saw them live at Ghetto Games Festival last night. they were dope! 


Cellos can be so aggressive sometimes! DaGamba from Riga, Latvia, covering the Led Zeppelin classic. =D
These guys are getting an amazing sound out of those instruments, wow!


U2 - with or without you ❤️ #DaGamba #u2 (at Latvijas Lauksaimniecības Universitātes Studentu Pašpārvalde)


my hometown’s having an anniversary celebration this weekend. great bands playing! Prāta Vētra [Brainstorm] was yesterday. I was in front row, ahaha, of course. didn’t go to fan-zone, didn’t want to go there. went with my sister and friend. the point is - [okay, I don’t know what my sister was doing, BUT] my friend wasn’t singing along, wasn’t really clapping and all. okay, I know she’s kind of quiet but seriously? I felt like I had come with the 30-something years old lady who stood at my left side. she was clapping, waving her hands and singing along. I felt good because of her. but the concert was great! and it started to rain in the end, that was magic. and they sang an extra song for us because they felt like it. and Kaupers and Jubalts threw their t-shirts into the audience but nowhere near me. oh well, no sweaty shirt for me.. 

but this evening it was Triana Park here. JEJ, and she threw a tote bag right into my hands. and DaGamba again, so good.