daft punk the prime time of your life

As far as concepts go, “prime time of your life” by daft punk and “time” by pink floyd are very similar. They both bring on this sense of existential dread, but Prime Time is absolutely harrowing, especially with that music video. Daft Punk got their message across in nine words and some audio effects and it chills me to the bone (pun unintended) every time. Time is my favorite of the two, but Prime Time punches so much harder, and better…and faster and stronger (I also did not intend to do that it kind of just happened)

MBTI as Daft Punk songs

ISTP: Technologic

ISFP: Touch

ESTP: Get Lucky

ESFP: Lose Yourself To Dance

INTP: Human After All

ENTJ: The Brainwasher

ENTP: The Prime Time Of Your Life


ENFJ: Digital Love

INFJ: Instant Crush

INFP: Within

ENFP: Crescendolls

ISTJ: Face to Face

ESTJ: Harder Better Faster Stronger

ESFJ: The Game Of Love

ISFJ: Motherboard

I made a Baoh fanmix! 

Listen Here


monster imagine dragons // lst ctrl zebra katz // nightforce powerglove // black out days phantogram // buried shlohmo // muteki iii baoh ost // unstoppable mystery skulls // between ii worlds nero // creep (theatre of delays remix) radiohead // runaway (u & i) lash remix galantis // parasite trevor something // cant kill us the glitch mob // prime time of your life daft punk // ultimate weapon baoh asb ost // in my system trevor something