Daftside - Get Lucky [Nicholas Jaar’s Daft Punk Remix]

So Nicholas Jaar [along with Dave Harrington as their side project Darkside] remixed the entire Daft Punk album. It’s darker, more industrial sounding. Kinda cool, I’ve really only given a few tracks a listen.

This remix of Get Lucky is pretty neat [thought I would have liked more of the vocal track to be honest]

[also their ‘remix’ of Lose Yourself to Dance was 2 seconds long. Cheeky guys. Cheeky.]

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Darkside - Paper Trails (Extended Mix Live On KCRW)

Gefällt mir zigfach besser als die Album-Version, sehr deep.

Hier gibt’s die gesamte Session auf die Ohren.

‘daftside - random access memories memories’. A friend just posted this on my Facebook page and I’m only on the first listen through but I’m pretty amazed. 'Nicolas Jaar’ continues to impress. This is the entire 'Daft Punk’ album 'Random Access Memories’ remixed by 'Nicolas Jaar’ and 'Dave Harrington’.

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