dagger jokes

Julius Caesar: Act 4, Scene 3
  • Brutus and Cassius: *argue passionately*
  • Brutus: ...
  • Cassius: Stab me, bro. *removes shirt* *unsheathes dagger (insert dick joke here)*
  • Brutus: *sees Cassius shirtless and is reminded of his love for him* Bro, no.
  • Brutus: btw my wife ate hot coals and died so we can be together

honestly if this is (as it looks like) some kind of god damn princess bride fantasy wedding sequence, my expectations for a tlk have correspondingly been raised like a lot, and i already am fairly sure we’re getting one

because come on, if in the middle of the dark swan arc you’re having dream sequences/imaginations/etc to literally them getting married and riding off into the sunset, you’re going to bookend that with some kind of major romantic capstone (and brigitte said they were working on epic romantic sequences right when they would have been writing the winter finale…. so….)

5a will hurt like a bitch but they’re literally throwing as much fluff and cuteness and couplehood as they can at us in between the dark swan stuff, so just by the basic laws of storytelling, they’re building up to something good

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No matter what other people think; if you crave more dagger jokes and teasing insults; if you appreciate their humor and honesty; if you love them for who they are as human beings and not just actors; if you love how their relationship and how much they love each other…..and for any other reasons. Feel free to add on here.

So I've seen it all. Apparently Bobby looks like a dirty pervert

In the dagger joke GIF sets and Emilie is “skeeved out” at him. Not only that, but he’s a hobo in that hat…unclean to boot.

This is what it’s come to? Bobby jokes around and certain fans have to resort to insults and cruel comments? God, how do they get along in this world? I guess Hook’s “she’ll feel the sharp point of my sword” was ok, though….<p>

Insulting Bobby and Emilie is sick …these people need help.