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“Get Lucky” by Daft Punk | Choreography & Danced by Aye Hasegawa & Leo Shobu Matsuyama

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Baguette baguette baguette !

This time, it’s a video !!

I added a song with the animation and worked with the rythm, it was a test and I really like how it looks ! I have to post more videos like this one in the futur, it’s funny to do and I missed doing it ^^

I draw all on the DSi, then I put the frames on Movie maker to work the song and the animation together =)

Hope you will enjoy it =)

J’en ferais d’autre !

The song belongs to Daft Punk : Robot Rock


The Weeknd - I Feel It Coming ft. Daft Punk  


So, around 2 years ago now, my friend @bwo-derpy had this idea for our FFXIV characters to dress up as Daft Punk. Shortly afterwards, we both had the idea to make a music video out of it. And now, working on and off for all these months, with delays, setbacks, and waiting for more useable footage with the locations in Stormblood, IT IS FINALLY DONE!

So please, sit back and enjoy this trip Around the World!

Director / Editor / Miqo’te: BWO Sandman

Graphic Artist / Original Concept / Lalafell: BWO Derpy

2nd Camera (For one shot): @thathomestar

Likes appreciated, Reblogs greatly appreciated!