She was the only wife who was unafraid of verbal rebellion. In one instance she dressed as Joe and mocked him in order to make the other wives laugh. One night when Joe expressed interest in taking Cheedo’s virginity, The Dag verbally protested telling him to his face not to touch her and that Cheedo was the only thing left that he hadn’t yet “poisoned”. This however resulted in her being terribly beaten by Joe and the implementing of the wives toothed chastity belts as punishment. She discovers her pregnancy shortly before the escape and expresses her disgust over it, but is reassured by Angharad that her child will be “brave and beautiful” just like her.

Somewhere, in a kinder world, Furiosa is a counselor at Camp Green Place and her scouts for the summer are Toast, Splendid, Cheedo, Capable, and The Dag. They learn about gardening and build a go kart which the use to win in the big race against the boys camp across the lake. They pick up a new troop member one day while on a hike in the woods when they come across a dog who has cruelly been abandoned and muzzled. They clean him up, remove the muzzle and name him Max. It’s the best summer ever.

Ok, things I’ve found in the Mad Max artbook, comics and interviews that shed light on daily life with Immortan Joe and the wives:

- Joe doesn’t actually need his mask. It’s just an air purifier so he doesn’t breathe in dust and gas.

- Cheedo is the youngest, and also the only virgin. This could be because Joe has issues with sleeping with young girls, which is an interesting quirk for someone who otherwise has no problem with using and abusing human bodies. It could also be because Cheedo hasn’t menstruated yet; malnutrition, stress, and/or illness can delay puberty - all quite likely factors in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

- Part of the reason Cheedo is willing to return to Joe is because she hasn’t realized how horrific the reality of being his wife truly is; he has not yet forced himself on her.

- Splendid self-harms, creating deliberate scarification on both her arms and her face. This is basically her only means of rebellion prior to the escape (harming Joe’s ‘property’).

- Joe intentionally sought out one of the few historians in the world (Miss Giddy) to tutor his wives and give them a good education. Despite seeing his wives as his property, he clearly takes pride in having them be the best in every way, including in their intelligence and knowledge. Miss Giddy is more than just their caretaker; she’s their teacher and mentor.

- The wives regularly see Joe at his most intimate, not just when he wants sex. They see enough of him to know that he is 100% human and that he’s “full of shit.” This would imply that Joe is at his most relaxed around them, that he spends real “quality” time with them.

- The Citadel’s upper floors are climate controlled, and the girls are dressed accordingly, able to live in their sheer sarongs with little discomfort due to temperature or weather.

- Despite most of the books in the world being burned, Joe has collected what remaining books he can for his wives, likely to contribute to their education.

- Joe’s Gigahorse is designed to represent animalistic copulation.

- The five women we meet are in no way his first wives. He has been a slaver-polygamist for a long time, giving each wife three chances to produce a healthy heir before he divorces them and sends them out among the Wretched. Until Splendid, there was no ‘success.’

- When the wives escape, Joe blames only Furiosa, thinking that she’s fed them lies and intentionally undermined his relationships with them. This indicates that he probably thought they were devoted to him before Furiosa ‘got to them’.

- Joe legitimately sees himself as the savior of the wastes. Whether he actually considers himself divine is up to debate, but he certainly views himself as reasonable, benevolent and paternal to both his people and his wives. He provides for his wives (as long as the marriages last) and sees himself as a good husband. They are precious to him, but still objects in his eyes.