dafuq is with my brain

“The ever-so-rare chocolates. The worst spy group in the history of spies is entering the scene.”

I titled this image “I’m screaming” when I saved it to my laptop LITERALLY WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT IN THE TOP RIGHT CORNER?????

The event of CODENAME: N.E.E.T: Chocolates Are Forever is making its debut on Friday, February 10th at 18:00 JST! Looks like the ones who are dressed as girls this time around aren’t the Matsus… or even Iyayo or Chibimi, they’re just… Sigh. no seriously dafuq

I’m ready for Ichimatsu to take that gun and blow my brains out ICHIMATSU-SAMAAAAAAAAAAA KAKKOII KAKKOYOSUGIRU

~Mod Ichi