dag short

Time for Dag X Dad Max headcanons, since I haven’t thought enough about those two:

Max carrying Dag’s baby girl around on his shoulders.

Dag making Max take regular baths because she doesn’t want her daughter smelling like the dirty garage every time he holds her.

Max getting swatted by Dag for sneaking out flowers every now and then, for a certain dirty garage lady.

Dag and Max make a deal, he can have seeds for his own rose bush, but he has to let her teach him how to care for them properly.  

When Max is feeling particularly worn out, he goes up takes care of the rose bush, but only if Dag is busy, because he knows as soon as she seems him she’ll come over and critique his plant care or start talking about spirits or something else he doesn’t understand.  

Dag always makes sure to water Max’s rose bush, just in case he doesn’t have time.

Whenever Max is up in the garden, Dag purposely goes to pester him because she knows he secretly doesn’t mind.  He thinks she’s incredibly weird, but she gives him new perspectives on the world. Sometimes she helps him solve problems while making no sense at all.  

Max is too short to reach things sometimes, and Dag loves to tease him about that, and will often hold tools far above his head.  

In the evenings, Dag loves to tell strange, dramatic, and whimsical stories to the people in an open area by a large fire pit.  Max tries to be there when he can because it’s some of the best entertainment to be had in the Wasteland.

One time, Dag pulled Max onto her ‘stage’ and asked him to pretend to be a horse for her story.  The small children loved it so much that he occasionally guest stars in her story time, as the same horse.

Max sews a stuffed toy horse for Dag’s little girl.  She calls it “Max”, but since she can’t speak well yet, it comes out more like “Mash”.  Now, the horse in Dag’s stories is also called “Max”.