am try-“ My voice was far too muffled to understand thanks to my hand and so I removed it rather hesitantly so that he was able to hear what I had tried to say. “I am trying to protect myself from the gas.”

Apparently my explanation didn’t do much for Felix’s confusion because his facial expression didn’t change at all. If anything it only confirmed to him even more that I was beginning to lose my marbles.

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Get Out.

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Pairing : CrowlexReader, Demon!DeanxReader
Word Count : 2,091
Author : Mel

Part 4 of Hell’s Queen.

Crowley continued to win you over, buying you gifts, and treating you beautifully. Only you still weren’t allowed to go anywhere. You still didn’t see many people. And Dean still glared daggers at Crowley every time he saw you two together.

You heard a lot about Dean Winchester, and why he wasn’t allowed near you.  You heard about the anger, the killing, the drinking and the women.  You heard about his times in bars with Crowley. You heard about what he did when he went off from other demons. A few times you saw him coming in as you went up the hall. He’d have blood on him, or reek of booze and sex. You’d avert your eyes and continue on your way. You were Crowley’s Queen.

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Side Note: Y/B/N = Your Boyfriend’s Name (didn’t really know what name to put, so you guys can make it up yourselves).

“Greetings from the dead”, were the first words to fall from his mouth. While you were standing near the doors threshold, at a complete loss. Kol Mikealson your former flame had been un-daggered since the last time you saw him in Mystic Falls. How he managed to know you packed up and left to live in New Orleans didn’t concern you, however what did was his intentions and why he was here.

“Is that suppose to be some sort of joke? Because if so, it isn’t funny Kol”. You glanced at him, but your eyes couldn’t help but scan his body. For an 1,000 year old vampire he looked beyond handsome. “I can sense your anger, and believe me darling I’m quite angry myself. Being locked in a coffin and daggered for centuries isn’t a joy. But I’m back and now we can continue our lives together, just like we did back in Mystic Falls”.

His foot tried to step through the door, when he realized he hadn’t be granted permission to enter. He looked to you and asked, “Aren’t you going to invite me in, love?”. There were many reasons why you weren’t willing to invite him in, the biggest one being you’d moved on. But Kol would get his way, he might be the youngest original but that didn’t stop him from being overly confident and charming. “Come on in”, instantly feeling a sense of regret while uttering those magic words.

Kol’s eyes scanned the living room, more specific the photos placed all around. “I don’t want to seem rude, but I’m not exactly a fan of this guy who seems to be getting rather close to you. Who is he by the way?”. He waved the photo frame in the air, before setting in face down on the fireplace mantel. Walking over and fixing the picture, you turned to Kol. “Who he is doesn’t matter right now”.

“It matters very much indeed. I need to know who he is so I can rip his throat out,”. He seemed rather satisfied with that outcome, you on the other hand were not. “Kol! You can’t just come back and think everything will be as you left it, That’s not how life works. You were daggered by your own brother, repeatedly I might add. Who not only keeps you in a coffin but controls when you get to wake up. Do you even realize how messed up that is! So forgive me if I didn’t feel like waiting around for Klaus to un-dagger you”. Your outburst wasn’t planned, but it sure got Kol’s attention.

A dangerous game of who could maintain eye contact the longest was in motion. Kol’s eyes went dark and within seconds backed you into the nearest wall, asserting his dominance. “I came to New Orleans to be with you Y/N, and I can feel that you still love me”. Your mind was telling your body to not react, but of course it did anyway. Kol’s touch was something you longed for and now he was here, in front of you…all you had to do was reach out and he was yours.

“I’ve missed you, I’m not going to deny that. But Kol while you were asleep in that coffin, my life didn’t stop. I’m with someone else…and your going to have to find a way to deal with that”. Half of you expected him to lose it, instead his composure stayed the same. Running his fingers down your cheek, it was the ultimate test. Kol knew what his touch could do to you, how easily it made you weak at the knees. He leaned in, making sure to take his time to drag out the anticipation of what’s coming next. “Darling, if you think I’m just going to walk away from the girl I love, then you don’t know me at all. May the best man win, and we both know who that man is going to be”.

The sound of keys jingling snapped your eyes to the door, before the door could even fully open Kol was no where to be seen. It was just you standing alone in the middle of the room, trying to reign some control over your emotions. “Hey, are you okay? You don’t look so good”, asked Y/B/N.

Looking towards the window, the same one that Kol disappeared out of just a few seconds ago. You whispered, “I’m fine”. Expect that was one massive lie. What scared you the most was with Kol back, history had begun repeating itself. He’d come back, you’d fall for his charms and right when the two of you found happiness, it would be ripped away. And that was the price you paid time and time again for loving Kol Mikealson.


I never imagined you dead

But tell me, are you even aware

That all that we did, you undo?

I first heard this song soon after finishing A Paragon of Her Kind, and it perfectly encapsulated my warden’s feelings. please listen to it so that you’ll know my pain (also it’s a good song).


Imagine: being Emma’s daughter and Peter Pans true love and when the darkness is freed from Rumplestiltskin you take in the darkness instead of Emma and Peter will do what ever it takes to save you as he knows what the darkness can do.