TinTin and Friends by Darren Edwards
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Playing around with my 35mm lens. dd has done an amazing job rearranging the house as we start the process (for the second time in our lives) of buying grown up furniture. We have about 30% of our treasured stuff with us here in London, amongst them is this wonderful TinTin toy from South Africa, and a hand drawn picture by our friend Scott from many, many years ago. In the bottom right hand corner is one of my treasured Frank Hardy first editions.

Friday 7/31 Mike Tyson & Rousseau
The reality of life is everywhere.This isn’t a vacation package but a reality package. Nothing is ever lost if you want to find something look to the ground. No matter how loud the baby I will always believe people should be allowed to take their babies to work/school. The news is much better/realer here . Luis’s host mom was curious about how much time mothers spend with their children. The perception that Americans are fast paced war mongers is prevalent. Whenever you think oh this van is comfortable just wait 10 more will fit. The journey from Lakosa to Contonou to Porto Novo to Mitro/Dagbo was long & tedious but my legs are alive. I rode with no hands which seems foolish, but it was painful and almost impossible to hold on with luggage. Upon arrival in the village we met important people such as instructors of schools. One man I talked to teaches european/western philosophy and loves Rousseau. His colleague, the director of his school loves boxing and James Brown. He’s a great dancer that knows the UN personally. We discussed Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali. I explained Tysons life story about his first fight being to defend his pigeon friends, to which he said America is very rich because people like Mike have time to befriend pigeons instead of eat them. Our house is beautiful I especially love the new cement toilet. I swept and bleached some water, I can’t wait to live here permanently!

A view of St Ives. on Flickr.

This is, believe it or not, almost winter in Cornwall, a place which seems to have a climate of its own. Well, not quite true, it was as grey as any other part of the UK upon our arrival, but for the past few days has been lovely. Sadly we leave tomorrow, but not without a lot of nice memories and photos.

This photo was taken in a place where I guess a million pictures have been taken. Sometimes I wonder if I should add to the mass of similar images. It’s times like that when I remember who I’m taking these photos for and just do it.

Just back from HK No. 3,429 on Flickr.

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Returned after 107 hours door to door (yes, I timed it with the stop watch on my phone!). Lots of meetings (this pick was taken from a taxi after having met with FS in Harcourt Rd), sitting in workshops, dinners with BS (and one surprise one with ND), and a day of the worst jet lag I have had in years. Back now at home sitting in our lounge with Z beside me, and S on my lap. Bliss.

Dusk near the Danube. on Flickr.

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Even on exceedingly long work days there are moments of real beauty. This was taken as we were speeding back to the airport. One of those days. Up in time for a 7.15am flight and back in London around 8.15pm and home by fish. Exhausting but great store visits, and looking at some excellent work by our Austrian colleagues. Nice day.