dag ventures

Cheedo x Dag Headcanons:
  • They shared a bed often when they were wives, even though all of them had their own place to sleep. Not even in a sexual way, since Cheedo was too young for that. Just for comfort and for the need to feel loved.
  • After the days that Joe would call on her, the only way Dag would be able to sleep is if she was holding onto Cheedo
  • Dag knew she loved Cheedo with in the first days. It took Cheedo a little longer because of how young she was and because the stress of losing her family and becoming a wife distracted her.
  • Cheedo kissed Dag first
  • But Dag said “I love you” first.
  • Toast disapproved of their relationship at first because she thought it would get them in trouble, but neither Joe or any of the Imperators seemed to notice that they were more than friends
  • Angharad on the other hand, was 100% supportive, while Capable was a silent shipper. 
  • Cheedo didn’t actually want to leave the Citadel, but not being with Dag was worse than venturing out into the desert
  • Cheedo names Dag’s daughter.
  • Dag loves to hear her daughter call Cheedo “Mama”, and can’t even find a way to make fun of it.