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Kodaka's comment on DR3 Animation

Link: http://twitter.com/kazkodaka/

“Danganronpa 3 The end of Kibougamine High” is an animation for final episode of events in Kibougamine High! “New-Danganronpa V3” is a completely new chapter! Both of them are completely different 3s!! Fans of DR 2 might want to look forward to the animation bit. And for the game, please stay tuned for completely new world!
I want to give DR fans a stomping shock for animation “Daganronpa 3 The end of Kibougamine”. So I’ll be directing production. We introduced anime only, so I think you’ll be surprised at our next news. It’s a piece that drains you out just by looking at!
Naegi’s height is growing, but it’s just an expression thing and he’s going to look mature. The whole thing is more similar to DRAE’s anime than DR’s first anime.
(TN: I think he means that Naegi might look taller, but his height hasn’t really changed)
The first animation for Danganronpa contributed to increasing DR fans. However, 3’s animation will target people who supported Danganronpa up until now. I thought about what excites you guys the best, and I thought I should do it.
This is our repayment for Danganronpa fans. There’s no reason to betray it. We’re drawing the final episode with full power. The mission to excite all the fans! I hope to complete it and meet again!

Also, DR’s other staff said people should re-play DR1 and DR2 again. And DRAE too. And judging from rest of Kodaka’s tweets, they’re still working on scenario for DR3. I wonder if we’ll get to see it before autumn?

I think it’s safe to assume that characters from SDR2 will appear too. I’m quite excited : )