dafuq boy

pd101 boys as boyfriends

i’m only doing a few aka my faves. if you want to request someone you don’t see, hit me up <3

im youngmin

  • insists on walking you to your door after a date
  • ur whole family loves him
  • super smily around you
  • randomly says things like “you look really nice in this lighting”
  • when y’all say goodbye, he doesn’t let go of ur hand
  • will talk to you on the phone all night

ong seongwoo

  • is dumb
  • but u still luv him
  • “i seriously forreal very a lot really really really… love you”
  • supports you in everything you do
  • your cheerleader
  • switches places with u so he can walk on the part of the sidewalk that’s closer to the street

park woojin

  • tells you to change when u wear a something that more than three inches over your knees
  • “dont you have pants?”
  • “these are my longest pairs of shorts and it’s hot outside”
  • “let’s just stay inside then…”
  • falls asleep while facetiming

jung sewoon

  • writes u songs
  • will run to u in the middle of the night to listen to a new song he made
  • cant romance
  • awkward in public; less awkward in private
  • looks at you lovingly
  • sings “ponyo ponyo ponyo~” a lot
  • probably the type to give backhugs <3

kim jonghyun

  • likes to rest his head on ur shoulders a lot
  • says things like “ur so beautiful. i’m a zero compared to u”
  • and ur like ?/ ?¿¿¿????//¿¿?// ¿dafuq u mean boy?
  • treats u to ice cream
  • wipes ur hands clean when the ice creams melts
  • forehead kisses

kim yongguk

  • plays with ur hands a lot
  • sings u to sleep
  • omg so he’ll be big spoon and he’ll also be singing and you can feel the vibration from his chest on ur back while cuddling im livid
  • gets shy when he sees u wear his clothes
  • buys matching socks
  • ur so confused by him bc one second he’s fLAMING HOT HOT HOT and then 0.1 seconds later he’s giggly and cute like ? ?¿?

a/n: no one asked!!!! but the vlive with him and gwanghyun had me shookt from the very beginning. he looked so good TT_TT and they both redid their pr videos i cry

  • it’s funny bc he really is in college
  • anyway
  • walks around with his guitar everywhere
  • the type to just play with his guitar in the cafeteria rather than eat food
  • but also eats his food bc the boy hungry
  • if he’s not playing his guitar, he’s hugging it
  • you cant walk with him bc he takes really long strides
  • “wait up”
  • “huh??”
  • he turns around and ur like 10 feet behind him
  • and he’s clueless about it
  • sitting on the grass and playing his guitar
  • literally will play his guitar whenever he can tbh
  • when y’all are studying, he’ll randomly stick pocky into ur mouth
  • and ur like dafuq boy???
  • and he’s like 
  • “do you want a snack?”
  • and ur like “why did you ask after you gave me this???”
  • and he’s just like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • falls asleep studying
  • y’all specifically chose a table by the window just so he can rest his head on said window
  • ugh he is so aesthetic
  • tried to have iced coffee one day
  • and he looked so aesthetic
  • but he didn’t like the taste so he just threw it away
  • bye bye aesthetic jk he’s still aesthetic without
  • really good at answering questions when professors call on him
  • more of a hand-written notes kind of person instead of electronically-written notes
  • also randomly puts his arm around you if he sees you walking pass him
  • “hey where you going?”
  • “class.”
  • “oh okay, bye”
  • *walks away briefly*
  • *puts his arm around u again*
  • “i’ll walk you to class”
  • treats you free meals
  • the type to buy and bring hella snacks during finals week
  • reallY BAD jokes
  • as in really bad puns
  • laughs at his own jokes
  • the type to ask you what caption he should put for his ig posts
  • is actually really shy and has a small circle of really close friends
  • but he gets along with everyone
  • when he wants to play with you, he’ll pretend he doesn’t hear you call his name and walk pass you
  • and when ur like “jerk”
  • he’ll run back and say “i’m kidding, i’m kidding, i’m kidding” and laugh and kajsdkfsdlkhgsg
  • really good at going to office hours and is close to his professors
  • really focuses in class
  • but his mind wanders when he has an idea for a song
  • organized notes
  • helps his juniors when they ask for help and is a good tutor
  • knows the ultimate ramen recipe for those all-nighters
  • will give you his jacket to use as a pillow if you want to take a powernap
EXO's reaction when they saw Mama Junmyeon wearing the red dress at the SM Town Live Concert in Seoul.

Anon: EXO’s reaction when the saw Mama Junmyeon wearing the red dress at the SM Town Live Concert in Seoul. Hahahaha. I just really want to see their reaction especially Daddy Kris’! :) 

Suho: I know I’m fabulous.

Xiumin: Oh my god 

Lay: *Laughs really hard* No… Way

Luhan: What is he wearing. Dafuq

Baekyhun: The horror my eyes have seen.

D.O./ Kyungsoo: I cannot anymore.

Chanyeol: I can’t

Chen: Woah!! What have my eyes seen?

Kai: Oh my goodness.

Tao: *Through laughter* Do… you… see… him..?

Sehun: Dafuq

Kris: Boys stop laughing at your mother.