daft punky thrash


 stacks on deck, patron on ice

i don’t even really like label au, but i’ve been stuck in the most horrible art rut for what seems like ages and i desperately needed out ; thus, my black ass spent a few hours on roulé and crydamoure when i should have been going to bed, whoops

(expect me to recolor this in my more traditional style sometime soon, k? full-view is always heavily encouraged)

 as is with a good handful of the characters, laurent was born and raised in paris. he met thomas and guy-man while in secondary school, and he’s been a close friend of theirs (albeit sometimes in a very third wheel-ish fashion) ever since.

for an au in which thomas and guy are intergalactic deliverymen far in the future and like to lay down phat beats with their buds and engage in a little reckless driving in their spacecruiser? also known as spacedock. if you’d like to throw me a question or an ask about this, feel free.

anyway – have thomas, laurent, and guy (aka the powerpuff girls). i apologize for both the background (this is my first time attempting a legit one) and laurent (ditto), as well as the rest of this whole thing. (except for guy’s squishy face, of course. that’s my whole life right now.)

(also – the symbol on guy’s hoodie is not the starfleet insignia, but it was certainly inspired by it.)